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The fact there are 4 websites for this brand raise major red flags, even worse is the fact that the only website which sells it only offers a claimed free trial. It’s clear the company is operating some sort of scam, which is why we recommend avoiding it. See what the specifics are of this male enhancement product by checking the table of contents.

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FB1-Test Overview

Every scam like tactic in the book is practiced by the websites which market this brand. They have unproven scientific claims and statistics, a free trial offer which is the only thing offered, and the only way to find out about the ingredients is by looking at 3rd party websites.

No information about the company exists, other than some websites where customers left their negative experiences. The actual feedback about what the supplement did itself was lacking, making it impossible to figure out what is truly possible. This has all the marks you’d expect from a scam product, with no actual proof that it’s going to work.

The summary is simple, there is not a single reason given why anyone should trust the company or the supplement itself.

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FB1-Test Claims

The biggest issue with this supplement is that it’s unknown which website is the actual owners. There are a total of 4 different sites, all of which make the same kinds if claims, neither of which offer any actual evidence. When you try and learn about this proud and what it may do, all you get are suggestions which can be said about any other product.

The only real difference is that according to these websites there will be an improvement of the following:

◦ 52% “more ripped”

◦ Endurance increase of 42%

◦ Less fatigue after workouts by up to 35%

There are never any actual scientific studies cited to show how they determined this was possible. It’s also not at all scientific stop suggest that there is a 52% improvement of being ripped. This cannot be actually tested because there is nothing to prove here. More ripped may mean more muscles which can be a tested idea, but the actual claim that customers will be more ripped is not backed by science.

There are images which show that this is intended or more libido, better sexual performance improved ability to satisfy sexual partners, increase mass, improve strength, and get a youthful radiance, more energy, and all without side effects. They say it is drug free which is just like any other supplement, it’s unclear why they would count this as a benefit.

They even say this is the “#1 selling vitality product”. This is a clear lie since the information about this supplement is lacking. There’s also only 2 reviews online, there are clearly much more poplar supplements available, it’s lies like this which make it hard to trust anything that the company claims.

Even their “Science Behind” section is lacking. All it says it that it will boost testosterone without actually giving any actual science. There are suggestions of what it may do, but no actually proof.

In order for this to work you have to take a capsule twice a day and workout with heavy weights.

The company also has a very poor “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. People said that they thought they were getting s free trial like it was claimed on their website, but after a few days they were charged $84.87 which repeated monthly. Returns are only offered if the product in question is sealed and completely unused and untampered with.

Customers said this about their company policies:

“I never got my pills and was still charged. Don’t want to be charged for something I never received”

“called and got a annoyed representative which argued with me and was very rude”

“charged were exceeding the amount I was quoted, this was only supposed to be the cost of shipping and handling, what a waste of my money”

The only sort of information about this company is all complaints from users who had the exact same kind of issues.

The nearly $90 cost is not justified if the ingredients only include the 2 additives we talk about in the next section.

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FB1-Test Ingredients

None of the websites which market this product ever reveals the ingredients. Only a few of these sites actually mention some ingredients, yet they never cite the full dosage strength so customers can know what they’re getting. We can’t say for certain, but it’s suggested these 2 additives are used:

  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • L-Glutamine Peptides

Eurycoma Longifolia is a plant also called Longjack and it has aphrodisiac benefit. This can make men more fertile and boost testosterone. It’s often used in order to help increase sexual desire and to prevent erectile dysfunction.

L-Glutamine Peptides are a kind of amino acid which is not bonded, and can make it easier to travel into the blood. The price is often higher of peptides as well. This is also made by the body and it’s often used as an additional supplement to help post-workout recovery. This is intended as a way to help with the repair of broken down tissue, which is important especially after strenuous workouts.

There is no way to verify if these 2 ingredients are actually used, the only websites which mention it are not associated with the company in any way. Without knowing what is truly used, there is no reason to believe the company is legitimate and offering a likely useful brand.

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The Science Behind FB1-Test

We hoped there would be some sort of evidence provided, but none of the website offer more than claims. All you get are suggestions about how this will affect male virility and sex drive, but no actual evidence is ever provided. Because of the lacking information about ingredients, it’s impossible to give this a fair review. You’d have to hope that the bottles come with supplements facts list, but since they have had issues with their return policy and overall sales, it’s impossible to trust them.

