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There’s no evidence that this is still made fresh and it’s unknown if they still use the same formula, or what the dosage strength is. The company may have discontinued this which is why there is so little known about it. To read the basics behind Longinexx and to see what it’s all about we recommend looking at the table of contents.

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Longinexx Overview

There is no known trusted website to get this, and we can’t say for certain whether or not this is still made. From all the information we gathered it seems likely that this is only sold from people looking to sell the last known batches of it. There is no information about the total dosage strength or the ingredients, which makes it impossible to predict what’s possible.

It’s easy to see why this is lacking, there is no actual proof ever cited to help explain what it may be able to do. No real reason exists why anyone should put their money and health at risk.

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Longinexx Claims

Rapid benefits with an improvement of penis size are claimed. There is even a website which mentions this can increase size upwards of 35%. This is meant to provide benefits by boosting blood flow to the penis, making erections larger in the process.

The big problem with this is that it appears this is discontinued. There is only one website which appears to be legitimate until you brows to learn more. The only page available is the sales page and there are error messages for all other parts.

You aren’t able to look at testimonials, contact information, the FAQ, the home page, or read about how it works.

They don’t provide a single claim, only a form where you can pay them with credit card or PayPal. Since they fail to give any reliable information about what this may do, we had to research further.

The website claims this is made by Dartford Kent LLC, but this is actually made by Dartford Kent Laboratories which we uncovered by looking at past images. There is no official listing for Dartford Kent LLC. This website only has a phone number which was disconnected. This makes it impossible to try and reach someone to learn about the specifics behind this.

A trademarks website mentions what brands are under the company umbrella and they do not mention Longinexx. Because of all these red flags it appears that this is now discontinued. You can’t learn about the company from any other website, and the only website looks very shady and not at all responsive.

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Longinexx Ingredients

We don’t know for certain if these ingredients are truly added. The only websites which claim what’s included were reviewing it; no marketing sites actually list the total ingredients.

These ingredients may be used but it’s unknown:

  • Long Jack
  • Yohimbe Bark
  • Butea Superba
  • Cnidium Monnieri
  • Tribulus Terrestris

Most of it is aphrodisiacs including Tribulus Terrestris, Cnidium Monnieri, Butea Superba, and Long Jack. There is a lot of support from 3rd party clinical reviews to help showcase what kinds of benefits they may offer. It’s generally used for libido and overall sexual vigor.

Yohimbe Bark is also used in order to experience changes to sexual drive, but it’s also a stimulant which must be taken in gradual amounts in order to avoid possible side effects.

Because it’s unknown how much of each is included, there is no way to know for certain what kind of expectation need to be had. There is a lack of information which makes it impossible to learn about what the ingredient blend can do, if anything.

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The Science Behind Longinexx

There is no science ever provided on any of the websites which market this. The only website which actually appears to be legitimate has headings where it’s claimed you can learn all about “How Longinexx Works”, but once you click it you get an error message.

So there is no way to learn about the specifics of this brand. This is a major problem when you factor in the fact there is no knowledge about what the full ingredients are, and whether or not they add what some websites claim.

We wish we could say more about the formula but without any knowledge about what’s truly added, all we can do is speculate.

This is concerning since yohimbe in particular has to be taken at an optimal dosage strength, even in small amounts it has the potential to cause side effects. This is exactly why Web MD suggests it may lead to:

“Irregular or rapid heart rate, kidney failure, seizure”

They even suggest heart attacks may occur, a full list of over 10 different possible side effects is mentioned. All of which can be dangerous and damaging to long-term health. Death is even a possibility.

The rest of the formula although possibly good at improving male enhancement, it’s uncertain what to expect since you don’t know what the total amount is.

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Word on the Street about Longinexx

“Yeah I got suckered into this because it didn’t work. Should have known it was too good to be true”

“Trash product after the 4th bottle I still saw no benefits, this is a waste of money and they know it”

“No effects for me I wish I knew how to return it”

“Does not work at all and this should be pulled from the market because it’s going to cost them money paying back all the returns”

Only a handful of positive reviews are available, most said it simple failed to produce any benefits. Because it often failed to deliver effects seen in large amounts, many worried it wasn’t worth the hassle.

A common issue we found was that people were concerned about not being able to get a refund, since they weren’t able to get any company contact information.

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Longinexx vs Rexavar

Inside Rexavar are a lot of ingredients which are great for boosting male enhancement. Many mixed reviews are available, far too many to consider this a likely effective product.

Customers did complain about the company policies often. They also do not offer a money back return. They also use questionable marketing, claiming that because it was formulated by a doctor that it’s impressive and effective at delivering results. Their website even admits that you can’t expect results because they “aren’t typical”.

