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This product claims it has scientific studies on its side that prove it works, but we did our research, and it turns out this product isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Read more in our review below:

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Prelox Overview

Prelox is a sexual performance pill for men. Created by Horphag Research, this supplement is supposed to improve men’s sex lives by “revitalizing” sexual performance, by dealing with erectile dysfunction and helping men have more satisfying sex.

This product is supposedly backed by science and clinical research, and the main proprietary mix of ingredients is patented. Sounds legit, right? Well, from what we learned, there’s far less to this product than they let on, which should make you think twice about trusting it.

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Prelox Claims

Prelox takes a more subdued approach to marketing their product. While other male enhancement products have big images of muscular men embracing supermodel-looking girls, with words like “BIG” and “SEX LIFE” in all capital letters, Prelox looks to be a bit more reserved and “science-y” with their claims. They say that the product contains ingredients that can improve blood circulation to the penis, making erections harder and sex more pleasurable. Erections are also supposed to last longer, something which many men will find appealing. They go the extra mile by asserting that their mix of ingredients is patented, and include links to research where its use was proven.
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This is a way more impressive attempt than we’ve seen from other products, which don’t even both to try and sound or look scientific, relying instead mainly on bold claims and assertions.

But is there any real veracity to these claims? We’ll look at those in the next sections.

First, let’s look at the company making this product, Horphag Research.
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This company seems to exist exclusively as the supplier of pycnogenol, one of the ingredients in this product. They don’t seem to have developed any other products, or even sell anything else besides Prelox and bulk pycnogenol. We couldn’t find any profile of them with the Better Business Bureau, so we don’t know what their customer service history is like, meaning we don’t know if they have a problematic history when it comes to shipping, billing and the like. It’s always better to know more about a company, and so it’s a little disappointing that there’s so little info about them and their history.

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Prelox Ingredients

Prelox has a very small list of ingredients, mostly from plant sources. Here are the ones we’ve seen:

  • L-Arginine
  • Pycnogenol
  • Icariin (from epimedium saggitatum)

L-Arginine is a popular ingredient in many male sex drive supplements. It’s a common amino acid, found primarily in food products like seafood, wheat, dairy, and meat products, but can be taken as a supplement as well. Its primary use is to work as a way to widen the blood vessels. How does it work? When its digested in the body, it get converted to nitric oxide, a substance that has the effect of making the vessels dilate, so that more blood can flow throughout the body. It’s thought to make it easier to get more blood to the further parts of the body, like the genitalia.

Pycnogenol is a patented extract of dried French Maritime Pine bark (Pinus pinaster). It’s used mainly for its supposed benefits on improving blood circulation, which is why its used for treating high blood pressure, maintaining heart health, and preventing erectile dysfunction. It’s a relatively new product, however, and the research behind it is not as voluminous as this company would have you think.
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We’ll look into this product in more detail in the next section.

Icariin is the active chemical in epimedium, otherwise known as horny goat weed (and yes, there’s a reason it’s named that). The principle behind it, increasing circulation to the genitalia, is why it’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as an aphrodisiac.

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The Science Behind Prelox

While L-Arginine does actually convert to nitric oxide in the body, and there are some studies that show it works, the main problem we have comes down to the pycnogenol.

Pycnogenol has had studies done about it, testing whether it legitimately can help improve circulation specifically to the penis. If it were true, millions of men would have a natural, safe alternative to expensive and potentially-dangerous drugs like sildenafil and tadalafil, the ingredients in Viagra and Cialis. But the truth is that the research isn’t as cut-and-dry as Horphag would have you believe. We read the study, and what we learned is that while the self-reported erectile quality score for the participants taking Prelox increased from 15 to 25 after three months, the placebo group’s scores increased from 15 to 19 – only six points shy of the pill. That means that a worthless sugar pill had nearly the same effect, implying that a large part of pycnogenol’s effectiveness likely had to do with the psychosomatic effects of taking Prelox, and not the pycnogenol contained within.

We’d also like to point out that the testing was done at the three month mark, meaning that it’s supposed to take three months to see any improvement whatsoever – that is, if there are any improvements to be seen.

WebMD has even said that there’s only “limited research on the product,” and clarified that any results seen from Prelox could have been more attributed to the l-arginine in the product. In other words, it’s possible pycnogenol has no effect on its own.

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Word on the Street about Prelox

There are a limited number of testimonials on the Prelox website, but we typically don’t like to look at those since they’ve been specially-picked by the company to make the product look good, so it’s not likely to be a good way to get an unbiased impression of whether the supplement works or not. We looked at the comments sections of places where Prelox is sold, and the feedback from customers has been surprisingly lukewarm, with many people saying that it didn’t work for them.

“I’ve been using this for a month and have seen a little improvement, but not enough. I hope it starts to work better.”

“Pretty good results!”

“This didn’t work as promised. I won’t be re-ordering.”

“I’ve been using this for ten years, and I’ll continue to use it.”

“Not happy. It’s been ineffective so far.”

“It simply doesn’t work.”

“I’ve been using this for months, and I’ve seen no improvements. Don’t waste your money.”