The L-Glutamine peptides are known to be more potent than regular amino acids, and because of this it has to be used in controlled amounts in order to prevent possible side effect. This may lead to “Gastrointestinal Distress” according to Live Strong. This is especially an issue when it’s taken on an empty stomach.

This is why they suggest it may lead to vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea. This also may lead to kidney and liver stress. Since there is no information about the total amount used, there is no way to know if they use it in amounts which are likely safe.

Fortunately the other known ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia has a lot of research to support its use. This is exactly the reason why Web MD says it is “POSSIBL SAFE” for up to a 9 month period. Examine has also given it a good rating by suggesting there is a:

“large body of evidence”

They suggest there is good science to support the claim it can have aphrodisiac and pro-fertility benefits.

The major problem is that although these 2 ingredients may be useful, by themselves they offer very weak support. You’d definitely need to supplement with a lot more if these are the only ingredients used. The information about this brand is clearly lacking and with this information, there is no reason to suggest this. The scientific sounding claims made by the websites which market it are not enough to suggest it as a reliable brand.

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Word on the Street about FB1-Test

“I can’t afford what most websites charge for it but I did like the results it gave me”

“If you fail to cancel you can expect to pay a premium which is really outrageous. I wish I could cancel but they are unresponsive”

Only a few reviews were found online, which is never a good sign. This means if you were to try it, you’d be part of the small few who gave it a shot. It’s impossible to know if it’s going to deliver safe or likely results.

With only 2 reviews to go on, it’s impossible to find out the key detail on whether or not this actually deliver on the main intended benefits. What is known is that people often said they had issues with the company policies, a major repeat issue which was likely due to their questionable practices.

Since so many said they were unsatisfied that the company, it likely means the bottles they tried were not good enough to want to be put on an expensive auto-renewal plan. At the very least some would say something positive about it to suggest it was decent or effective in some way. The information is too lacking to suggest his over other male enhancement products.

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Is FB1-Test Worth a Try?

Avoid it, the risk is too high and it’s not at all worth it, not a single good reason is ever provided to suggest it would be safe and effective. There are a few websites which sell it and none of them seem legitimate. There is a major red flag from the fact that none of them offer any real proof, testimonials, or even a basic description on how it will work.

The only website which offers any contact information mentions that they do not offer returns if any bottles are opened or tampered with in any way. The only feedback away from the websites show that many lost out on money, many said they were not able to get a return.

Even worse was the amount of criticism had for failing to mention that the free trial was actually a monthly reoccurring plan.

This common free trial scam is especially untrustworthy when an official fails to mention it’s the customer’s responsibility to call and cancel, otherwise the company will automatically charge every 30 days.

There’s nothing but issues which make it known that this company cannot be trusted. The fear of possibly being charged for unwanted product is too high, and they don’t offer any kind of evidence There is no way to know for certain what’s actually added, all there is to support it are claims which are impossible to prove.

The risk is too high and it seems highly suspect when a company is this poorly reviewed by customers, and when there are multiple websites that use the same images.

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FB1-Test FAQ

  1. Is FB1 Test at GNC?
    It is not sold at GNC, neither on their website or in stores. Nor does it appear to have ever been sold at GNC.
  1. Where can I order FB1 test?
    Only through a website which for unknown reasons uses the name of another brand as its website headline. It’s unclear if this can be trusted however, and no guarantee of any kind if offered. Any bottles which are opened cannot be returned, only if it is untampered with in any way. There were also concerns about sudden auto-shipment without knowledge to customers beforehand, so it’s important to watch out for these kinds of scam techniques.
  1. What can you tell me about Xtreme Nitro and FB1-Test?
    Xtreme Nitro is meant more for boosting nitric oxide production, which can help make blood flow easier. This is also suggested as a way to boost exercise performance. Both brands are intended to have the same benefit, though only a single website compares it appears to be a paid advertisement for both brands. Both brands are poorly reviewed.

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So What Really Works?

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