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The first thing that jumps off the page is the crazy high cost, rarely does a supplement with such a small serving size sell for this high of a cost. The ingredients don’t justify the cost either, they use several male enhancement ingredients but at a much higher price. Get an in depth description to further understand Super T by looking at the table of contents.

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Performix Super T Overview

All the ingredients are basic and what you’d expect in a male enhancement brand. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing; it’s only bad when they use improper dosage strengths or price it too highly. This is the case for Performix Super T. They add food coloring and an overwhelming amount of nutrients where it may cause side effects.

This is an incredibly expensive product, in the running for the most pricy male enhancement we’ve reviewed for the days of use it can offer. Without much more support it’s hard to look past the exaggerated cost.

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Performix Super T Claims

“Healthy Testosterone Production” is a major intended benefit as well as the improvement of lean muscle and libido. They say that this will boost free testosterone which is the kind that is most effectively used by the body. This was specially made for men over the age of 18 and they say they use a potent blend of “10 cutting edge ingredients” to normalize testosterone.

It is necessary to start implementing a “regular exercise plan” and they add that research is preliminary; therefore it has not yet proven conclusively that free testosterone will be enhanced. It’s unclear what regular exercise would look like, this can range from a few hours a week to 5 days out of the week, to something a lot more.

The major intended support comes from their coating which allows for the ingredients to be “extended release”. There are 4 layers and it is intended to give better dispersion so the entire formula can be better absorbed. However, nowhere do they cite any actual proof so it’s unclear how they determined that their coating would be any more effective.

In looking at pictures of the pills they do look unique, but this doesn’t mean it’s going to have any more of an effect than other brands. They fail to give any actual scientific evidence to highlight how any of the support is possible.

What’s odd about this blend is that they give a 40 day supply for $144.99. This results to a daily cost of $3.62, making it much more expensive than similar brands which often have a lot more added to it.

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Performix Super T Ingredients

  • Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)
  • Vitamin D-3 (Cholecalciferol)
  • ZX3 (in the form of Zinc Monomethionine, Zinc Arginate Chelate, and Zinc Citrate)

Performix Super Male T Performix Matrix, 759 mg

  • L-Citrulline Malate
  • Furosap Fenugreek (std. to 45% Furostanolic Saponins and 20% Protodioscin)
  • Testafuranol (Tribulus Extract with 45% saponins)
  • Maca (4:1 root)
  • Epimedium Brevicornum (std. to 10% Icariin)
  • Eurycoma Longifolia (100:1 root)
  • DIM (Diindolymethane)
  • BioPerine (Piper Nigrum fruit std. to 95% Piperine)

This is a lot of what you’d expect in a male enhancement product. The proprietary blend uses a total of 8 ingredients, and this includes common aphrodisiacs such as Maca, Epimedium Brevicornum, Eurycoma Longifolia, and a unique version of Tribulus Terrestris. The twist the company puts on this blend is by using a few different patented ingredients of commonly used extracts. This is often to make the formula more potent, since patented additives are typically carefully manufactured.

They of course add 2 kinds of vitamins and a proprietary blend of different forms of Zinc for maximum benefit.

Typical to supplements they also include a Fenugreek but in a patented form. A single amino acid is added in L-Citrulline Malate which can help improve blood flow for overall genital stimulation.

DIM is another common ingredient used to boost hormone production.

As far as inactive ingredients they add a lot of common things like Gelatin, but unfortunately they also decided to add Sugar, FD&C Red #40 Lake, and FD&C Yellow #5 Lake. These are all unneeded and it’s unclear why they decided to add a sweetener since pills are usually flavorless. The food coloring may result in complications since large amounts can lead to side effects and allergies.

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The Science Behind Performix Super T

There is a scientific sounding explanation to help explain how it can be fast absorbing, but they do not actually link any actual studies. Determining how they came up with the idea that these capsules could provide more benefits is unknown.

They also never explain why the decided to add 273% of Zinc, 441% of vitamin B6, and 188% of vitamin D3. These are in excess of what you’d expect in a daily serving, it makes no sense why any human would need a nearly 4 and a half day serving of a b vitamin, this may lead to side effects which can be difficult to handle.

The daily advised amount for adult men of 14 to 50 years old is only 1.3 mg, and inside of this is 7.5 mg. The maximum limit they recommend is 100 mg, which when you factor in the amount received from food, may be excessive.

The use of many patented ingredients may be the reason why this brand is so expensive, since it requires more energy to scientifically extract additives like this. The problem with doing this is that sometimes the proprietary formula isn’t that much better, or at all better than the natural extract.

They add a total of 759 mg of 8 ingredients which is fair, but not any different than several other brands. The question that’s never answered with science is why should customers choose to pay more when it’s no different than the various other male enhancing brands which use the same additives? It’s never explained and for this it’s hard to trust the company in charging customer so much.

