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A daily supplement that states it can benefit those who suffer from low testosterone and those coming off of a cycle, but doesn’t seem to do benefit either consistently. Read on to learn where and why the supplement doesn’t live up to its promises. To start just click on the table of contents just below.

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HCGenerate Overview

HCGenerate is not just a testosterone booster, but also states that it can be used as a post cycle supplement to maintain the gains and muscles developed while using steroids. As a form of post cycle therapy, it is designed to address issues that users may experience while coming off a steroid cycle, including avoiding erectile dysfunction, maintaining a good mood, keeping a steady production of testosterone, and avoiding a dip in IGF levels.

Furthermore, the product can also be used by consumers who are not coming off of a steroid cycle, but are looking to address low testosterone level or improve their body through increased workout intensity and faster recovery times. Sexual benefits are promoted as well, with higher libidos and increased blood flow potentially leading to stronger erections among other aspects.

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HCGenerate Claims

The primary claim that HCGenerate makes that separates it from many other testosterone boosters is its claim that it is more effective because it targets the primary cause of low testosterone. It states that it does so by addressing the issue of Leydig cells, stimulating them and thereby increasing the function of the pituitary gland, which it claims will lead to more free testosterone and serum levels. It does this by utilizing Fadogia Agrestis, which is an ingredient that is not commonly used in testosterone boosters.

Because of its alleged effect on Leydig cells, the product believes that it is ideal for those who are transitioning from a steroid cycle to post cycle therapy. Overall, HCGenerate seems primarily concerned with those coming off of a cycle, and not so much with the average consumer who is simply looking for improvements to their sexual health or physique.
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It does claim to be just as effective for those individuals, but does not put much effort into explaining how their product addressed their needs, and the possible differences in effect the product can have on those coming off a cycle and those not.

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HCGenerate Ingredients

Through the manufacturer’s site a full list of ingredients that are used in HCGenerate is provided along with the specific amounts of each ingredient that is used. This information can make it possible for consumers to educate themselves regarding the potential benefits and risks of using the product, and if those ingredients are suited to their specific needs. Here are all the active ingredients in the product:

  • Fadogia Agrestis
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • 3, 4 Divanillytahydrofuran
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Vitamin E
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Zinc

Starting with the good, ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Vitamin E, and Zinc have all shown that they can be valuable additives to male enhancement products and testosterone boosters. Tribulus Terrestris does not create more testosterone itself, but it does increase the responsiveness of the brain and body to the already existing testosterone a consumer has, which has many benefits such as improved endurance and a higher libido.

Zinc and Vitamin E are both key to maintaining a high level of function within the user’s body, and Vitamin E is able to target and stimulate the Leydig cells. Tongkat Ali, or Longjack, has been shown to increase sexual function which is why it is commonly utilizes in male enhancement products, and can also lead to increased confidence, better mental health, and higher energy levels.

On the other hand, the inclusion of ingredients such as Fenugreek Extract and Fadogia Agrestis is cause for some concern in our eyes. Fenugreek potentially has some benefit when it comes to testosterone, but it also has the distinct possibility of creating negative side effects such as diarrhea, bloating, and strange smells in urine. Fadogia Agrestis is a plant from Nigeria that is thought to improve sex drive, athletic performance, and body building, but lacks significant research to back up its supposed benefits. Furthermore, because of its lack of research, it is also currently unclear if it is safe for long-term use.

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The Science Behind HCGenerate

There is a disappointingly lackluster amount of actual science through the manufacturer’s website. The site does take the time to explain the function of the ingredients that it includes and the processes by which it can potentially help the user achieve their goals, but in terms of verifiable evidence of their effectiveness, there is practically nothing to be found.

One aspect that the product does get into is its attempt to increase testosterone by stimulating Leydig cells in the body. According to them, by targeting Leydig cells with its key ingredient Fadogia Agrestis, the cells will be stimulated, and they will allow the pituitary gland to function at a normal pace. In those who lack testosterone the activity of the Leydig cells decreases and that can put a strain on the pituitary gland.

While an explanation of the product is nice, it can be difficult to take all the explanations at face value without the benefit of clinical research that can put skeptical minds ease.

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Word on the Street About HCGenerate

Fortunately, there are a couple hundred consumer reviews of HCGenerate available online that should give potential consumers a good idea of what to expect out of the product. Currently on the product’s Amazon page alone there are over 200 reviews. The reaction to the product from consumers seems kind of all over the place, which suggests that consistency may not be a strong point of the supplement.
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It should be noted that there may be an inherent difference between consumers as some will be using it as a post cycle treatment, while others will use it strictly to deal with their low testosterone without having used steroids. How it effects those two groups differently is not made clear by the product.

Based on the reviews that we saw, there are a troubling number of consumers who stated that they didn’t receive any benefit from the product whatsoever. As one consumer put it, “It is just an overpriced daily vitamin. It has not value as PCT.”  Specifically, in terms of sexual benefits, a user said “It doesn’t live up to the hype. I’m having trouble getting aroused and this doesn’t help much.” Even among those who received some benefit from the product, a pervasive feeling seemed to be that it didn’t justify its cost.

