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Your health is the most important thing you have, and so you need to make sure that you take care of it with only the best-quality supplements. There’s a unique weight-loss shake that claims to help keep you in the best of health, but unfortunately we found several things wrong with it. Keep reading for more of our in-depth review of this new weight loss shake.

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Skinny Gut Shake Overview

Skinny Gut Shake is a meal replacement shake that comes with some added benefits. In addition to providing protein, fiber, and vitamins, Skinny Gut Shakes contain probiotic cultures that are supposed to help your gut health and digestion. The shake is plant-based, contains 140 calories per shake, and is made in the United States in a GMP-certified facility.
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Skinny Gut Shake is made by Renew Life, a digestive health product company based in Florida. The business has been around for about 10 years, and they have products that run the gamut from cleanses to fiber to fish oil. Recently, they were acquired by Clorox.

Renew Life seems to have had some customer service complaints, as evidenced by their Better Business Bureau page, mainly having to do with shipping issues, as well as complaints that they charged for items they didn’t deliver.

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Skinny Gut Shake Claims

Skinny Gut Shake claims to be a convenient, easy-to-use shake that can serve as a quality meal replacement. They claim that the product keeps you full longer, and that the resulting curb in appetite helps with weight loss.
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They also say that the high protein content helps to build muscle. With no artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugar, or gluten, they say their shake is “satisfying” and helps to achieve balance not only with the digestive system, but with your weight loss goals.

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Skinny Gut Shake Ingredients

Skinny Gut Shake has a very long list of ingredients:

  • Protein/fiber blend (pea, acacia fiber, flax seed, hemp seed, sacha inchi)
  • Cherry
  • Carrot
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Beta Carotene
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Pyroxidine HCl
  • Stevia

They’ve chosen to go the grain-free route for adding protein to their product, with peas, flax, and hemp being distilled into the mixture. Adding things like cherry, spinach, and kale for their antioxidant benefits is a good call too. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a known probiotic which could help with digestive health.

One thing we noticed is that there actually aren’t many servings in each pack. According to the nutritional information, there’s only 10 servings per pack, meaning that while the ingredients themselves might be fine, the amount of them per shipment may be a cause for concern for those who want to save money.

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The Science Behind Skinny Gut Shake

With high protein content, people are supposed to be able to maintain strong muscles and proper body function even while technically restricting their food intake. The fiber is supposed to help keep people sated longer so that they don’t go out and snack in between meals, and the probiotics are there to help keep the stomach and digestive tract healthy and functioning at optimal levels.

With enough vitamins and minerals, the body’s being given the tools it needs to carry out its functions properly, despite the fact that the shake has a low calorie count.

They don’t really go into detail about how the antioxidants are supposed to help with weight loss, and there’s a general lack of specific nutritional information that we were a little disappointed by. Some people don’t know enough about the ingredients to figure if they’re worth the cost, and it would have been nice for them to provide enough information.

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Word on the Street About Skinny Gut Shake

Here’s where we start getting into a little bit of trouble with Skinny Gut Shake: very few people seem to have tried it.

We found some reviews on the main website, and it looks like people there are split on it. On the one hand there are people claiming that “it mixes well and there aren’t any thick clumps” and that the “taste is pretty good.

On the other hand, we’ve got several people complaining about one obvious thing that we pointed out earlier: the price. “There’s only 10 servings per pack, making it pretty expensive,” one customer said, while another said that despite being a fan of the actual shake, “I can’t be a long-term customer because I just can’t afford it.

And it’s true: while some shakes come out to being about $1-$2 per shake, these come out to being about $3.50 per shake – and over time, that adds up.

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Is Skinny Gut Shake Worth Trying?

This isn’t the worst product we’ve seen. It does have some pretty good ingredients, and if you’re interested in improving your digestive system with some probiotics, this is one of the only diet shake products we’ve seen that includes them as a part of their formula. The main problems we’ve seen are with the value you get – $35 for 10 servings is not very affordable long-term, something which customers themselves have brought up. The whole point of buying bulk diet shake powder is to save money, and if you could get a cheaper (but still expensive price) at the health food store for individual, marked-up pre-made bottles, you have a problem.

That, and we can’t forget about their customer service problems listed at the BBB website.

Overall, we’d have to see that this wouldn’t be our first choice. Shakes have to be a good value for what they provide, and based on what we’ve seen from customers, that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Skinny Gut Shake vs Shakeology

These are very similar products. Both are nutritional shakes that not only provide nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, but also probiotic cultures to help with digestion. Both are supposed to help curb cravings for food. The biggest difference is the price: Skinny Gut Shake is about $35 for 10 servings, while Shakeology is a staggering $129.95 for 30 servings (which is about per shake).
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Obviously, neither of these are for people on a budget. Shakeology has slightly more calories per serving, and also contains protein from dairy sources, while Skinny Gut Shake’s protein comes exclusively from plant sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the results for Skinny Gut Shake?
    The results are supposed to be lower cravings for food, less caloric intake, and a healthier digestive system.
  2. Is Skinny Gut Shake good for weight loss?
    It depends on how you use it, but it’s intended for that, yes.
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  3. Can I get Skinny Gut Shake at Walmart?
    Yes, you can buy it there.
  4. Are there any recipes for Skinny Gut Shake?
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    They don’t list any on the site, so that might have to be up to you.
  5. Where can I read reviews for Skinny Gut Shake?
    On the main website for the product, but you can also read them at Walmart and othe ronline retailers.

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So What Really Works?

Skinny Gut Shake has a lot going for it, but it just wasn’t enough to make it to our top list of the best nutritional shakes.

But what’s the alternative, you ask? Well, we’ve looked a lots of weight-loss shakes in our time, and the one we keep coming back to as our #1 choice is a meal replacement shake called 18Shake. It’s made in the USA, and is jam-packed with all the nutrients you need to get through the day. It features a special fiber that keeps you sated longer, so you won’t feel those hunger pangs other diet shakes cause. It has no artificial ingredients or flavors, and is low in sugar. To top it all off, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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