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Beware of any company that has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Beware even more of products with unproven ingredients, like this one. For more, check out the links below:

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Natrolex Overview

Natrolex is a male performance supplement that’s supposed to help men achieve a better sex life by giving them bigger erections, a higher sex drive, and helping them last longer in bed. It’s drug-free and made from natural ingredients that are supposed to have a long history of use in alternative medicine.

The company, Vitamin Boat, claims that the product is made in GMP-certified facilities and that the ingredients used are pharmaceutical quality, meaning that these pills met certain quality inspection standards. We should note that this doesn’t mean this pill is proven to work, only that you’re not likely to get something tainted.

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Natrolex Claims

Natrolex is an all-natural supplement, something they hope will appeal to people who only want to use products that are from natural sources (with the belief that they’re healthier). The ingredients in this product are mainly intended to support testosterone production, the hormone responsible for a higher sex drive (in both women and men). Other ingredients are supposed to direct blood flow to the penis, as a way to treat erectile dysfunction. It also contains a number of different aphrodisiacs as a way to get men more interested in sex, in case a lack of desire is what’s causing them to have a weak sex life.

The company claims that they have a “team” that went to work for “four years” to develop the formula for this supplement, but it’s not very likely that this is true. They didn’t say who their team was, or if this team had any special background in biology, leading us to believe that this is just a bit of marketing to sound impressive. The website is covered in pictures of generic “doctor”-types – maybe they want us to think these guys are the “team”? Unlikely, as they are very clearly stock photos, and the company itself isn’t really known for doing original research for their supplements. Elsewhere they note that the ingredients are “clinically studied,” but don’t mention that it was them who did the studying.

The product is also pretty expensive – $59.95 for one bottle – and the only way to get a better deal is by buying two or more, drastically increasing your up-front costs for a product you may not have even tried before.

Vitamin Boat also has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau – not a good sign. Customers expect the companies they buy from to have a good reputation for treating their customers well, but this isn’t the case with this company. People would be well advised to beware of these people, as it’s not clear if they take customer satisfaction seriously.

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Natrolex Ingredients

Natrolex has a huge list of ingredients that are mostly plant-based. Here’s a list of some of the primary ones:

  • Maca
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Oat Straw
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Boron
  • Orchic Substance
  • Oyster Extract
  • Tongkat Ali Extract

Maca, a Peruvian plant, is a common-enough ingredient in supplements that have to do with sex, hormones, or mood. Most often used for women’s libido supplements, the product is also supposed to help men too, as it’s said to affect the hypothalamus and regulate the amount of hormones being produced. Only problem is that this company doesn’t say which maca plant was used – some maca is only useful to women, others to men, and so we don’t know if they even used the right plant or not.

Boron is a common mineral found in the average diet. It’s supposed by some to increase hormone levels – but from WebMD one thing we learned is that it increases the amount of estrogen in the body, rather than testosterone.


Orchic substance is a Chinese ingredient made from cow testes. It’s claimed to increase the amount of testosterone in the body – but there’s no evidence that it does that, according to WebMD.

This supplement contains nettle extract, or “stinging nettle,” a plant extract that Vitamin Boat claims can improve the sex drive. We didn’t find any such claims – rather, it’s known for reducing inflammation and increasing urine production, which is why it’s used in prostate health supplements, not libido supplements.

Tongkat Ali extract is a natural sex-drive enhancer from Vietnam. It’s claimed to inhibit estrogen levels and increase testosterone, increasing the sex drive.

We should note that this product contains at least 20 ingredients in total – a huge number that could imply that each ingredient is included in a low dose, possibly making this product less effective.

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The Science Behind Natrolex

Right off the bat we can see that there’s some problems with some ingredients in this product. Orchic extract is supposed to be useful because the idea is that adding powdered cow testicles to your diet will add testosterone into your body – but anyone with common sense will immediately sense that it probably doesn’t work that way. It’s popular in traditional Chinese medicine, but doesn’t have any acceptance in mainstream Western science-based medicine.

Nettle contains chemicals that promote urination, there’s nothing that we found to suggest that it increases the sex drive. According to a study by Lopatkin, et al (Urologia, 2006), it was tested for the possibility of increasing the amount of testosterone (as this was seen in animal studies) – but it didn’t have that effect on humans.

