Max Load Pills Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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It’s not known if this is still being made fresh, but it is sold on 3rd party websites. The company was exposed for their violation of important FDA regulations, calling into question their commitment to quality. See what specific codes of conducts were broken by going through the table of contents.

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Max Load Pills Overview

Repeat issues make this a very questionable supplement. They not only broke several FDA regulations which resulted in warning letter, but they no longer feature it on their official website. You can still get it on a few reputable 3rd party websites, so it’s unknown whether or not there are still fresh batches of this being made.

The advertising for this is really tacky; making it seem like “Cum Longer!” is an acceptable form of marketing. It’s just ends up being really dumbed down and silly. They don’t even sell it on their official website anymore; you can only read about its possibilities from separate businesses.

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Max Load Pills Claims

Because there is no official website, all the claims made about this come from 3rd party websites which keep the suggestions short. All they say it that it increases the sensation of orgasm, causing more contractions and enhancing pleasure. This is also suggested as a way to increase pleasure.

Overall semen volume is the main intended benefit of this. It’s unclear why they don’t say it will improve sperm count and make it more scientific, instead they use really silly claims about it being effective for semen volume.

The front of the label even says you’ll be able to:

“Cum Harder”

“Cum Longer”

While this may be of some value to certain customers, whether or not this is backed by any actual evidence is yet to be determined. You certainly won’t get an explanation from any 3rd party websites.

The company also changed their name and no longer included Max Load Pills on their website. This may be due to the 2024 warning letter send by the FDA. Here’s what they uncovered:

“failed to implement quality control”

“failed to…. Follow written procedures”

A total of 9 violations were outlined in detail. It’s safe to say they simply didn’t do any of the basic safety and maintenance requirements that businesses are meant to follow.  We can’t say for certain but it’s awfully suspicious that the company would completely change their name.  It may be because they wanted to avoid people knowing about their FDA violations.

The only way we found out about this name change was because their old web address redirects to the new page.

The fact that you can only get this from 3rd party websites makes it impossible to know beforehand if what you‘re paying for is still being produced fresh. If it’s discontinued as we suspect, than it may mean that every bottle is nearing its expiration date. No quality control guarantee is provided on any of the websites which market and sell this.

Because the official company no longer features it on their website all customers have to deal with the possible consequences on their own. There is no safety guarantee nor is there any assurance that what you’re getting is in the dosage strength claimed. This further increases the chances of using a potentially dangerous product.

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Max Load Pills Ingredients

  • Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)
  • Zinc Oxide

Proprietary Blend, 605 mg

  • Maca S/E 6%
  • L-Arginine (of dried aqueous extract)
  • Tribulus Terrestris 40%
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Long Jack 100:1
  • Flower Pollen Extract
  • Pine Bark 95%

There’s a lot to like about this supplement. Maca, Tribulis Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, and Long Jack can all be useful for boosting male sexual vigor. This supplement is meant mostly to boost sperm volume and though that’s not quite proven, these ingredients can enhance testosterone which may affect sperm count.

Pine Bark is intended to prevent infertility and enhance blood flow. This also has antioxidant potential.

Flower Pollen Extract has enzymes intended to support many different functions. This can include improving the immune system, treating stomach problems, and increasing the health of the stomach tract.

Zinc and vitamin B-6 are nutrients, both of which are intended to boost sex drive in men. The formula is basically fairly basic other than the pine bark and flower pollen which are less often seen.

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The Science Behind Max Load Pills

We wish there was some sort of science to back it up but there is absolutely zero evidence. Luckily we know a lot about supplements so we decided to go through the real science of this.

Flower pollen is used for its enzymes which are intended for many benefits as we pointed out, but the problem is that Web MD concluded the useful enzymes are:

“broken down in the stomach”

What this means for users is that it won’t be processed; instead the body will break it down, causing it to be useless.

Pine bark is also linked to some uncomfortable side effects such as headaches, dizziness, mouth ulcers and gut issues. These same stomach problems may be why so many customers said they felt ill and that their guts felt uncomfortable.

Fortunately the rest of the ingredients are actually really good. L-Arginine for example can be useful for supporting blood flow which travels down to the genitals. This can improve erections. They extract it from a aqueous solution, which means it contains water. It’s meant to enhance the support offered by this amino acid.

A particularly well-rounded ingredient is Longjack, though strangely on 3rd party websites they spell it “Long Jack”. Examine best sums up what it can do by calling it a:

“pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac”

The only major problem is with the formula itself. We don’t know if this is still made fresh. Without this quality assurance, there is no way to determine if what you’re paying for is at its peak strength. When supplements are left to age it not only reduces the quality, but it can put you at risk for using an expired and unsafe product.