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Is HCGenerate Worth a Try?

Because of the inconsistency with which the product performs and the use of some unproven ingredients, we do not advise consumers to purchase HCGenerate. Primarily we are concerned that the product seems overly concerned with those who are coming off a steroid cycle, and not with the average user who is just looking to increase their testosterone levels and improve their sex lives.

There are some ingredients that would be beneficial for users if they were blended correctly and used in the right amounts, but here they are paired with some unproven or underwhelming ingredients such as Fenugreek and Fadogia Arestis. The consumer reviews the product has inspired are far too inconsistent for us to have any confidence in recommending it or being able to state that it is worth the price.

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HCGenerate vs TestoFuel

TestoFuel and HCGenerate are priced similarly and both claim to do similar things and provide similar benefits, but they primarily differ in their ingredients. They both make use of Fenugreek as a primary ingredient, but HCGenerate utilizes Fadogia Arestis and proclaims that it can be used post steroid cycle, while TestoFuel makes no such claim.

HCGenerate vs Activate Xtreme

Activate Xtreme is a supplement that states in can increase testosterone, though its focus seems primarily to improve the user athletically and physically, and does not make the same claims regarding libido and sexual health that HCGenerate does. That said, Activate Xtreme is about $20 cheaper than HCGenerate and seems to have received better consumer reviews.

HCGenerate vs Test Stack 17

While both products use the not particularly common ingredient Fadogia Argestis, Test Stack 17 utilizes a fairly unique blend of ingredients or rare plants, which may help to explain its extremely exorbitant price or $197 per bottle. HCGenerate is not exactly cheap, but it is just one-third the price of Test Stack 17. Test Stack 17 also makes some more detailed claims regarding its benefit as a male enhancement product, stating that it can improve erection size and volume, while also increasing the production and mobility of sperm.

HCGenerate vs Bridge

Bridge is a supplement that is made by the same manufacturer as – Need to Build Muscle – as HCGenerate, and makes many similar claims. It makes you wonder why one manufacturer would produce two separate products that do largely the same thing. They differ somewhat in their ingredients, so also overlap in some ways as they both use Fadogia Agrestis and cost nearly the same.

HCGenerate vs Test Infusion

Test Infusion makes many of the same claims regarding its effectiveness as HCGenerate, though uses some more standard ingredients, and features four different proprietary blends, each aimed at a different aspect of the consumers health. The categories it addresses include liver support, hormonal support, prostate support, and cardiovascular support.
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The reviews for Test Infusion are far more limited, but also substantially better than HCGenerate, while also being a bit more affordable.

HCGenerate FAQ

  1. What kind of reviews has HCGenerate received?

Through the product’s Amazon page, there are over 200 consumer reviews currently submitted. They are decidedly mixed, as some people have found benefit with the product, but others found it to be overpriced and ineffective. There were also some complaints regarding the customer service.

  1. Is HCGenerate sold through Amazon?

Yes, HCGenerate is sold through Amazon in addition to being sold through the manufacturer’s site. The prices for both sellers are about the same, though just a touch more expensive on Amazon.

  1. Do I need to cycle HCGenerate or is it a daily supplement?

HCGenerate is a dietary supplement that advises users to take 5 capsules a day with food. It is thought to have some use as a PCT or Post Cycle Therapy, but that aspect of the product is under discussion, as many users did not find it effective in that regard.

  1. Is HCGenerate a safe alternative to using steroids?

HCGenerate is not an alternative to using steroids exactly, but it is advertised as a way to maintain the benefits gained by using steroids – such as improved muscle mass, tone, and weight loss – after the user’s cycle ends.

  1. What kind of results can I expect from using HCGenerate?

It is difficult to say that users should expect any specific results, because based on the consumer reviews we have come across, the results have been highly inconsistent. The product states that users can expect more energy, an improved physique, and higher libido, but none of that is confirmed.

  1. Is N2Generate the same product at HCGenerate?

Yes, it seems that the manufacturer recently renamed HCGenerate as N2Generate on their site. That said, it is still sold under the name HCGenerate on multiple retail sites. The manufacturer states that the only difference is the name, and the formula is exactly the same.

  1. Is HCGenerate available for purchase at a reduced price through Ebay?

It seems that HCGenerate has been sold through Ebay in the past, but currently is not available for purchase through the site.

  1. What is the primary difference between HCGenerate and HCGenerate Extra Strength?

HCGenerate Extra Strength uses all the same ingredients as HCGenerate plus about 10 more, for a more well-rounded and beneficial supplement. It costs over twice as much, however, and consumer reviews for it have been about that same as HCGenerate.

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So What Really Works?

Based on the extensive reviews that we have conducted into male enhancement products that are on the market now, the best bet for consumers is Viritenz. Unlike many supplements being sold, it doesn’t just treat improved sexual health as an added benefit to increasing testosterone, it makes sexual health its top priority, using several different natural ingredients that are meant to address different aspects of male enhancement.

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