As we mentioned earlier, boron increases the amount of estrogen in the blood, not testosterone. As less testosterone is associated with a lower sex drive, we wonder if the company did any research at all about this ingredient before they added it to their supposed “male sex drive supplement.” It seems like a huge oversight to accidentally include a product that could do the opposite of what the product is supposed to do. More estrogen in the blood can mean a lower sex drive, something that men taking this supplement definitely do not want.

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Word on the Street about Natrolex

This product doesn’t have a great reputation. Aside from the company’s main website, where it has “testimonials” (which are obviously selected for positivity), the only place we found reviews for it was on Amazon, where it’s been discontinued.

“This product was so bad that I just flushed it down the toilet. Nothing!”

“I really wish I’d read other people’s feedback about this product before buying it. They were right – it’s not worth the money. Don’t waste your time on this.”

“I’ve been using these pills for two weeks and have seen NO results at all. Don’t try it.”

“I’ve been taking these pills for three months and I couldn’t be happier! Just wish it was cheaper.”

As you can see, we’ve got three terrible reviews (all 1-star) and one glowing review – and it still complains about the price. All in all, this isn’t a very good sign of quality. Customers depend on reviews to see if products are worth gambling their money on, and if all it’s got it four reviews – and three of them are awful – it starts to look like this product isn’t worth the risk.

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Is Natrolex Worth a Try?

Natrolex has a lot of problems. For one, it’s got way too many ingredients, some of which either don’t work or – like boron – can have the opposite effect of what it’s trying to achieve. That, and the customer response has been pretty pathetic, with only four reviews on a third-party source, and three of them were bad. You can say anything you want about ingredients or product manufacturing quality, but the real test is whether people actually see the results they are promised. With Natrolex, it doesn’t look like that’s the case.

Men who want to take control of their sexual health need to focus on trying to find safe, healthy, proven products that have a history of customer satisfaction. Natrolex is none of those things. Ignore this one and keep looking, and make sure you take care that the products you’re looking at are safe, healthy, and made by reputable companies, and that you’re not being overcharged for what you’re getting.

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Natrolex vs Virectin

The main difference between these two products is the price. Virectin is only $44.95 for a bottle, while Natrolex is $59.99 per bottle. They both come with offers of discounts when you buy multiple bottles, and overall you’ll be spending less with Virectin. Both products contain herbal extracts, but they don’t contain the same exact ones, so the effects aren’t guaranteed to be the same. For instance, Natrolex contains tongkat ali, while Virectin doesn’t, so you won’t see the exact results.

The serving size is also different – Natrolex is 2 capsules a day, Virectin is 3 a day. Despite the different serving sizes, however, they both contain a month’s worth of pills.

Natrolex vs Vigrx

The first difference between these products is the price – Vigrx is around $80 depending one where you get it from, while Natrolex is about $60. Both products make the same sorts of claims, that they can help men have a higher sex drive and last longer in bed. Natrolex is way more forthcoming with their ingredients, while with Vigrx you have to root around and dig for that information. Vigrx also has the claim that they’re backed by real doctors, which Natrolex doesn’t say.

Natrolex FAQ

  1. Does Natrolex not work?
    Based on customer reviews, no, it doesn’t look like it works very well.
  2. Is Natrolex a drug?
    No, it’s a nutritional supplement. Drugs are regulated by the FDA, supplements are not.
  3. What ingredients are in Natrolex?
    Zinc, maca, eleutherococcus, sarsaparilla, pumpkin seed, muira puama, oat straw, nettle leaf, cayenne pepper, astralagus, orchic, boron, oyster extract, licorice, tongkat ali, l-arginine, panax ginseng, catuaba, tribulus terrestris.
  4. What is the dosage for Natrolex?

    The dosage for this product is two capsules per day, to be taken daily until you want to stop seeing the results of the product.
  5. Is Natrolex on Amazon?
    Not anymore, although from the looks of things, it once was.
  6. Are there side effects for Natrolex?
    We haven’t read about any from customers, but some ingredients in the product could cause high blood pressure, nausea, dry mouth, or allergic reactions.
  7. Can Natrolex be purchased from GNC?
    As far as we can tell, this product can’t be purchased from GNC, only online at certain vendors.
  8. Is Natrolex found in stores?
    As of now, it looks like the product is only available online from the company’s online store.

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So What Really Works?

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