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Word on the Street about Max Load Pills

“It had a minor effect but the headache it gave me was kind of a pain, minor but I’d do without it”

“No effect and I made sure to use it exactly like the bottle said I should. Feels like a total bunk product to me, not useful in any way”

“Like others have experienced this trash will give you a bad headache, also made me sick to my stomach. I felt so ill I ended up vomiting for a long time”

“Felt more sexual arousal but it didn’t’ change my load at all. I committed to it and failed to see a change in my sperm”

Nausea was a repeat side effect that was so bad for some that they ended up avoiding it altogether. The majority of reviews available on an Amazon page were negative, the majority 31 customers said they didn’t see much use from it, or they had ill side effects.

Many recommended steering clear of it due to the ill symptoms they experienced.

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Is Max Load Pills Worth a Try?

More reliable options exist; it’s not worth using this. The ingredients aren’t all together bad, the main reason why this isn’t worth giving a shot was because of the lack of proof in any form, the mostly negative consumer experiences, the FDA related violations, and the companies way of dealing with it.

It seems likely that they changed their name because of the many FDA violations, they have distanced themselves from their part issues yet they allow 3rd party websites to still sell this. These websites do not offer a guarantee for a refund, nor do they specify for certain if this is still made fresh. Customers are left alone to deal with the possible problems which may result from using an old supplement.

Determining whether or not this would be safe to use or if it’s still fresh remains to be seen. What is for certain is that you won’t be able to get a refund no matter what. The fact you may be paying for an expired or almost expired product is cause for concern. None of the website which still offers it gives an explanation to help assure customers that they’re paying for a reliable product.

There’s also nothing in the ingredients which you wouldn’t be able to find in more reputable brands. The little that’s known about what this is meant to do showcase how silly the product is.

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Max Load Pills vs Ejaculoid

Both use bad marketing and they also share the same intended benefit, all for the improvement of sperm count. Male enhancement is also suggested, but the main intention is to increase the amount of ejaculate men can product.

Ejaculoid has some issues due to a recall and because of failing to follow FDA protocols. The ingredients in Ejaculoid are also decent, but the few mixed reviews reveal just how ineffective it was for most. You can get it with added yohimbe or without, though this is a major potential health hazard.

Max Load Pills FAQ

  1. Is Max Load available at GNC?
    Not at this time, it doesn’t appear featured on the GNC website.
  1. What are the full Max Load ingredients?

    Vitamin B6, zinc, maca, L-Arginine, horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris, long jack, flower pollen, and pine bark are the active ingredients. Generally used inactive additives are included. One problem we found was that the ingredient strength differs depending on what website you look at. It’s unclear what the total dosage strength is.
  1. Does Max Load increase sperm count?
    No evidence is ever provided to help show if this is a possible benefit, though that’s what it’s meant to do. In judging the ingredients there may be a boost in sperm count, but it’s impossible to say for certain.
  1. Can I find Max Load on Amazon?
    There are 2 sellers on Amazon but it’s undetermined for certain if they represent the company. Whether or not they offer a money back return is also unknown.
  1. Are there any Max Load pills side effects?
    A few customers complained about nausea, headaches vomiting, ill feelings, stomach pain, and increased blood pressure. Some of the ingredients do have the possibility for causing these kinds of side effects.
  1. What is Maximum Load exactly?
    It’s likely a discontinued supplement that is intended to maximum sexual pleasure and the amount of ejaculate.

    It’s meant for increasing semen volume, the length of orgasms, and overall intensity.
  1. What do Max Load pill reviews have to say about it?
    On average most customers didn’t see any noticeable benefit. A few had side effects such as headaches and general unease. Nausea was a major problem for some; it was so bad for a certain customer who ended up vomiting.
  1. What can you tell me about MD Science Lab Max Load?
    Most customer had mixed experiences, the makers no longer feature it on their official website, it’s unknown if this is still made fresh, there’s basic ingredients in this, and the FDA found they violated many laws.
  1. What is the meaning of Max Load?
    This is meant to maximize your sperm count or “load” as some refer to it. It’s not a real scientific way of describing it, but the front of the bottle chooses to market it in this way.
  1. Is there a Max Load video available?
    A few review videos are up on YouTube but none of them appear to be sponsored by the official company. Basically the information retells all the information you can read on the front of the bottle.

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