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When the majority of customers hate your product, it’s a sign that it probably doesn’t work. With weak ingredients and a poor reception, SizeGenix has very little going for it. Check out more with the links below:

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SizeGenix Overview

SizeGenix is a male performance supplement from Incredible Health Decisions, LLC, that promises to help men achieve a better sex life by giving them a higher sex drive, more sensitivity and pleasure, and lastly, a bigger penis. It claims to have zero side effects, as well as no drugs or synthetic ingredients.

As it’s a nutritional supplement, it’s available without a prescription, and unlike many other supplements, the company doesn’t do an auto-order system. Instead, customers are only shipped and charged for the things they order.

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SizeGenix Claims

SizeGenix claims to be the “only” patented male enhancement product in the world, although upon further research, the product itself hasn’t been patented. Instead, the patent belongs to a Dr. Cherdshewasart, a Thai researcher who was awarded a patent for a specific extract of the Butea superba plant, which is an ingredient in SizeGenix. Right off the bat, it’s clear that this company isn’t really being very honest with us.

They claim that this product physically enlarges the penis by directing more blood flow into it, filling the erectile tissues more fully and thereby expanding (inflating) the penis to an even larger size. They claim that this product does this not only through introducing nitric oxide into the blood (which dilates the capillaries) but also through increasing the amount of free testosterone in the body.

Other ingredients in this supplement are supposed to make men’s libidos stronger, increasing the desire for sex and improving men’s sex lives overall.

This company makes a lot of the “U.S. Patent” associated with it, and claims that double-blind trials have established that the ingredients in it increase the penis’s size and keep it erect harder and longer. They even claim that adult film star Ron Jeremy has approved it and that it helped him (without citing evidence), and that movie stars, politicians, and celebrities around the world have used this product – again, without citing evidence.

One thing that we noticed is that in the “Guarantee” section of their website, they refer to the product as “Rexavar” – it’s not a typo. It’s another male enhancement product this company sells that’s nearly identical. If SizeGenix worked so well, why would they release another product that’s supposed to do the same thing? Right now, this glaring error makes the company look a little amateurish. If they want to sell two products, that’s fine, but they should at least make sure they don’t get them confused with each other on their webpages.

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SizeGenix Ingredients

SizeGenix contains mainly plant ingredients. Here’s a list they provided:

  • Butea Superba
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Carnitine
  • Long Pepper
  • L-Arginine

Butea Superba is the main ingredient in this product, the one that they proudly proclaim is “patented.” It’s supposed to help increase sexual desire. Its efficacy was based on asking questions of volunteers after taking the product about how they feel their sex life has improved, and as we’ll see in the next section, the science behind this product is shaky at best.

Tongkat Ali extract is a natural sex-drive enhancer from Vietnam, and is used in herbal and alternative medicine as a treatment for symptoms around the world. It’s claimed to inhibit estrogen levels and increase testosterone, which can increase the sex drive in both men and women.

L-Carnitine: This amino acid is found naturally in the body, and is associated with the production of energy.

Tribulus Terrestris is a common natural herb used for helping with regulating hormone levels. This product claims it increases testosterone, helping men achieve more, sexually.

Long Pepper, also called saw palmetto, is claimed here to increase testosterone levels – unfortunately, it has more to do with water retention and prostate inflammation. We’ve seen no studies showing that it affects testosterone.

L-Arginine turns into nitric oxide in the blood, widening the blood vessels and causing more blood to flow through them. This ingredient is often used as a way to improve circulation, and can be used either as an oral supplement or in a topical cream/gel that can be rubbed directly onto the skin.

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The Science Behind SizeGenix

This formula has some problems that we noticed. One has to do with the much-hyped butea superba ingredient.

One fact that we noted is that in the study they cite for butea superba, the flagship ingredient in this product, says that “eight volunteers dropped out” three weeks into the study. Since there were only 25 volunteers to begin with, that means that a third of the people in the study left it before it was over. Why? Could it be that they weren’t seeing any effects from this product? The placebo group also reportedly never came back, meaning this ingredient hasn’t had its results fully tested against a placebo, which is part of the way that treatments have their effectiveness measured.

Either way, it doesn’t bode well that only two-thirds of the volunteers finished the study, because it means the “evidence” that this ingredient works is based on the reports of only 17 people. That’s it. Not much to hang your findings on.

The claim that saw palmetto increases testosterone levels doesn’t hold much water (pun intended), as the only functions we’ve seen listed for it on WebMD are that it’s used for increasing urine flow, reducing inflammation, and for prostate health.

