Nugenix Ultimate Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Be careful of this company, which has been the subject of over 90 customer complains via the Better Business Bureau. Not only are their marketing practices manipulative, their supplement doesn’t have a lot going for it either. We’ve got the story right here:

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Nugenix Ultimate Overview

Nugenix Ultimate is a testosterone enhancer that says intended only for hardcore, dedicated weight trainers and men who want “serious testosterone support in their lifestyle.” By taking this product, you’re supposed to be about to increase the amount of testosterone in your body, so that you can have better muscles, a higher sex drive, and more confidence in your everyday life.

Many products make these same claims and contain similar ingredients, some of which are questionable, and you’ll see exactly why as we delve into the claims and supposed science behind Nugenix Ultimate.

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Nugenix Ultimate Claims

Nugenix Ultimate makes the same claims as most other natural ingredient-based testosterone supplements: while it doesn’t contain testosterone, it contains ingredients that not only support your body’s natural testosterone-making functions, it’s supposed to push your body to produce more of it. With more testosterone floating around, you’re supposed to see more energy and more stamina in the gym; you’re supposed to see belly fat melt away (another claimed effect of testosterone); and you’re promised larger muscles and speedier muscle growth. Not only that, but you’re supposed to see your desire for sex go up as well – the sex drive is something else that testosterone is associated with.

You’re expected to take four pills per day for this product to work right. Couldn’t they come up with a better formula so people wouldn’t have to choke down so many pills? Many other supplements only make you take two a day, making this one less convenient.

This product is pretty similar to some of the other products this company sells, like Nugenix and Nugenix Maxx, but the main difference is that it has more herbal ingredients in the mix, instead of vitamins and minerals, although they all contain fenugreek – which is supposed to have an impact on testosterone.

So who is behind Nugenix? We looked, but couldn’t find much about the history of the brand or the company that owns it, Direct Digital LLC. Weird name for a supplement company, and it shows they might not have a focus on making excellent health supplements. What little info we did manage to dig up is pretty bad.

How bad?

“93 customer complaints at the Better Business Bureau”-bad. Seriously, this is the highest number of customer complaints we’ve ever seen for a company on its BBB profile page. It looks like a large number of those complaints were about Direct Digital’s money-grabbing “auto-charge” policy, where people can sign up for a free trial for a product, but end up having to pay full price if they don’t cancel before the deadline. We’ve seen this before, and often times people aren’t able to cancel in time or the company deliberately makes it hard to cancel, making it more likely that the person will have to be charged the full price.

Strangely enough, Direct Digital have an “A+” rating, which makes us wonder: if you can piss off a hundred customers with a greedy marketing scheme, how do you get such a high rating?

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Nugenix Ultimate Ingredients

Nugenix Ultimate’s ingredients are mostly plant-based in nature. Here’s a complete list:

  • D-aspartic Acid
  • Fenugreek Seed
  • Epimedium
  • Nettle
  • Maca
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Boron

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid found naturally in the diet (mainly from soy) that’s supposed to interact with the brain’s hormone centers and get them to produce more testosterone. Supposedly it’s useful for men who need even a short-term boost in testosterone for fertility issues, but the real question is: is there any evidence? Stay tuned.

Fenugreek is a clover-like plant that’s found in the Mediterranean, and has been used as a spice, a food, and as an herbal remedy for stimulating the sex drive in people with low sexual appetites.

Maca has been used in Peruvian traditional medicine for centuries as a way to balance and regulate the body’s hormone levels, and it works for both men and women. However, this company doesn’t specify which sort of maca root they used. Why’s this important? Some strains are better for men, others are better for women. Wouldn’t want the wrong one to get dropping into this product, which is why we’re disappointed that they weren’t more specific.

Epimedium is another word for horny goat weed, which (as its name implies) is supposed to rev up men and women and make them desperate for sex. It’s a common ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is now a common sex drive-enhancing herb, though its use stems from traditional folk medicine in Southeast Asia.

Lots of male supplements seem to use boron for its supposed ability to boost testosterone levels – but the science doesn’t support this yet. We’ll get into that more in the next section.

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The Science Behind Nugenix Ultimate

Nugenix Ultimate doesn’t have its own website, and the various vendors it’s available through don’t include any links to research about the product’s ingredients, so we had to do the work. What did we learn?

D-aspartic acid has been used by many testosterone supplements, mainly because it’s one of the few ingredients that’s seen any scientific trials. That looks good to the customer, so these companies think. Unfortunately, there’s only one study that shows any significant increase in testosterone from taking a d-aspartic acid supplement (Topo, et al, 2024). That’s all. Other studies have been done, but they don’t show no increase at all, like the test Melville et al did in 2024 (NIH). An overview you can read at the National Institute of Health claims that, after looking through all available trials, there’s still no definitive proof that d-aspartic acid increases testosterone levels (Roshanzamir, Safavi, 2024). The evidence is so slim as to be nonexistent, but that doesn’t stop companies from insisting that one little study shows it’s 100% proven to work. Sorry, guys, that’s not how science works.

Boron is another mineral that’s used in male enhancement supplements because of one or two little studies that showed some increase in testosterone (Nielsen, Hunt, et al; Naghii, Mofid, et al, National Institute of Health), but once again, you need more proof if you’re going to sell a supplement that’s supposed to work.

The other ingredients are largely focused on increasing energy and improving circulation, but as far as the pro-testosterone effects of the main ingredients, the research just hasn’t been done.

