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You have to set your expectations real low with this poorly reviewed, real simple blend made by a company fined by the FDA. For real male enhancement you can’t expect to find useful enough support, it’s much too basic and not at all impressive for real change. We broke down what this supplement offers and to see what we uncovered, take a look at the table of contents.

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Elite Test 360 Overview

The overwhelming amount of negative reviews makes it impossible to trust this supplement. Far too many people said it didn’t do anything and that the were disappointed and wanted their money back. The problem with this is that they couldn’t get their money returned.

There were a lot of issues about this supplement with the Better Business Bureau giving them an F rating, to the FDA winning a suit against them for a total of $6.4 million.

It is real poor when you understand that they use only 2 ingredients, both of which are often mixed with a lot more additives by other supplements. It’s safe to say this is very underwhelming and worse yet; their official website appears to be officially taken off the internet.

You can’t know for certain what to expect from this and you wouldn’t be able to get a refund.

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Elite Test 360 Claims

The only available information about this supplement is available second hand from unaffiliated websites. The reason being is that their official website is down with this:

“Domain Name has Expired”

This means that they did not pay for their website to be renewed, which is a major red flag when it comes to an official company. It either means they are irresponsible or they have let this go under and only want to offer 3rd party sales on sites like Amazon.

After doing some research we determined why their website is no longer functioning. The creators have had 3 separate incidences with the FDA which the Better Business Bureau has mentioned. They mention there was a:

“permanent injunction”

“$179,000,000… in the favor of the commission”

They add how this amount will be changed to $6.4 million once they begin to pay. The reasons for this were due to their “deceptive marketing claims”. They also said there were “unfair acts or practices” This was passed on November 13th, 2024 and it was final and binding, meaning the company was ruled to be operating with unfair practices and they are forced to pay the full amount. Since then there is a seller on Amazon which may be them, but it’s unknown if this is so. Batches of this are likely no longer fresh, which raises the risk for possible side effects.

They also have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau because they angered a lot of customers. Many said they field complaints and wanted to be refunded but often the company would either not reply, look to settle with a half return or they simply would argue.

Some said they were involved in their free trial program which they never knew was going to automatically turn into a month to month payment plan. All this came without their consent which is why there are so many disgruntled customers.

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Elite Test 360 Ingredients

  • L-Arginine Alphaketoglutarate
  • Tribulus Fruit Extract

The amino acid L-Arginine Alphaketoglutarate is effective at increasing blood flow and preventing fatigue. Athletes will use it to improve their endurance and to increase their vascularity, resulting in better work outs.

Tribulus Fruit Extract is a common aphrodisiac used for all-around sexual enhancement support. This is why even the most standard of male enhancement supplements will include this in some amount; it helps deliver multiple possible benefits when used in the right amount.

The only way we determined what was added to this is by looking at the supplements facts list provided on Amazon.

So if this has been updated or modified in some way we wouldn’t be able to tell you as the official website are down and likely to never come back.

It does say on the supplement facts facts list that a total of 400 mg of each is added per serving. This is a good amount but as mentioned previous, there is no way to verify if they still use this same amount.

It’s important to keep in mind that there may be an issue with quality control, since there is no way to know if they are still making this supplement fresh.

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The Science Behind Elite Test 360

Unfortunately customers are left to do their own research since there is no official website to help explain what a likely benefit from this would be. Since there are only 2 ingredients it is easy to try and predict what may occur however.

Tribulus terresris is a fairly standard aphrodisiac ingredient which can help enhance testosterone, libido, and overall sexual health. This works to support the cardiovascular system and the circulatory system, allowing for more blood flow. This may also be taken by athletes looking to enhance their endurance. For those looking to boost their sexual health, this can translate into a longer lasting time in the bedroom. This is the reason why Examine.com considers this to be useful for:

“male vitality and general vitality”

They also add that it is good for sexual wellbeing and it may even promote healthier organ function.

Simply put, there is a lot of good evidence showing how beneficial this can be for health.

L-Arginine Alphaketoglurate is a blend of the amino acid L-Arginine, a common male enhancement ingredient, and an extract of glutamic acid. This has man possible benefits including the creation of amino acids, forming nitic oxide for more blood flow, helping assist cell health by working as an antioxidant, and for immune health. This is why a study by the Dept. of Health at Baylor university of Texas saw:

“increased plasma l-arginine levels”

They did note however that the promotion of nitric oxide levels was only because the test subjects were exercising, therefore forcing a change in their nitric oxide. L-Arginine taken by it does have a lot of since to help support its use as a general blood flow enhancer however.

