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Prime Male wants you to believe it’s a proven way to increase testosterone. Despite claiming to be backed with clinical tests, the science doesn’t support it (even if Dolph Lundgren does). Check out our table of contents for the details:

Prime Male Overview

Prime Male is a daily supplement for men that’s supposed to increase testosterone levels. Developed by Propura Ltd, it’s marketed as a natural and effective way to help men get more energy, lose weight, have better moods, and develop their sex drive. It’s supposed to be especially effective for men who are getting older.

This supplement contains primarily vitamins, minerals, natural chemicals, and plant extracts that are supposed to be beneficial in helping to maintain a healthy level of testosterone in men.

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Prime Male Claims

Unlike other male enhancement and testosterone products, Prime Male promises to be an all-in-one miracle pill that can solve nearly any problem that men face. Belly fat? This is supposed to get rid of it. Want to be stronger and bulkier? Prime Male can do that. Everything from skin health to blood pressure, libido to moods – this supplement insists it can take all those problems away and make it all better. Not only does it claim to improve your mental health and make you physically fitter (and by implication, more attractive), but you’ll have the sexual vitality you had decades ago. That is, so they claim.

This company uses all the typical marketing techniques of similar products: customer testimonials where they claim “it saved my marriage!” (if your marriage can be saved by taking a pill, maybe there are more problems at play, here), scientific claims (that aren’t always backed up), and celebrity endorsements – in this case, by none other than Dolph Lundgren of Rocky IV fame.

We always advise people to exercise caution when products claim to cure so many symptoms and totally turn your whole life around. We also caution people to pay attention to when companies throw out phrases like “increases testosterone by 42% in only 12 days!” … and then doesn’t follow up with a quote, a citation, or a link to a scientific trial. In the nutritional supplement scene it’s easy to get lost in the claims, big bold font, endlessly-scrolling web pages that funnel you right to the “Order Now” button, amid pictures of smiling men who claim it changed their lives.

The truth is that these claims are not always backed up by facts. For example, that 42%-in-12-days claim? That’s a reference to only one of the ingredients in this product – Prime Male itself was not tested and has not been shown to deliver those results.

One thing we noticed was that you need to take these pills 4 times a day – much more than other products. Why so many? Couldn’t they have just made individual pills stronger, so that men wouldn’t have to take so much in a day? Each bottle still lasts a month (120 pills per bottle), but it just seems unnecessary.

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Prime Male Ingredients

Prime Male has a decently-sized list of ingredients. Here are some of the main ones:

  • D-aspartic acid
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Luteolin
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Boron

Much of the effectiveness of this product is specifically based on D-aspartic acid and the claims made about it. It’s an amino acid that’s supposed to interact with the testes and engineer the creation of more testosterone. The more testosterone in the blood, the more the effects.

Asian Red Ginseng is a common-enough ingredient in health supplements, and this is due to the fact that it’s thought to be useful in a variety of different ways, from preventing fatigue to curing anemia, and even for reducing muscle damage. It’s been used for studies with athletes, and the research shows there there might be some promise with this ingredient (WebMD).

Luteolin is a “flavonoid,” something found in plant pigment that’s supposed to work as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, preventing cells from wear and tear. A lot has been made of this ingredient – but not by the scientific community. How do we know? There’s very little information about it.

Overall, there’s nothing “wrong” with anti-inflammatories, but there’s not much proof that it has anything to do with testosterone.

Mucuna Pruriens is a bean that contains L-DOPA, which is a “precursor” for dopamine, and is used for a range of uses from treating a lack of sex drive to treating Parkinson’s.

Boron is a mineral naturally found in the diet, and is typically prescribed in “natural” supplements as a way to increase testosterone naturally.

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The Science Behind Prime Male

Right now, there’s not much science in this product. Although the company has made references numerous times to studies and trials, it turns out there’s much going for some of these ingredients than we were led to believe.

D-aspartic acid has really been pushed as the main scientifically-proven ingredient in this product. We’re supposed to think that because there’s been a clinical test, that it works – after
all, you can’t beat science. Welp, unfortunately that’s where this product is a bit of a let-down.

See, they have a study from 2024 (NIH) showing an increase in testosterone in humans and rats when taking D-aspartic acid. But there’s a study from 2024 (Melville, et al) that shows no real measurable increase in testosterone – there’s even a decrease in those who were given 6 grams a day. Obviously, there’s no real conclusive proof that this amino acid works to increase testosterone levels so dramatically, otherwise there’d probably be more research behind it. The jury’s still out, guys. Sorry.

Luteolin isn’t a “bad” inclusion per se, but we question why it was included. As an antioxidant it may have much to do with helping maintain cellular health and preventing deterioration, but what does that have to do with making men manlier and more virile?

Boron is an interesting addition, because while it has been shown to have an effect on testosterone levels, these trials aren’t conclusive. One trial only tested it on 6 people (Naghii, et al) and another trial on postmenopausal women found that it increased testosterone levels in 12 women (Nielsen, et al), but that’s about it. Again, if supplementing with this mineral increased testosterone to the point of changing your whole life, wouldn’t there be more evidence for it, and wouldn’t longer-term studies have been done?
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Unfortunately right now the evidence for Prime Male’s main ingredients is very, very weak – much weaker than they’d have you believe.

