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This supplement looks alright at first, but it comes from an unimpressive company, and it contains a potentially-dangerous ingredient. Not only that, but customer reviews are pretty bad. If you want to read more, check out our review below:

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Irexis Overview

Irexis is a supplement for men’s sexual enhancement, made by ZX2 Labs. It’s supposed to help men have more exciting sex lives by making their erections firmer and larger and enhancing the libido, helping men who have problems in the bedroom to have more “consistency” in their sex lives. It’s made of natural ingredients, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

These claims sounds fine and all, but is it a good product? After our investigation we’ve found that you shouldn’t always believe what you read, even from companies that claim to have your best interests at heart.

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Irexis Claims

Irexis is technically a dietary supplement, since it contains no medicines or drugs. Each pill consists instead of plant and herb extracts that contain chemicals and compounds that are supposed to enhance and support the body’s natural processes. Some ingredients are meant to improve blood flow, for more circulation to the penis (and therefore better erections). Other herbs are supposed to increase testosterone production and availability – the more testosterone, the higher the sex drive, so they say. With these parts of the sexual anatomy covered, it’s supposed to be a side effect-free way to get the same sorts of benefits as you would get from drugs, only at a lower price and with fewer side effects.

They say all of these benefits have actually been reported by customers, as well as by laboratory testing.

At least, that’s what they promise. But as we all know, you should only trust the claims made by people who you can trust. So who’s making these promises?

The company is Lab 88, a nutrition company based out of New York. They have an assortment of different products for everything from weight loss to sleep aids and sexual enhancers. How do they fare? Well, they’ve got a website, which is better than some companies that sell sex enhancers. But they have no rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is strange for a company that claims to have sold products to “millions” of customers. You’d think they’d have at least a little recognition from the industry, or even a couple of customer reviews, but they have very little presence.

This is concerning, because companies that are in business for 16+ years and claim to have millions of satisfied customers would typically show something for it. All Lab 88 has is an outdated website, a handful of products, and very little mention anywhere else.

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Irexis Ingredients

Irexis has a decent amount of ingredients. Here are the main ones:

  • L-Arginine
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Ginseng
  • Yohimbe
  • Maca
  • Zinc
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Catuaba

L-Arginine is a “non-essential” amino acid that widens the blood vessels after the body metabolizes it, which allows more blood to flow through the body – including, they say, to the penis. It does this by converting to nitric oxide. It’s naturally found in food, but it can also be prescribed in the form of supplements.

Ginseng (specifically Asian or Panax Ginseng) is an Asian herb used for centuries as a natural way to get the sex drive going, as well as to improve the body’s ability to exert energy for longer periods of time.

Yohimbe is an extract made from the yohimbe tree, found in parts of Africa. Traditionally it’s been used to help men with erectile dysfunction, as it’s supposed to affect blood flow and has chemicals that are supposed to affect the sex drive. The problem? It’s a controversial, and even dangerous product. It’s associated with some of the worst side effects we’ve seen:

  • Bloating
  • Seizures, kidney failure, heart attacks

Maca is a plant from Peru that’s used as a way to help regulate hormones, which is why some sex supplements include it, since it could help with testosterone levels.
Zinc is a mineral found in a balanced diet, but it’s supposed to correspond with higher levels of testosterone – the hormone that’s most associated with sexual function. Is that true, though? We checked, and the results of our research weren’t what we thought they’d be.

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The Science Behind Irexis

Irexis doesn’t really impress us. While some ingredients in it are associated with sexual benefits and improved circulation, others have very little support in the scientific community.

Zinc is an unnecessary addition, because even though it’s true that the body does require some zinc to properly function, there’s no real proof that it increases testosterone. In fact, the one study we’ve read that attempts to make the connection between them says that there’s no significant correlation (Prasad, Mantzsoros, et al, 1996, National Institutes of Health).

The main problem, though is yohimbe. This is a seriously problematic ingredient, particularly due to the horrible side effects associated with it. Not only is it banned in many European countries (“How Safe Is Yohimbe?” LiveStrong), but the FDA took it off its prescribed chemicals list in the 90s because of how dangerous it is (Svan, Jennifer: “Study: Yohimbine …” Stars and Stripes, 2024). If multiple government agencies are officially prohibiting or trying to curtail the use of an herb, there’s probably a good reason for it. “But what’s the problem with a few side effects, if it works?” you might ask. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t even have evidence that it works. As far as erectile dysfunction is concerned, there’s just no clinical trials proving anything (WebMD).

Regardless of how well the other ingredients work, the addition of yohimbe is enough to make us question whether this product is even safe to take.

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Word on the Street about Irexis

Remember when we said Irexis claimed they’d sold this product to “millions” of customers? You would think that those millions of customers, many of whom we assumed would be “happy” with the supplement, would have flocked to the internet in droves to talk about how amazing it is, right? We did too. Unfortunately, this isn’t what we found to be the case. Instead, when we tried to find customer testimonials at Amazon (one of the best places to find an unbiased selection of reviews) we found only 33 reviews. That’s it. And the average rating is 2.9 out of 5.

That’s bad.

“Just one star.”

“GREAT AMAZING GOOD JOB FOR CUSTOMERS KEEP GOING!” (We’re going to assume this one was fake.)

