Penatropin Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Despite having multiple endorsements from adult film stars, there’re almost no customer reviews for this product. Could it be because the ingredients are weak, and the company is less than trustworthy? Read our review for the answer.

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Penatropin Overview

Penatropin is a pill that claims to improve men’s testosterone levels. After taking this pill consistently, you’re supposed to see an increase in libido, sexual pleasure, and erection strength.
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Like many such pills, it seems to be marketed at men who are aging and have lost their sex drive somewhat.

This product is heavily marketed as the “pornstar’s choice,” with incessant quotes from famous adult film stars on the main website. That’s supposed to make us think it works, but does it? We did some research, and the answer isn’t what they want you to think.
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Penatropin Claims

Some men don’t have as much luck as others when it comes to sex. Either due to aging, stress, or a hormonal imbalance, they find it difficult to maintain erections or to get “in the mood” like they used to. Penatropin aims to fix all of that: it claims to not only give men rock-hard erections, but make them last longer during sex, with more stamina and endurance. The ingredients are natural, so they claim, implying that the pills are safer and will be easier on the body, with fewer side effects, than medicines and drugs.

These claims are “backed up” by tons and tons of loud, irritating quotes from pornstars like Ron Jeremy and Rocco Siffredi, all of them saying more or less the same things: it made their penis hard, they could have sex with twenty women and have stamina to spare, yadda yadda. We don’t really know if they’ve taken the supplement.

They also include a bunch of links to studies done by one of the nutritionists behind an ingredient in this product, a Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart, who discovered a unique herbal extract and put it to a clinical test. What did that test reveal? We’ll cover that in a bit.

This product was developed by Phyto Health USA, LLC, a company that implies that it sells a number of different products and is a leading industry authority – but the facts show otherwise. There’s no real clear website for this company, so we can’t vet their history (a couple different, similarly-named companies pop up when you search for the name) and they have no profile with the Better Business Bureau, meaning we can’t tell what their customer service history has been like, so for all we know they could be a bunch of quacks who defraud their customers.

Even scam companies generally have some presence online, but Phyto Health has almost nothing to speak of.

They also claim that they have an “exclusive” relationship with Dr. Cherdshewasart, implying that they’re the only company with access to his unique and powerful ingredient for male enhancement.

So what’s the problem? We’ve seen Dr. Cherdshewasart’s name used in connection with many, many different male enhancement products. Some of them, like Penatropin, make the same claim about how they have the “exclusive” right to use his “patented” product. It does make this company and the product sound legit at first, until you realize that the ingredient can be found everywhere – even at Walmart.

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Penatropin Ingredients

Penatropin doesn’t tell us on the website what’s in it (a huge red flag), but from other sources we learned that there are only two real ingredients that make it up:

  • Butea superba
  • L-Carnitine

Butea superba is an herb from Southeast Asia, first studied by the above-named Dr. Cherdshewasart, and is also called Red Kwao Krua. It has traditionally been used as a homeopathic treatment for erectile dysfunction in men, and after Dr. Chershewasart did his own trial to test its effects, and (presumably) afterwards filed a patent for a proprietary extract of it. He’s then been licensing that extract out to numerous sexual health products, mainly for men. It should be noted that the study that supposedly said it works to improve erectile dysfunction doesn’t actually state “how” it works, beyond saying it possibly prevents blood from leaving the penis as quickly.

Also, one thing that we’d like to point out is that it was only tested as a way to fight erectile dysfunction – not as a way to boost the sex drive or last for hours, which is what Penatropin is promoted as doing.

L-Carnitine is a compound associated with a number of different things, primarily having to do with cellular health. It helps maintain the health of the mitochondria (the “powerhouse” of the cells), supports neuron health, and is also said to improve circulatory health. Sounds like a nice supplement, right? But what’s it doing in this product, if it doesn’t have anything to do with the sex drive? That’s a question we’ll answer in the next section.

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The Science Behind Penatropin

Here’s where the product thinks it holds all the cards – after all, the website itself proudly places PDF files of the scientific studies that “prove” the supplement works as described. Why else would they? Well, the problem is that they’re counting on people not to actually “read” the studies, which of course we did, and we learned that the makers of Penatropin aren’t giving us the whole story.

We’ll start with butea superba. Now first off, we’d like to say that it’s pretty impressive that someone bothered to test an herbal supplement. It rarely happens, and you’ll find that most ingredients in the natural health supplement world are bogus and have no science behind them. That said, the one study that these people cite as proof that butea superba works isn’t very good.

How did we determine that? Well the study in question started out with 25 people using butea superba and 14 people using a placebo, and the study lasted 3 months. 8 people in the first group dropped out, and all of the placebo group failed to finish the trial. That means butea superba was only tested on 17 men, and there was no placebo group to compare results to, meaning we don’t know how much of the supposed “benefits” were psychosomatic (Cherdshewasart, W, “Clinical trial of Butea superba” Asian Journal of Andrology, 2004).

So much for clinical “proof.”

The evidence for l-carnitine in helping men get more erect seems to be based on one study that saw a statistically-significant increase in erection quality and sexual satisfaction in general, it was only one study. The conclusion of the study only said that this results “suggest” that carnitine could be useful in helping men get their groove back.

And that’s it! No other ingredients, no vitamins or minerals, no other aphrodisiacs – the entire supplement’s success hangs on these two ingredients. Given the lack of overwhelming evidence that they work, the lack of ingredients is a problem.

