Halotropin Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This company’s been slapped with warnings from the FDA – not a great start. With ingredients that haven’t been fully-researched and a sometimes lackluster customer response, we weren’t impressed with Halotropin. Here’s our review:

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Halotropin Overview

Halotropin is a testosterone support supplement from Pro Supps, a fitness company that specializes in dietary workout products. It promises to help men achieve better gains in the gym, more fat loss, and a better sex drive, all by assisting in the body’s natural testosterone production.

This product is made out of natural ingredients, which is supposed to make it healthier and safer than artificial testosterone supplements. Unfortunately, as we’ll see, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it works.
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Halotropin Claims

Halotropin wants you to think that it’s effective and safe to use, because it consists almost entirely of extracts from plants and herbs. The main claim is that it helps the body to increase and regulate its output of testosterone, and to inhibit the formation of estrogen. The result is supposed to be more “free testosterone” in the body, so that it can activate the right hormone receptors and jump-start those processes that testosterone is already used for: sexual desire and potency, the natural burning-away of fat, increased muscle size and development.
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Sounds great, of course. What man wouldn’t like more of that? Now that Halotropin’s got our attention, the next question is how does it all work?

Well, Halotropin forgot to tell us. The product’s own web page neglects to tell us anything about which ingredients are supposed to do what, or how. As a result, we don’t get any links to studies, graphs, charts, anything scientific or clinical that could help us understand why and how this product works. We had to go out of our way to look up all the ingredients and find this stuff out on our own – not very cool, Halotropin. No one likes it when companies put the burden of learning about how a product works onto the customers. It’s just more work, and it’s not appreciated.

This company, Pro Supps USA, has been served with several warnings from the Food and Drug Administration, which can be read at the FDA’s main website. Apparently people got sick and had to be hospitalized after using one of their products, and they failed to report it, thus violating Good Manufacturing Practices regulations.


Plus, we couldn’t find a Better Business Bureau profile for the company, so for all we know, there could be more customer complaints and problems with products, and we wouldn’t know about it

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Halotropin Ingredients

Halotropin contains mainly plant-based ingredients. Here’s a list of some of the main ones:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Fenugreek
  • Eleuthero
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca
  • Diindilomethane
  • Schizandra

Ashwagandha is a plant extract that’s been used in traditional Indian medicine as a way to treat symptoms including low libido in men and women. It has downsides, including side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting, and as you’ll see in our next section, there’s not much evidence that it works.

Fenugreek is a Mediterranean plant, used for years as an anti-inflammatory and a sex drive booster.

Diindilomethane is a substance found in cruciferous vegetables, and is used in some testosterone supplements to prevent estrogen production. The idea is that with less estrogen in the system, it won’t compete with testosterone, making testosterone more effective in the body.

Schizandra is a plant used mainly in traditional Chinese medicine for increasing energy, endurance, and stamina. Unfortunately, some side effects could include gastrointestinal pain, appetite loss, and heartburn.

Tongkat Ali extract is a plant used as a libido enhancer mainly in Indonesia and Vietnam, although it’s now commonly-found in supplements around the world. It’s supposed to inhibit estrogen and increase testosterone, which can increase the sex drive.

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The Science Behind Halotropin

As we said earlier, Pro Supps doesn’t provide any research or links themselves, so we had to hunt down some information on these ingredients and see if they really worked or not.

Starting with ashwagandha, which is one of the primary ingredients that they hang this product on, things are already off to a weak start. This ingredient has lots of people in the Ayurvedic folk medicine community talking about how well it works, but what about the scientific community? Welp, things are a little different there. While there are some articles at the National Institutes of Health website that show ashwagandha may be useful as an “adaptogen” – something that can reduce stress – there’s very little to suggest that it has an effect on sex drive or testosterone. One study from 2024 (Dongre, Langade, et al) showed that ashwagandha did not actually increase sexual desire in the subjects studied, showing that it likely has no effect on testosterone levels, which is one of the hormones connected with sex (NIH). Overall, it actually looks like most of the things that ashwagandha is supposed to do haven’t been observed in trials, meaning that there is “insufficient evidence” that this extract even works (WebMD).

Diindilomethane has been used in other testosterone supplements before, also with the same claim: that it can help testosterone levels by reducing estrogen. Where’s the evidence that it does that, though? The only study we found at the National Institutes of Health using diindilomethane (part of indole-3-carbinol) was testing its ability to reduce peanut allergy symptoms in mice (NIH). If Pro Supps wants us to believe this ingredient works, they need to show us where they got their information.

Schizandra could get you into trouble. Like many Chinese herbs, there’s not enough evidence that it works, and it comes with some nasty side effects (WebMD).

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Word on the Street about Halotropin

We looked at the product’s Amazon page for reviews about this product – it’s third-party, and reviews can’t be cherry-picked by the company. That, and there’s only one review for Halotropin on the product’s own web page, which is a little sad. Only 55% of users gave it a 5/5, however, and many people reported that even when the product worked, it had the tendency to make them feel sick.

“This helped my energy and motivation to stick to my workout regimen.”

“This product didn’t really work that well. Not only that, but it made me super hungry.”

“I think that this supplement works. I’d recommend it.” (He “thinks” it works, but still gave it a 5/5. Does this guy know how star-ratings work?)

“I’ve used this stuff twice and I think it works very well. Made me nauseous though, so don’t take on an empty stomach!”

