LongJax Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Despite having some popular ingredients, this product is a little bit of a let-down, with weak dosages and some legal trouble that casts the credibility of the whole company into doubt. Read more about this product in the following review:

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LongJax Overview

LongJax is a supplement that’s aimed at men who want to have better sex. With this product, men are supposed to see improvements in their sensation, their sex drive, and their erections. Some men need a little assistance with sexual function, either because they’re getting older, they have a hormone imbalance, or they just have a lifestyle that makes it hard to get in the mood. LongJax is supposed to help.
There are a lot of products out there making similar claims, so we wanted to do some more research to see if this product really delivers. Before you decide to take a chance on LongJax, make sure you read this review, because you might be surprised – and not necessarily in a good way.

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LongJax Claims

This is a sexual support supplement, meaning it’s a pill that’s filled with extracts of various plants and herbs that’s meant to be taken on a daily basis to support your body’s natural sexual functions. As a result, all areas of your sex life are supposed to see improvements: your erections should get harder, you should be more “into” sex more often, and you should be able to last longer. The result? More enjoyable sex for you and your partner. The supplements is all-natural, so it’s supposed to be easier and safer for your body than other products that come with chemicals and synthetic ingredients that might not work very well with your biology.

It’s also one of the lower-priced supplements we’ve seen, at $21.99 for a bottle of 60 tablets. Technically that could last you a month, but since they also say you should take 3 or 4 pills right before engaging in sex, that could drain the bottle pretty quickly (depending on how often you used it that way), so it’s also possible that $21.99 would get you only two or three weeks, which isn’t a very good deal.

LongJax comes from BioTech, an in-house brand owned by The Vitamin Shoppe, the famed nutritional supplement store. They’re a household name that’s been around for decades, which for many people would translate to quality and trustworthiness. That’s what we thought, until we looked deeper.

Turns out BioTech was singled out in a class action lawsuit a few years ago, where it was alleged that one of their products, a protein supplement, was marketed falsely. The suit claimed that Vitamin Shoppe was using doses of ingredients that were far below the doses they were tested effective at, meaning that while Vitamin Shoppe was saving money, they were giving people a weaker product.

It’s important to note that when an ingredient is tested to be effective at a certain dose, supplements with those ingredients must contain at least that much or more, or else they fall below effective testing levels and could very well be worthless. Keep that in mind when we get into the “science” behind LongJax.
We should also note that Vitamin Shoppe is facing another class action lawsuit for securities fraud. What’s that? Basically, they’re accused of misleading people about their dismal financial performance so that, thinking that Vitamin Shoppe’s performance was going up, people would keep buying stock. Only problem? That’s a crime.

When buying a product, always keep in mind who you’re getting it from.

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LongJax Ingredients

LongJax has a standard list of natural herbal ingredients that we’ve seen in many other supplements. Here’s a list:

  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • L-Arginine
  • Maca

Eurycoma longifolia is the scientific name for tongkat ali, an herb used in traditional Vietnamese and Indonesian medicine as a natural way to boost the sex drive in men and women, as well as to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It’s thought to affect testosterone levels, a hormone that has a big effect on the libido.

Tribulus terrestris is another aphrodisiac, this one from the Mediterranean, although it’s also used in traditional Indian medicine as well. It’s supposed to improve the ability of hormones in the body to affect the sex drive, and it’s a popular ingredient found in lots of natural sexual health products.

Horny goat weed is aptly named. It’s an old Chinese ingredient that’s supposed to help the penis retain more blood during erections, so that they can be harder and last longer.

L-Arginine is a compound that the body converts into nitric oxide, which widens the blood vessels and allows for blood to flow more rapidly through the body. Many people believe that this helps men’s erections.

Maca is a natural plant from the Peruvian mountains which has been used as a medicinal treatment for a number of different symptoms, mainly having to do with hormones – since hormones affect the sex drive, maca is supposed be beneficial.

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The Science Behind LongJax

All of these ingredients are pretty common in herbal sexual health supplements (for both men and women), and none of them come with serious side effects. Our main problem, however, are the dosages involved.

You remember how we talked about Vitamin Shoppe being taken to court over putting low levels of ingredients in their protein supplements, so low that the same effects they were tested for can’t be guaranteed? We might have a similar situation here with LongJax. See, there have been some tests done on these ingredients, but unless equivalent dosages are used, this product can’t claim to work.

L-arginine has been tested to increase nitric oxide levels significantly, but this product only includes 500mg. We found a study showing increases in these NO2 levels, but between 3g and 6g were used – several times what LongJax includes (“Arginine,” Examine.com) – so it’s not clear if LongJax can claim the same benefits are in its formula (also see Bode-Boger, et al: “L-arginine-induced vasodilation …” Br J Clin Pharmacol, 1998).

The amount of tongkat ali is also a little underwhelming, since LongJax only contains 200mg. We’ve seen other products that contain two or three times that at least, and so it’s a pity that Vitamin Shoppe didn’t step up their game here.

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Word on the Street about LongJax

There aren’t that many reviews of LongJax out there, despite the popularity of Vitamin Shoppe. Not all the reviews we came across were good, either:

“This helped me out a lot. It got my energy levels up, and I felt like I was able to do way more in the gym.” (They didn’t comment about how it helped them sexually, we noticed)

“These are hard to swallow, but I saw impressive improvements in my bedroom performance (I can go 5 times a night now) and I have more endurance during my workouts.”