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Word on the Street about Prime Male

Prime Male has some testimonials on its website, and that’s about it. Since it’s not available for purchase from anywhere else, customers elsewhere haven’t been able to put down their thoughts about it. All we have are cherry-picked reviews from men that were chosen specifically how “good” they make Prime Male look, so take these with a grain of salt:

“I was taking hormone injections before I started taking Prime Male. This is really helping me sleep better, and feel better.”

“This helped me with my gains in the gym, and my wife definitely isn’t complaining about how it’s increased my sex drive.”

“I’m no longer tired all the time, and I’ve even lost 8 pounds since I started using this product!”

“I’ve got more zest in my life and things have really turned around for me. I’ve had low testosterone my whole life, but Prime Male helped me!”

Once again, the fact that we couldn’t find customer reviews on a third-party website is a problem. It means we don’t know the full scope of this product’s effects, and we don’t know how many people have been disappointed by this supplement. Always consider the source! Look at all the reviews of this product with some skepticism, especially since many of them don’t go into detail about their lifestyle, diet, or other changes in their lives that could have affected them since trying this product.

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Is Prime Male Worth a Try?

We can only recommend people try products that have a proven track record, a dependable customer satisfaction history, is well-priced, and has ingredients that work. So far, Prime Male doesn’t do very well on any of those counts. Since several of its main active ingredients have very little evidence that they work, and since the only customer reviews we found were the ones the company picked specifically for the website, we really can’t tell if this product does what it promises to, and so (with all due respect to Dolph Lundgren) we suggest not wasting your money on Prime Male.

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Prime Male vs Testotek

The biggest difference between these two supplements is that Testotek is available on Amazon. There, you can see third-party reviews and could possibly get a different price.
Speaking of price, that’s another point of divergence: Prime Male is for a one month supply, while Testotek is .
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99. Very similar, but ultimately, Prime Male will look like the better option. Also, they both contain nearly-identical ingredients – right down to the D-aspartic acid, vitamin K, Asian ginseng, and mucuna pruriens.

Prime Male vs Testofuel

These products are both based on increasing testosterone, but only Prime Male makes the claim that it will improve sex drive. Testofuel, on the other hand, sticks to claims about muscle growth and lower body fat. They both contain similar formulas, including d-aspartic acid, zinc, and ginseng. They’re around the same price as well — $69 and $65, respectively – and they both come with a 90-day money back guarantee. We guess the only real reason to go with one over the other is if you don’t like oysters – as Testofuel contains oyster extract.

Prime Male vs Viril X

Viril X has a lot more ingredients than Prime Male, and the majority of them are aphrodisiacs – showing that Viril X is more focused on the sexual side of things. Prime Male has more scientific claims and a way better web site layout than Viril X. It’s also a little bit more xpensive than Viril X ($69 vs $59.95). They also have more customer testimonials. Overall, Prime Male has a better presentation and a more overall scope of its action than Viril X.

Prime Male vs P6

Again, very similar products. Both claim to improve testosterone production for better weight ligting gainst, energy, mood, and sex drive. P6 claims to also inhibit estrogen (not merely increase testosterone), and contains way more herbal extracts as a part of its formula. P6 also contains two months worth of pills per bottle, compared to Prime Male’s one month supply, and P6 expects you to take fewer pills as well (2 pills per day, as opposed to 4).

Prime Male vs Nugenix Ultimate

The first difference between these products is that Nugenix Ultimate is more widely-available, and can be found on the GNC website in addition to its own company website. They both require people to take their pills 4 times a day, and contain a nearly identical formula (although Nugenix Ultimate contains the addition of epimedium, an aphrodisiac). Nugenix Ultimate is also more expensive at $79.99 per one-month supply, compared to Prime Male’s $69 for a month.

Prime Male FAQ

  1. Can you get Prime Male on Amazon?
    No, this product is only available from the company’s main website.
  2. Are there any customer complaints about Prime Male?
    If there are any, we couldn’t find any. That’s the problem when the only source of customer reviews is the product’s own website.
  3. What the dosage for Prime Male?
    Four capsules taken every day, preferably with a meal.
  4. Are there any bodybuilding uses for Prime Male?
    If this product worked, it could help you with improving muscle growth, but since we can’t be sure if it works, it’s not necessarily likely.
  5. Is there a coupon for Prime Male?
    Nope, you’ve got to buy it full-price.
  6. Is Prime Male available on Amazon?
    Not right now, unfortunately. You’ve got to buy it from the manufacturer.
  7. Does Prime Male promise results?
    It certainly promises results, but whether those results actually happen is anyone’s guess.
  8. Can you buy Prime Male on Ebay?
  9. How fast does Prime Male work?
    It promises to work in as little as 12 days, but we don’t have any hard data or proof.
  10. What ingredients are on the label for Prime Male?
    Vitamins D3, K2, and B6, Magnesium, Zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, Asian Red Ginseng, Luteolin, Mucuna Pruriens, Nettle Root, BioPerine, Boron.

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So What Really Works?

Out of all the sexual enhancement supplements we’ve looked at, at least male-oriented ones, Viritenz is the best. Well-known all-natural ingredients make up its formula, and it’s been made in a GMP-certified facility, meaning it passes all American industry safety and quality standards. It’s made in the USA, and has no side effects.

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