“Great stuff! 5/5!”

We read on Fakespot (a website that measures customer reviews for dependability) and they gave Pro Supps a “B” rating, as a significant percentage of customer reviews were determined to be fake or untrustworthy. Yikes. How are we supposed to trust them, then?

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Is Halotropin Worth a Try?

It’s hard to say whether this product is worth trying out, but there’s definitely some stuff that’s off about it. One, the company that makes it has been hit with claims by the FDA that they violated GMP regulations, and there’s a chance that a big percentage of customer reviews of their products could be fake. Not only that, but some of the main ingredients in Halotropin have little to no science backing them up, making them potentially useless and the product weaker.

Overall, we’d say that there are more compelling products out there to try, so before taking a gamble on Halotropin, go out and do your own research and see what’s out there. We’d only suggest Halotropin if it were the only testosterone booster left on Earth. And even then, we’d say “Be careful.”

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Halotropin vs Fenumass

These supplements are both owned by Pro Supps, Inc. Both of these products are testosterone boosters that contain fenugreek and tongkat ali, and are intended for men who want gains in both the gym and in their sex life. That’s about all that they share in common, though. Fenumass has the benefit of having spokespeople from the fitness and bodybuilding community, which is weird – it seems like Pro Supps put the most effort into this supplement, as opposed to Halotropin. Fenumass is cheaper, as we’ve seen it sold some places for as much as $69, as opposed to Halotropin’s $79.99 (although for some reason it’s only $22 on Amazon). Fenumass is harder to find, though, and some stockists seem to no longer have it in stock.

Halotropin vs Animal Stak

These supplements are both testosterone-focused, and both claim to help the body to naturally output more testosterone for better performance and muscle gains. Again, the ingredients are very similar here, with both of these supplements containing fenugreek, ashwagandha, maca, and polygonum cuspidatum, among others. Animal Stak contains far more ingredients overall, however, with almost thirty total ingredients in each serving. Animal Stak is also a little more expensive at $34.71 (Amazon), while Halotropin costs around $22. Animal Stak has twice the customer reviews of Halotropin, and a higher percentage of 5-star ratings as well, indicating that on overage more people like Animal Stak than Halotropin.

Halotropin vs Anatropin

Despite the similar names, these products come from different companies: Halotropin from Pro Supps USA, and Anatropin from Gaspari Fitness. Halotropin contains far more herbal extracts, however, and more ingredients overall. Anatropin only has about five ingredients in total, including vitamin D, Mucuna Pruriens extract, and zinc. So if you’re looking for something that has more aphrodisiacs, Halotropin definitely has that covered. Halotropin is available through its own company store as well as Amazon, whereas Anatropin looks like it’s hard to find. Some places have even discontinued selling it, some a couple years ago. Both products come with a month’s supply per bottle, and both have a dosage of 3 pills per day.

Halotropin FAQ

  1. Is Halotopin for females?
    Yes, according to the website this product is fine for female use, although they suggest they only take one pill a day as opposed to three.
  2. Should you cycle Halotropin?
    We’re not sure. The website doesn’t make any mention of how long to take it for before you should stop taking it. As it’s meant to be taken just before workouts, it’s possible that the effects are so short-term that it’s not supposed to have a dramatic effect on your body.
  3. Is Halotropin at GNC?
    Right now it doesn’t look like it’s available at GNC, but it can be purchased at other online (and in-store) retailers.
  4. What are the benefits of Halotropin?
    The promised benefits are more energy, more lean muscle building, less estrogen in your system, more strength and stamina, and a higher sex drive. The actual benefits, however, will not be seen by everyone, as we’ve learned from customer reviews.
  5. Does Halotropin affect HGH?
    Based on what we’ve read, we can’t say for sure whether this product affects human growth hormone, but since that’s not what it’s explicitly supposed to do, our guess is that it doesn’t.
  6. Can you use this product while you’re on PCT?
    If you’re going through post-cycle therapy, you should consult a doctor before trying any supplements that are supposed to affect your hormone levels. As of now, we haven’t seen anything from this company to suggest that you should use this product during PCT.
  7. Where can I read Halotropin test booster reviews?
    You can see customer reviews for this product on a variety of websites, including Amazon.
  8. What’s the price of Halotropin?
    This supplement has an odd pricing scheme. On its main website it goes for $79.99, which is extremely expensive. On Amazon, however, you can get it for only $21.93. Walmart sells it for $27.99. These prices are all very confusing, and it has nothing to do with how much you’re getting – all of these places sell the same 90-pill bottle.
  9. Does Halotropin come with side effects?
    No side effects are listed on the website, but some customers have reported feeling sick or nauseous after taking these pills on an empty stomach. No specific side effects have been listed for women.
  10. Can I take Halotropin and birth control?
    If you’re a woman on birth control and you want to start taking Halotropin, you’re out of luck.
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    This company advises anyone who is on a prescription medication to not take Halotropin, and overall it’s not advisable to take two hormone-altering medications or supplements at the same time. If you want to know more, you should consult a doctor first.

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So What Really Works?

We’ve reviewed plenty of supplements that claim to increase a man’s energy, sexuality, and testosterone, but Viritenz continues to be at the top of our list of recommended products. It contains a formula based on natural extracts, and it promises no side effects. It’s safe for long-term use, and has given plenty of men the vitality and confidence they need to take their gym game (and bedroom game) to the next level.

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