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Word on the Street about Performix Super T

“I did exactly like the bottle said I should and I sadly didn’t notice results in any form”

“Going to have to make a return cause there was no noticeable gains. To say I’m disappointed would be being nice”

“With a month of use I do have to say that my energy levels did increase and so did my sex drive. I got what I wanted but it looks like this takes a while for it to finally kick in”

“My relationship with my wife saw a new chapter and I did better in lifting weights but the difficulty sleeping was an issue, not sure what’s causing this”

There was a clear split in user experiences. Right now there are 18 complaints on the website Amazon, and 26 positive reviews. Typically the main reason why people used it was because they wanted to boost their results in the gym. This is why fewer customers said anything about sex drive or sexual endurance.

Some said it failed to offer all the support it claimed to provide, though some did see improved vigor which is a sign of more testosterone. A large portion of reviews were not favorable however, there were complications due to the lack of support.

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Is Performix Super T Worth a Try?

Overwhelmingly the reasons why you shouldn’t try it are much greater than justification why it should be used. The overly high price is not justified with the kinds of ingredients used, all of which are common to many forms of male enhancement brands. They try and make it look better by using patented ingredients, but it’s not enough to justify the cost.

They also cheap it greatly by adding 2 different forms of food coloring, both of which may cause allergies and other symptoms. Why they would charge such a high amount while adding food coloring is never explained, this is unnecessary and makes the blend seem unnecessary.

The company also deiced to use a total of 441% of vitamin B6, and over a days’ worth of other nutrients. Not only is this an incredibly high amount, but the possible side effects it may cause make it unnecessary.

The feedback was also very mixed with a good portion of users saying that they felt and saw no changes at all. This was too high to consider the price justifiable; at the very least they could have made it potent where there weren’t so many bad reviews.

The support offered by the male enhancement products were enough for them to be highlighted and ranked in this top 10 list.

Performix Super T vs P6

P6 is another overhyped supplement that is incredibly expensive despite the fact tit only has a few ingredients. Customers had the same repeat issues related to a lack of noticeable benefits. Because a large amount of people complained about this, it’s clear that it is overhyped.

The company itself seems to focus on making very expensive product, but often failing to miss the mark by not offering comprehensive enough support. Their formula for P6 is not good enough to justify this extremely high price tag. Class action lawsuits were also filed against them for using banned substances.

Performix Super T vs Nugenix

The basic blend of ingredients is only a part of the issues with Nugenix, the other being that they are constantly reviewed poorly for their questionable business practices. The ingredients rely heavily on fenugreek since it’s the main unique ingredient, but it’s also not been proven to be supportive enough for testosterone to be increased.

There were many issues with the company because they often had bad customer service, and they would often deny money back returns. Some said that the company also put them on an automatic billing plan which they never asked for. Because of these problems, people felt cheated out of money and they would often voice their displeasure on the Better Business Bureau.

Performix Super T FAQ

  1. What are common Performix Super Male T reviews?
    Most resources where people leave reviews had mixed experiences. There wasn’t a common consensus on what this could offer. There were issues for a lot of people mainly because it didn’t offer any results. Some complained about the quality control as they noticed the pills looked different from each other. A fair amount of people did say they enjoyed the physical benefits.
  1. Is Performix Super Male T sold on Amazon?
    They offer both the 78 capsule bottles and 120 capsules bottles on Amazon. Some complaints were mentioned though as some felt they received fake product since what they got was different in appearance from previous batches of pills.
  1. What are common Performix Super T results?
    A large divide exists between people who saw no benefits, and the users that did see a change. The users who enjoyed it said it made their workouts better; their output was increased where they said they could go on longer.
  1. Why take Super T before bed?
    They suggest taking a full dose with water before bed and they fail to explain why they find that before bed supplementation is best. This may be because it takes for the ingredients to affect the body, and when there is no digestion going on, it allows for it to maximize the potentials as the day goes on. We can only guess however, there are no further details to show why they specify this need.
  1. Will Performix Super Male T performance cause side effects?
    Customer reviews did express there were certain symptoms including increased weight, fatigue, less muscle gains and other odd side effects which show it may have the opposite effects.

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So What Really Works?

If the goal is to help maximize your potential for libido, muscular gains, and overall male virility, we saw no better male enhancement brand than Viritenz. The support offered to customers was greatly impressive and showed that it gave them a major boost. The ingredients are also backed by real research which can be found easily online.

None of it is cheap filler which you find in basic brands. All of the ingredients have the ability to effect men’s sexual health in some way. There were many who favored it over other brands, and the customer reviews we examined showed how beneficial it could be. Another great benefit from this is that you get only ingredients which are accurately dosed, so it offers the best possible support. We give a good explanation into what Viritenz can offer those interested in male enhancement by offering this complete review.

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