For all the claims made about this product, the customer response has been underwhelming, with the customer ratings for the product on LifeExtension bringing it to a mere 3 out of 5 stars, with only 55% of people saying they’d be willing to recommend this to a friend.

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Is Prelox Worth a Try?

It’s tough to say, because on the one hand there is technically some research that’s said that men have had an increase in their erection and erection strength after using Prelox. On the other hand, it took three months to see any results, and the results weren’t that much different from the placebo group.

The main thing to consider, after all is said and done, is the response from customers. This must absolutely be the first thing to look at when it comes to any product, and that’s this: have other people tried it, and what do they think? The reaction from people appears to be pretty lukewarm, as we’ve demonstrated, showing that while some people have seen some benefits, a huge percentage of people were either disappointed with the results or saw no results at all.

Since this product retails at around $50 and could take three months before you’re supposed to see any results, you’re look at a $150 investment and a lot of time before anything is supposed to happen, and based on what many customers have said, it’s not even guaranteed to work.

Save your money, and check out other products that promise to work faster, so that you don’t end up wasting your money for months on something that might be no more effective than a sugar pill.

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Prelox vs Viagra

First of all, we need to establish that while both of these products technically claim to do the same thing (promote stronger and longer-lasting erections), they are different products and claim to do the job in different ways. Prelox is a nutritional supplement, meaning it’s not regulated by the FDA and contains plant products, while Viagra is a drug, meaning it is regulated by the FDA and contains a pharmaceutical chemical. Prelox claims to work by increasing blood flow to the penis, while Viagra is supposed to stop blood from leaving the penis.

Prelox vs Vigrx Plus

These supplements are pretty similar in that they both consist of herbs and plant products to do the main action of increasing erection strength, although Vigrx Plus is also supposed to help men’s libido, something Prelox doesn’t mention anything about. Vigrx Plus is also more expensive at $76.99 for a one-month supply, while Prelox retails at $52 per bottle. Vigrx Plus also has way worse reviews, with a lower overall score. Vigrx Plus also sells their product directly, and they offer a 60 day money-back guarantee, while Prelox is only sold via third-party retailers and vendors and has no stated guarantees.

Prelox vs Virectin

These two products have a lot in common, since they both claim to help men achieve more powerful erections that last longer. They also both consist of plant extracts and natural chemicals, although Virectin not only contains more of these aphrodisiacs, it also contains some vitamins and minerals for good measure. Despite the addition of more ingredients, Virectin is also cheaper at $44.95 for one bottle, compared to Prelox’s retail price of $52.

Prelox vs L-Argiplex

These products are fairly different from each other, despite the fact that they share an active ingredient in common (arginine). While Prelox claims to increase erection rgidity and duration, L-Argiplex claims to increase sexual desire in men (and women) with low libido. Also, unlike Prelox, L-Argiplex claims to work in as little as a day after beginning use, while Prelox can only claim to show any signs of working up to 3 months in. L-Argiplex doesn’t look like it’s generally available in the United States, however, unlike Prelox, which has a presence not only in America but all over the world. L-Argiplex was also last seen selling for the equivalent of around $30, making it cheaper than what we’ve seen Prelox sell for.

Prelox FAQ

  1. Are there any side effects to Prelox?
    We haven’t seen anyone reporting any side effects from using this product, either from customers or the company that makes it.
  2. Where can I read a review of Prelox?
    If you mean customer reviews, you’d have to check the comment sections of places where the supplement is sold.
  3. What is Prelox used for?
    Prelox is supposed to be used for improving erection strength and duration, although it can be used to stimulate better circulation in general as well.
  4. Can I buy Prelox off Amazon?
    Yes, it seems like there’s at least one web store selling Prelox (we’ve seen it for as low as $34.95).
  5. What is the dosage for Prelox?
    You take this product by mouth, two pills per day, for two weeks. After that, you’re supposed to take either one or two a day indefinitely, depending on how much you want to feel the results.
  6. What’s the connection between Prelox and high blood pressure?
    The company doesn’t make a direct comment, so we would recommend speaking to a medical professional if you have concerns about using the product.
  7. Is there a Prelox for ladies?
    There is another product called Lady Prelox, which also contains pycnogenol, in addition to rose hip extract and some vitamins as well.
  8. Does the Prelox website feature testimonials?
    Yes, the main website features a couple, but not enough to form a reasonable opinion on. Plus, since the website is biased in its own favor, we don’t recommend going off those customer quotes alone.
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  9. Is Prelox available at GNC?
    Yes, Prelox is available (via Life Extension) on the GNC website, although if you want to check and see if it’s in a particular store’s location, you should call that store first.
  10. Does Prelox have any effect on male fertility?
    There’s no indication that it is supposed to have any effect on male fertility. They only claim that it has an effect on the amount of blood that travels to the penis.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz is the most impressive male sexual health supplement we’ve seen. It has a formula of natural ingredients (mainly from plants and berries), and it’s clean, having been made in a GMP-certified facility. That means Good Manufacturing Practices, so you know that the quality is going to be high, and it’ll come free of residues.

When taken as directed, Viritenz can help you to not only get longer-lasting erections, but  also have more stamina a higher libido in general. To read more about Viritenz, and how it can help you get your groove back, click here.

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