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Word on the Street about Nugenix Ultimate

Reviews for this product can be found on GNC, where it hasn’t met with overwhelming acclaim. In fact, only 50% of people that bought it gave it a 5/5 rating – not a great start. Even some of the people who liked it mentioned some bad things that came with taking it, like nausea and insomnia.

“This made me feel sick the first few days I was taking it, but that eventually passed. I’m starting to notice some of the effects, now.”

“I feel more agile these days, and can feel improvements in energy, but I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Am I supposed to take the Night Time version in addition?” (I guess you’d need the energy boost if it’s robbing you of your ability to sleep.)

I haven’t really noticed any differences, but I’m hoping for the best.”

“I tried this product a few times, but still have seen no improvements at all.”

Some people who gave it middling ratings admitted that it didn’t work for them, so keep that in mind when you take into account the total star rating of products. Others said nothing about muscle size or their sex drive being improved, and only remarked on energy gains.

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Is Nugenix Ultimate Worth a Try?

To be fair, this supplement contains a few ingredients that are pretty decent – fenugreek and maca, for example – which could help with hormone balance in the body, but there are a number of things that make us wary of this product. First is the fact that a significant percentage of ingredients have no science behind them, especially the main active ingredient, d-aspartic acid. Second is the weak customer reception, and third is the fact that the company that owns this product has been slammed over 90 times by customers for what they consider deceptive marketing practices.

For your sake (and the sake of your pocketbook) we’d suggest avoiding this product until the company can get their act together, and until more research has been done on the ingredients contained in each of these pills.

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Nugenix Ultimate vs Nugenix Maxx

Nugenix Ultimate and Nugenix Maxx – same company, same goal, different formulas. Nugenix Maxx contains many of the same ingredients found in Ultimate, like fenugreek, maca, and tongkat ali, but adds a lots of other herbs to the mix including shilajit, ashwagandha, ginseng, and rhodiola. Many of the additions are aphrodisiacs, and overall this supplement looks uncannily similar to some products marketed exclusively as male sexual potency supplements. It’s also extremely expensive – GNC sells it for a whopping $169.99, compared to Ultimate’s already-high price of $79.99.

Nugenix Ultimate vs Prime Male

Prime Male is similar to Nugenix Ultimate, but promises way more benefits, including better mental clarity, skin health, and better blood sugar levels. They both depend on the supposed actions of d-aspartic acid and boron, and both promise huge improvements in testosterone levels. Prime Male is a little cheaper at $69, and they offer packages of 2 or 3-month supplies (although your initial investment goes way up). Prime Male has a 90-day money back guarantee through its own website, but since it looks like Nugenix Ultimate is only sold on GNC and Amazon, you may not be guaranteed the same kind of refund.

Nugenix Ultimate vs Nugenix

The “regular” Nugenix is called “Nugenix Testosterone Booster” – and it claims to do basically the same thing. The main difference is that Nugenix mainly contains vitamins and minerals (B6, B12, zinc), with an additional serving of fenugreek and tribulus terrestris (an herb used for hormone balance). The only difference formula-wise, then, seems to be that Nugenix Ultimate contains more of these herbs and less in terms of vitamins and minerals. The regular version also stresses the “libido” side of things, while Ultimate promotes the muscle and cardio gains you’re supposed to see from using it. Nugenix is slightly cheaper at $57.99 (GNC), while Nugenix Ultimate is $79.99.

Nugenix Ultimate FAQ

  1. Does Nugenix Ultimate for testosterone have side effects?
    The company doesn’t make any claims about side effects, although some customers have seen side effects like nausea, upset stomach, and sleeplessness.
  2. Is Nugenix Ultimate for testosterone good for bodybuilding?
    This product is marketed explicitly as a way to get better muscle growth and energy in the gym, but whether it follows up on that promise depends on who you ask.
  3. Where can I read a review of Nugenix Ultimate for testosterone?
    You can read reviews of this product at GNC and Amazon.
  4. What are the Nugenix Ultimate usage instructions?
    After you take this product for a month, you should stop taking it for 2 to 4 weeks before resuming.
  5. Is Nugenix Ultimate for testosterone available on Amazon?
    Yes, you can purchase it from the company’s Amazon webstore.
  6. Does Nugenix Ultimate for testosterone offer a free trial?
    Right now the answer is no, you have to buy it outright. The “regular” version of this supplement is available with a free trial, but you have to sign up for an auto-charge service, however.
  7. What’s the Nugenix Ultimate for testosterone dosage?
    Four pills, taken on an empty stomach, daily.
  8. What are Nugenix Ultimate’s ingredients on the label?
    D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, epimedium, maca, nettle, mucuna pruriens, eurycoma longifolia, and boron.
  9. Does Nugenix Ultimate give you blood clots?
    As far as we’ve read, no one has reported this as a side effect.
  10. Can you buy Nugenix Ultimate at Walmart?
    No, but there are multiple places where you can buy it, including GNC, Amazon, Lucky Vitamin, and even Ebay.

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So What Really Works?

To be honest, we’ve reviewed lots of products that promise to increase your virility as a man, but Viritenz is the one we’ve set aside as the best one. Men who take it have seen improvements in confidence, sexual desire, and energy, so they can make it all through the day, from the office to the bedroom. Its ingredients are scanned for purity and it’s assembled in a facility that meets Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines for safety and hygiene.
Viritenz beats out the competition and stands tall at the head of the pack. When taken as directed, it can help men get more pumped about life, become more sexually vibrant, and have a more positive overall experience of life. To read more information about Viritenz and the benefits it promises, click this link.

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