“Doesn’t do what was promised. This was a real waste of money.”

“Trash. Doesn’t work at all.”

“I really can’t tell if it works or not, to be honest.”

“It’s alright, I guess, but it didn’t really wow me.”

“I’ve seen positive results after taking for two weeks. Let’s see if things really improve after a month.”

“I didn’t see any benefits to the sex drive after taking this product. All I got was a headache. Ugh.”

As you can see, this is not the most popular product around, and that’s putting it lightly. When people are looking around for a product that’s going to affect their health, they’re going to want absolute assurance that it’s going to be safe and trustworthy, and for that, you need lots of very positive reviews. What we have here instead are two dozen testimonials, many of which say that the product doesn’t work at all, and others that say they’re disappointed (and one that said they had headaches as a side effect).

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Is Irexis Worth a Try?

There are some fairly decent ingredients in this supplement, like l-arginine and tribulus terrestris, and it looks like the pills are all-natural, but that’s where the good news ends. Unfortunately, everything else about this product makes us think twice about trying it.

Let’s recap:

The company that makes it claims to have millions of satisfied customers, and yet all they have is a lame website and no rating or accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Even businesses that have been around for only a few years have managed a rating, and even a couple customer reviews, but Lab 88 (for all the time it’s been around) has made almost no impact at all, it seems. That’s not a good start.

Second, we’ve got the ingredients. Aside from some that are pretty fair, like the ones mentioned above, this product contains yohimbe, a substance banned in many countries and heavily restricted in others because of the dangerous health problems it can cause. Any supplement that could give you liver damage is not a product we suggest buying, for obvious reasons.

Lastly, are the terrible customer reviews. Any product worth its salt should have a majority positive reviews, but this one only has an average rating of 2.9/5 stars – that would give it an “F.”

We would consider this product to be one of the more risky supplements on the market, and for that reason, we advise against people using it.

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Irexis vs Vigrx Plus

These products are fairly similar, since they’re both herbal supplements that are supposed to treat erectile dysfunction and give you an overall better sex life. Vigrx Plus is a little more expensive, however, at $76.99 per one-month supply, compared to Irexis’s $49.99 per bottle. Vigrx Plus has the slight advantage of having a parent company – Leading Edge Health – that has way more of a presence online, although the quality of some of their products is still questionable.

Vigrx Plus also has way more customer reviews – over 130 – but since they’re also pretty bad, it’s hard to tell which product really is “better.” One thing’s for sure: Vigrx Plus has the benefit of not containing any ingredients like yohimbe that can cause dangerous side effects.

Irexis vs Cialis

These products are very different, and it’s not just due to the differences in their formulas.  Cialis is a drug (tadalafil), while Irexis is a nutritional supplement. This means you need a prescription to buy Cialis, while Irexis is available over the counter. Cialis also is only meant to treat erectile dysfunction, while Irexis is meant to improve not only your erection quality, but your sex drive and your physical endurance.

Cialis officially comes with a warning that you could have side effects like fatigue, sensory impairment, and dizziness, while Irexis pretends that it’s “safer” and contains no side effects – although in our review above, you can see that that’s not always the case.

Irexis FAQ

  1. Can I buy Irexis in stores?
    Right now, the answer looks like no. It appears to only be available online.
  2. Can I get Irexis at GNC?
    No, this product isn’t available at GNC, either in-store or from their online e-store.
  3. Where can I read a review of Irexis?
    You can check out our in-depth review above, or you can check out customer reviews at Amazon.
  4. What ingredients are in Irexis?
    Here’s a full list, as far as we can tell: Maca, zinc, Korean red ginseng, ginkgo biloba, l-arginine, oat straw, catuaba bark extract, tribulus terrestris, yohimbe,
  5. What’s the dosage for Irexis?
    They recommend taking one pill a day, with a meal, or 30 minutes before sexual intercourse for best results. It’s supposed to be taken as a daily supplement.
  6. Can I get Irexis at Amazon?
    Yes, you can buy Irexis at Amazon, and at a reduced price of $39.99 for a one-month supply.
  7. How are the Amazon reviews for Irexis?
    They’re not great. While there are some positive reviews (some of which look a little sketchy), around half of all the reviews are negative, with people saying either that it doesn’t work at all, or it’s way less effective than it was promised to be.
  8. How much does Irexis cost?
    It costs $49.99 for a one-month supply. They really push for you to buy two bottles for $79.99, and they throw in one for free. You can also buy 3 for $119.99 and get two free, for five bottles overall.
  9. Is Irexis a drug?
    No, Irexis is a nutritional dietary supplement, making it different from a drug and more akin to a multivitamin than a medicine.
  10. Can I buy Irexis in India?
    It looks like the company behind Irexis ships all over the world, so it’s probable that you can get them to ship to wherever you are, including India.

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So What Really Works?

We’ve reviewed many men’s dietary sex supplements, and in our opinion Viritenz is the best of all of them. Its formula contains all-natural ingredients, and it’s created in a safe, GMP-certified facility, which means it passes industry standards for hygiene and quality control. It’s also made in the USA, and promises no side effects.

This is the supplement for all men who want to have better erections, a healthy sex drive, and the most exciting sex life they can get. To read more about Viritenz and how it can change your sex life for the better, click this link.

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