The other products more or less have to do with circulation and testosterone availability – none of them have to do with increasing the size of the penis. Why? Because the truth is that it’s impossible to physically increase the size of the penis through a pill (“Do Penis Enlargement Products EVER Work?” Stewart, Julie,, 2024). Any claims about making it “larger” by pumping more blood into it are nonsense. A product may give you a more erect penis, but you’re still limited to the size that your tissues allow. Once you’re flaccid again, things more or less go back to how they were.

As we see, the science behind some of these ingredients, at least the way they’re supposed to work for this product, is a little weak.

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Word on the Street about SizeGenix

We looked to Amazon for reviews about this product – it’s third-party, reviewers can be verified, and reviews can’t be selected or cherry-picked by the company (which can lead to people getting the wrong idea about a product’s dependability). The response there has been underwhelming. A full 61% of buyers were disappointed with the product – not a good sign.

“This doesn’t work – it’s a joke! I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, period.”

“I’ve used this for a month, and even though I’ve seen an increase in stamina and sex drive, there’s no difference in size.”

“I’ve read some positive stories about this, but the product just doesn’t measure up. I wish I’d known, before I bought this product.”

“I’ve been taking this for a while, but still see no results.”

All in all, the reception has been lame. Even people who rated it 5/5 stars mentioned that it doesn’t follow through on all its promises, and that it definitely doesn’t make you “larger.”

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Is SizeGenix Worth a Try?

SizeGenix has some very questionable science behind it that doesn’t match what the ingredients it contains are known to do. They make a lot of their “patented” ingredient, and make it seem like that’s reason enough to trust this product over others, even though there’s no reason to think it works better. Lastly, you’ve got the weak customer response, with the majority of people saying that it doesn’t work. Regardless of what a company says about a product, people have to see the results. If they don’t, you’ve got to move on.

And that’s what we have with SizeGenix – the people have spoken, and it just doesn’t seem to measure up. We advise people to keep searching.

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SizeGenix vs SizeGenix Extreme

These two products are fairly similar, being as they’re from the same company, but SizeGenix extreme comes with more over-the-top claims, vulgar phrases, and manipulative marketing to try and get people to buy it. SizeGenix Extreme also doesn’t say what its ingredients are, only mentioning that it contains “Belizean Man Vine.” It’s also more expensive at around $60 per bottle, compared to $40 for a bottle of the regular SizeGenix. They make more of the “penis enlargement” capabilities of the pills, claiming that men aren’t advised to take it unless they want to add “significant” size to their penis. There’s also more spelling and grammatical errors we noticed with this product.

SizeGenix vs Vigrx Plus

The major difference between these supplements is that SizeGenix claims to increase penis size, while Vigrx Plus does not. All the latter does is claim to make men more sexually potent and last longer during sex. Both products provide supposed scientific documentation that they work, showing their interest in trying to seem more legitimate than other, similar pills. Vigrx Plus claims to show ideal results in 84 days, while SizeGenix says results can be seen in as little as 12 days. SizeGenix is only $40, while Vigrx Plus is a whopping $77.

SizeGenix vs Vimax

First off, these products are priced way differently. A month’s supply of SizeGenix is $39.99, while Vimax is $59.99. They both claim to do the same things, and both contain mostly herbal extracts as ingredients, although SizeGenix’s ingredients are more of the aphrodisiac variety (tribulus, tongkat), while Vimax is focused more on energy stimulants like ginkgo and ginseng.  Vimax allows you to track your order, while it doesn’t immediately appear like SizeGenix offers the same thing.

SizeGenix FAQ

  1. Where is SizeGenix sold?
    You can buy it on the company’s website, and you can get it on Amazon.
  2. Who makes SizeGenix?
    It’s made by Incredible Health Decisions, LLC, a company that also makes another male enhancement supplement called Rexavar.
  3. How much does SizeGenix cost?
    It costs $39.99 for a one-month supply, or you could get a 3 month supply for $79.99.
  4. Does SizeGenix come with a free trial?
    It doesn’t look like this company offers a free trial. Instead, you have to buy it outright.
  5. What ingredients are in SizeGenix?
    Butea Superba, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Carnitine, Long Pepper, and L-Arginine.
  6. Where can I read customer reviews of SizeGenix?
    There are some testimonials on the product’s main website, but you can also read them on the product’s Amazon store.

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So What Really Works?

We’ve reviewed lots of products that claim to increase a man’s sexual vitality and potential, but Viritenz continues to be at the top of our list of recommended supplements. It’s based on natural ingredients that come with no side effects, are safe for long-term use, and have been seen to increase blood flow to all the right areas while increasing the desire for sex.

When taken as directed, this supplement can make you harder, last longer, and give you a more satisfying love life, as well as the confidence that comes with it. To read more about Viritenz and its ingredients, quality, and what customers have been saying about it, click this link.

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