“I tried taking these as directed, but no matter how many times I tried, nothing changed. The one difference I felt was that I had a little more desire, but that’s about it.”

“I’m not even that old, and these did nothing for me. Buyer beware!”

We noticed that many of the positive, 5/5 reviews either made no mention of sexual performance (one person just said that her husband could work in the yard without tiring), and many of them note that the pills are uncomfortably large and have to be cut in half to be ingestable.

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Is LongJax Worth a Try?

It’s hard to say, honestly. Vitamin Shoppe has been attacked in the past for lying to customers and shareholders in order to get people to buy their products (and their stock), so that makes us doubt their trustworthiness. The ingredients in the supplement are all pretty well-known and popular, and don’t come with side effects, but some of them are in weaker doses than they should be. The reportedly-huge pills have to be taken several times a day, and even more when you want to have sex, meaning you likely will have to buy more than one bottle a month, which is not convenient.

Lastly, while there have been positive customer reviews, they haven’t been consistent, and many positive reviews leave out any mention of sexual benefits, leading us to wonder if the product works at all for sexual enhancement.

Given when we know, LongJax just isn’t a very strong contender. If you’re in the market for male sexual enhancement, you’re better off going with a product that’s higher rated and has better doses of ingredients.

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LongJax vs Tongkat Ali (Source Naturals)

Both of these products are named in some way for the same ingredient – tongkat ali (also called “long jack”). While Tongkat Ali only contains that ingredient, LongJax contains more ingredients like maca, tribulus, and arginine. Another big difference is the dose involved: Tongkat Ali only has 80mg of the herb, while LongJax has 200mg, giving LongJax the edge there. Tongkat Ali is also more expensive at $39.99 a bottle, and even though it lasts a little longer than LongJax (a full month, when taken as directed), the price is still a huge problem considering how little tongkat ali you actually get.

Neither product seems to have a discount for buying multiple bottles, so it looks like you’re stuck paying full price. You can buy both products at Vitamin Shoppe.

LongJax vs LJ100

Here again we’re looking at two supplements that are based on the use of tongkat ali. Both products say to take two pills a day, but the dosages are way different: LJ100 only has 25mg of tongkat ali per dose, while LongJax has 200mg. Customer reviews for LJ100 are worse overall than those for LongJax, with people reporting mixed results, and some reporting insomnia as a side effects. It’s not clear where to buy LJ100, however, as there’s no “buy now” option at the product’s main website, whereas LongJax is readily available from a few different online vendors.

LongJax FAQ

  1. How does LongJax perform vs PrimalJax?
    They’re similar products, although PrimalJax contains more ingredients overall than LongJax, and they have roughly the same type of customer review ratings. Other than that, it’s hard to tell which is “better.”
  2. How long does it take for LongJax to work?
    As with all herbal supplements it could take a couple days (or even two weeks) to see any sign that it’s working.
  3. What are the ingredients in LongJax MHT with Arginine?
    Eurycoma Longifolia, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine, and Maca Extract.
  4. Is LongJax on WebMD?
    The product itself isn’t “on” WebMD, but WebMD does have sections where you can read about some of the various ingredients in it.
  5. How does LongJax perform vs Tongkat Ali?
    If you’d like to know how these products compare, feel free to check out the comparison section above where we go into some of the specifics.
  6. Is there a LongJax Wiki?
    No, to our knowledge there’s no dedicated wiki for this product.
  7. Does LongJax MHT with Arginine cause side effects?
    To our knowledge there aren’t any side effects, although some customers may be more sensitive to some ingredients than others.
  8. Is LongJax MHT with Arginine good for bodybuilding?
    Some customers report that they had better workouts and more endurance in the gym while taking this product, so some might get some benefits in that way.
  9. Does LongJax MHT with Arginine work?
    It depends on who you ask, really. From what we’ve read, some customers report improvements in their sex drive and their workout quality, but not all people have that experience, however.
  10. Who makes LongJax?
    LongJax is made by The Vitamin Shoppe, a nutritional supplement brand with stores all over North America.

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So What Really Works?

So now you can see how hard it is to tell when a product is worth buying and when it isn’t. You can have the right ingredients, but if they’re not in the right dosages (or from the right companies) you could be taking a serious gamble. That’s why we tell people to try Viritenz.

It’s simply the finest male enhancement product on the market, out of all the products we’ve reviewed. Its formula of all-natural ingredients can help men with their stamina and energy, it can help them get stronger erections and have a better sex life too. It’s made in the USA in an GMP-certified facility, so you know the ingredients are high-quality and you’re guaranteed a quality supplement. Not only that, but Viritenz is backed by a money-back guarantee, so customers have nothing to lose.

Despite what you see in the movies, not all men have a high sex drive, whether that’s due to age, lifestyle, or genetics. The good news is that there’s a way to get things to where you want them, and Viritenz could very well be the answer you’re looking for. Click here to read more information about Viritenz, and about how it can help you to achieve the amazing sex life you’ve craved.

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