The sexual enhancement benefit of this is erections which last, blood flow rushes to the genitals, making it easier to keep an erection going strong and preventing erectile dysfunction. This may also make erections longer and keep them full of girth.

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Word on the Street about Elite Test 360

“I am a healthy young man and after I took this and had a blood test I saw a great loss of testosterone. Couple this with the fact that the side effects were severe and I couldn’t function as a man anymore”

“After a month after I stopped taking it I still had a lot of ad side effects, these symptoms were real bad and I warn you not to use this it made me very ill”

“I make sure to work out almost every day and I saw no benefits form this at all, not at all worth it in my opinion”

“real hype because even after I finished it didn’t work. So very dissatisfied and even after I called o cancel they would not give me a full refund. Buyer beware this is not worth the hassle at all”

The majority of reviews on Amazon were negative with a grand total of 98 critical reviews. The lowest rating was given a total of 44% of the reviews, making it the most common of ratings. This means that many saw no benefit from this and judging from the written reviews, it’s clear there was a lot of dissatisfaction.

Many said it just wasn’t worth the trouble of taking it.

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Is Elite Test 360 Worth a Try?

You can find better options, better to save your money and use something more effective. The reason why the FDA filed a major lawsuit and won is because they had repeatedly cheated customers out of money. Not just lying to customers, but also making a very cheap, overpriced, and not at all impressive supplement. The FDA concluded with fining the company millions of dollars for their deceptive marketing and unfair business practices. This alone is reason enough not to trust them; they clearly lied about how they truly operated.

There was an overwhelming amount of backlash from customers who said that the company operating illegally; tricking them into what they thought was a free trial. Even more outrageous is that here were many serious side effects from customers. This is hard to understand since they only add 2 generally well-tolerated ingredients.

At 400 mg each the only explanation as to why there were side effects is because of a lack of quality control.

The fact their official website is down is a major red flag and they only have sales offered on Amazon. There is no way to get your money back in the case of side effects, which for some consumers lasted a total month until they felt right again.

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Elite Test 360 FAQ

  1. Are there any Elite Test 360 side effects?
    Judging from the customer reviews there were a lot of possible side effects. This is odd considering they use well-regarded ingredients. The symptoms included nausea, stomach cramps, dry mouth, hormonal changes, stomach pain, low sexual stamina, loss of testosterone, and for some this lasted for a while.
  1. What does the Elite Test 360 free trial offer?
    Nothing at all because they do not offer a free trial anymore.

    Keep in mind that any free trial offer is often a scam looking to bait customers into giving their sensitive credit card information. This will turn into an automatic renewal plan if the customer does not call to cancel. The company was called out by customers for engaging in this unfair practice.
  1. Can I get Elite Test 360 at GNC?
    No results appear when you type in this supplement so it’s likely that it won’t be available at GNC.
  1. Where can I get Elite 360 for sale?
    You can only find it on Amazon but it does not appear that they ever have a discount offer on this.
  1. Is there an Elite Test 360 free sample?
    No sample at this time because their official website is not up anymore. They used to offer what they claimed was samples but after doing research it was found they lied to customers and would enroll them into monthly contracts.
  1. Is Elite Test 360 at Walmart?
    Not at Walmart nor is there any indication that it was ever sold there. Their official website does not have a listing for it.
  1. Does Elite Test 360 testosterone booster work?
    If you consider the majority customer reviews as a clear indicator it would seem that no, most didn’t see a difference in any way.
  1. Does The Rock use Elite 360?
    They actually had a website of a before and after photo of The Rock or Dwayne Johnson, but there is no evidence that he has ever used it or endorsed it in any way. This was just marketing hype to make it seem like it was a great product that a strong looking celebrity used.
  1. Is Elite Test 360 a steroid?
    No, there hasn’t been any contamination of illegal substances in this supplement that we know of. It’s just a basic male enhancing product.
  1. Can I find test 360 in Canada?
    More than likely not, since their official website is no longer operating. The domain is gone so it likely means they are no longer doing direct sales.

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So What Really Works?

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You can tell by looking at the supplements facts that they use a lot of trusted ingredients, and it helps boost overall sexual performance. Whether you have mood related issues, low energy, an inability to keep an erection going or any of the other possible issues, it’s mean to help enhancement overall sexual health. Read on about what Viritenz can offer for a change in sex drive and sexual stamina by checking out this full breakdown.

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