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Word on the Street about Penatropin

Nutritional supplements these days depend on good customer reviews, because with the number of sites and ways that people can comment on their experience with a product, there’s no excuse not to have them. With all the words of praise from pornstars, you’d think there’d be tons of great customer reviews, with people chiming in to say how it worked for them, right?

You’d be wrong.

We looked, and on Amazon for example, we only found five reviews. Mostly negative.

“I used to use this product, but suddenly it doesn’t work anymore.”

“Does this work? Did I receive the right product?”

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to see a difference yet, maybe I haven’t taken it long enough.”

“Pretty good, not as much as I expected.”


Products in this category typically have upwards of a dozen, a hundred, or even a thousand reviews from customers over the years who’ve taken them. Penatropin has only five. Let that sink in.

If this product worked, you’d see more.

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Is Penatropin Worth a Try?

If a supplement has only two ingredients, they’d better be great ones – but in this case, they’re not. Instead, there’s shaky and limited clinical proof that they have any benefits whatsoever, but that doesn’t stop Penatropin from trying to spin weak results into rock-hard proof. The company that makes Penatropin has no real presence anywhere, making us wonder who they are or if they even have the qualifications to be developing a supplement like this.

The biggest problem, though, is the lack of reviews. Say what you like about a product and its ingredients, but if it’s got hundreds of stellar reviews from verified customers, there’s not much else to say. Instead, Penatropin has almost no reviews, and what few we found were lukewarm to bad.

It goes to show that it doesn’t matter how many endorsements from adult film industry performers you get, you have to have a solid product and a great customer response if you’re going to get anyone to trust you.

Avoid Penatropin, and go with something else that has more proof that it works and doesn’t rely on bogus endorsements.

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Penatropin vs Rexavar

These products both claim to do more or less the same thing: boost sex drive and erection strength. Rexavar goes one further, though, and claims to increase the overall size of the penis (not just the erection). Rexavar contains more ingredients, including tongkat ali, tribulus, and l-arginine, and seems to be based more on the concept of increasing testosterone and promoting blood flow into the penis, while Penatropin settles for generic “aphrodisiac” status. The products are both basically the same price for a one-month supply, at $39.99 and $39.95 respectively.

Penatropin vs Vigrx Plus

The main difference between these two products is the amount of press they’ve gotten. Despite Penatropin’s pornstar endorsements, it doesn’t really have much presence anywhere, while Vigrx Plus has been seen elsewhere around the net (it’s endorsed by a celebrity doctor – a light step up from Ron Jeremy). Vigrx Plus has more customer reviews, too, but most of them are pretty bad. The prices differ wildly: Penatropin is only $39.99 for a month, while Vigrx Plus costs a whopping $76.99, one of the higher prices we’ve seen in male enhancement supplements. The company behind Vigrx Plus doesn’t have a great reputation with customers (as seen on their BBB page), but they at least have some presence, unlike Penatropin.

Penatropin vs Zytenz

Both of these supplements make similar claims, but do it in different ways. While Penatropin relies entirely on two ingredients, Zytenz has a list of ingredients two label-lengths long, with lots of different aphrodisiacs, vitamins, and minerals. Both products cost the same ($39.99) for a one-month supply of pills. Zytenz must be taken at a rate of 3 pills a day, compared to Penatropin’s 2. Zytenz also contains shellfish products, so people with that allergy will have to beware. Both products offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Penatropin FAQ

  1. What ingredients are in Penatropin?
    Trivastix-forte Proprietary blend: Butea superba, propionyl l-Carnitine HCL, acetyl l-Carnitine HCL, gelatin, vegetable cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate.
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  2. Can you get Penatropin at GNC?
    No, right now it doesn’t look like you can get this product there.
  3. Where can I see pictures of Penatropin’s results?
    There are no forums we’ve seen where people have shown pictures of their erections after taking this product.
  4. Do you know how to use Penatropin?
    Like any other supplement, you take it by mouth once a day. It’s recommended that you do so on an empty stomach, however.
  5. What are the side effects of Penatropin?
    We haven’t seen any side effects listed, nor have we read any customer reviews talking about side effects they’ve had after using this product.
  6. Does Penatropin increase penis size?
    No, this product doesn’t claim to increase the size of the penis. That’s a claim that some other products make, although there’s no science behind it.
  7. What is Trivastrix forte, in regards to Penatropin?
    Trivastix-forte is the name of the proprietary blend of l-Carnitine and Butea superba in this supplement.
  8. Where can I read Penatropin reviews, and does it work?
    The few reviews we saw were on Amazon. As far as it working: we don’t think so, based on the ingredients and the weak customer response.
  9. What are the before and after results of Penatropin?
    It claims to make your erections harder and last longer, and to give you the stamina to last during long lovemaking sessions. That’s what it claims, at least.
  10. Hay una versión de este producto en español?
    No sabemos si hay una versión en español de este producto.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz is the best male sex product on the market as far as we’ve seen. We suggest it because it contains a mix of all-natural ingredients that can help men achieve stronger erections, as well as help them last longer in bed. Best part is it comes with a money-back guarantee and is made in a high-quality facility in the USA.

A better sex life can easily translate to more energy and more confidence, which means a better quality of life overall. Click this link to read more about Viritenz and how it can help you to get what you want out of your sex life.

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