Longinexx vs VigRX Plus

You’d think that by reviewing the VigRX Plus website that it’s going to deliver some great benefits. The problem is that the company uses a clinical study that they paid for to help prove hoe effective it is. This study was flawed in that only a few people were tested, and it admitted more evidence was needed.

There’s also a majority of negative feedback from customers who used it. Almost all the opinions were negative, many claiming they saw no benefits from it.

Longinexx vs Penatropin

All you get in Penatropin are 2 common male enhancement ingredients. There’s an amino acid which is found commonly in food, and there’s also butea superba which has potential aphrodisiac benefits.

An analysis by a customer said that they tested the formula and found it actually didn’t have any of the claimed ingredients. There was actually a lot of unnecessary filler added to it which means their already limited formula may be even less effective than it seemed initially. Customers had enough of a mixed experience that it’s possible there are issues with their manufacturing.

Longinexx vs Vimax

Vimax is more known for its issues rather than its possible male enhancement support. The FDA had a review done on the ingredients and they determined they added a prescription ingredient. This ingredient helps reduce the chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction, but it is only recommended if a doctor prescribed it to you.

The risk for dangerous side effects is high when you don’t know how much of this you’re getting. Since this happened in 2024 the company has yet to talk about what they are going to do to make sure this kind of contamination won’t happen again.

Is Longinexx Worth a Try?

Too little is known about this supplement to recommend it over other brands, better to avoid it. The customers who used it had mostly negative things to say. There were also a lot of issues we found in researching this product. It looks like there is no trusted source, and it’s unknown if you can still get this from a reliable source that makes it fresh.

Judging from the available information, it’s likely that it is now discontinued. What this means for customers is that if they attempt to buy it, they may be getting a near expiration or already expired product. There is not a single good reason why anyone should use this when you don’t even know what the full ingredients list is.

There really isn’t a single reason why anyone should try this. There may be a potentially dangerous stimulant used and it’s unknown how much of it is used. No guarantee is offered either, if you were to buy it there would be no way to get your money back in case there’s any complications.

What we uncovered about the weird company name and the fact they no longer have it under their trademark likely means customers only have access to discontinued product. This may no longer be safe to take as the ingredients may be date and nearing expiration.

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Longinexx FAQ

  1. Are there any Longinexx results pictures?
    No such pictures are available online.
  1. Where is the Longinexx official website?
    We can’t say for sure if they even have an official website. There is a site which claims to sell official versions and they use a similar company name, but it’s unproven if they can be trusted. The website looks strange and you can’t learn about the supplement since all the links are broken.
  1. Are there any Longinexx before and after photos?
    None at all and this isn’t uncommon because it’s asking a lot of customers to see what their genitalia looks like.
  1. Can I get Longinexx in Walmart?
    Not at Walmart, you can only find this on Amazon and through what is marketed as an official website.
  1. Does Longinexx cause side effects?
    Customers did complain about symptoms such as headaches. Since it appears this may have yohimbe you also have to worry about the potential for stimulant like symptoms. This may include jitters rapid heart rate, raised blood pressure, trembling, cold sweats, seizure, and cardiovascular issues.
  1. Is Longinexx offered at GNC?
    It is not available at GNC.
  1. What are the full Longinexx ingredients?
    No website which promotes this brand actually cites the full ingredients. The only way we found what was added is by looking at 3rd party websites which reviewed it before their website went offline.
    This supposedly has yohimbe bark, butea superba, cnidium monnieri, tribulus terrestris, and long jack.
  1. What can you tell me about Longinexx pills?

    The most telling thing about this is the fact that it’s unknown if it’s still made fresh. It appears to be discontinued, and the overall customer feedback is negative.
    The only website which should offer information since they sell it has all their links broken so you can’t learn anything about this product. All the available information comes second hand from 3rd party websites.
  1. Where can I order Longinexx?
    Amazon offers it and there is a website but it’s unclear if this site can be trusted. It does not appear that either of them offers a money back return policy.
  1. What happened to the Longinexx website?

    There is a website which sells it and it looks like they’re legitimate, but for unknown reasons all you have available is the “order now” section. You aren’t able to learn anything about this supplement since all the other pages lead to a 404 warning, meaning there is an issue on their end.

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So What Really Works?

It was clear to us after fully reviewing Viritenz that it was the best male enhancement for several reasons. The ingredients are what you’d hope to find in a male enhancement supplement, and the dosage strength is just right. The entire blend has a unique benefit for overall health, helping to stimulate sexual desire, mood, and energy without cheap fillers.

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