Stree Overlord Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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We uncovered a major issue with this supplement, not only was it recalled but the company has not reveled if they stopped using banned substances. There’s simply no good reason why anyone should use this tainted product. Learn about what the FDA had to say about this brand by looking at the table of contents.

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Stree Overlord Overview

The only available source for information is some shady looking 3rd party websites, no official website exists anymore. Already this is a major red flag and we discovered why, the FDA called them out in 2024 for using a prescription ingredient which is used for erectile dysfunction.

Not only was this a major problem, but when you read the consumer reviews it’s clear that users saw side effects related to this ingredient. Many said it was a struggle to deal with it, and that it made them very uncomfortable. Basically, all the information about this supplement showcases the fact it is unreliable and potentially hazardous, not at all worth trying.

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Stree Overlord Claims

All the available information is only offered on 3rd party websites none of which ever provide real proof in the form of clinical studies, testimonials, or any sort of usable backing. All that’s intended is basically outlined in a simple format without going into the real science behind it.

Words like “maximum effectiveness” and “dual-pill” are used to describe it, but these are just buzz words they use and never actually back up with any sources. They even say it can help boost erections and that the effects can last a total of 5 days. All you need is a pill about 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity. Once again, no proof is ever provided to show how they discovered this.

In April of 2024 the FDA did an analysis of Stree Overlord and they found it contained sildenafil. This is the same active ingredient in Viagra which can treat erectile dysfunction. Because of safety concerns they advised people to “not purchase” as well as to “immediately… throw away”

They even offer a direct link where you can report any side effects.

This is not to be taken lightly the fact they even added these substances and let customers take it blindly is a sign that they do not care about the health and well-being of users. It’s especially dangerous for customers who have any heart conditions, high blood pressure, or diabetes. There is the possibility for death and other long-term side effects which can ruin consumer’s quality of life. The list of possible side effects is long and some of these require customers to:

“talk to your doctor”

The reason being is that it may be the signs of a serious problem. has a wide array of possible side effects they outline which the most notable issues being:

“fainting… sudden loss of vision,…dizziness…. Difficulty breathing…. Chest tightness….. painful erection”

We do provide some customer quested in the later section where we show the alarming state of side effects including general anxiety and difficulty relaxing.

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Stree Overlord Ingredients

  • Epimedium
  • Catuaba Bark Extract
  • Ginseng
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Maca

There weren’t any supplements facts list so determining if the above ingredients are the only ones included is undetermined. All we know for certain is that these additives are included, and no dosage strength is available. Since you can’t know how much they added of each, it makes it impossible to factor in if it’s in a potent enough blend.

All 5 ingredients are great and generally well-regarded in 3rd party studies. All these ingredients have a possible male enhancement benefit.

Ginseng in particular is used for healthy circulation, improving the rate of erections.

Maca is an all-around male enhancement ingredient that can be easy to absorb and effective at boosting libido. The same can be said about  Epimedium or horny goat weed, this is why you’ll often see it included inside of similar supplements.

Catuaba Bark Extract became popular in the  Amazon where it was regarded as a sacred aphrodisiac which can improve erections and prevent erectile dysfunction. Hawthorne Berry is used for improved blood flow and for its antioxidant support. None of these ingredients are explained in detail by any website which markets Stree Overlord however. You won’t know for certain what you’re getting when you make a purchase, no website guarantees it is made with any of the mentioned ingredients.

Sildenafil was either once added or continues to be included, which can be used as a pro-erectile ingredient for the temporary treatment of erectile dysfunction. Not to be taken for long periods due to possible side effects.

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The Science Behind Stree Overlord

You don’t get any real proof to support this supplement so all the information has to come second hand through research. Hawthorn is used to “increase the transmission of nerve signals” according to a review by Web MD.

The rest of the ingredients are exactly what you’d expect from a brand like this. Since they only use 5 ingredients there isn’t much support from this. You can’t expect much when the ingredients they use are almost always used in male enhancement products. The only unique ingredient is hawthorn which is less common.

Maca, ginseng, epimedium, and catuaba bark are all used far too much to consider this at all unique. The problem with using a supplement like this is that you have no way to really look into the science without knowing the exact dosage strength. Even a proprietary blend mention would have helped but without more information, there is no way to know for certain what a likely expectation might be.

A scientific analyses if this by the FDA did see sildenafil was added but and it’s unknown if the company has reformulated and made sure to do better quality control inspections. Until more is known, you can’t know for certain if this would be safe and effective to supplement with.

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Word on the Street about Stree Overlord

“Had a strong impact on my sex live but I had to tone it down because it came on a bit too strong for my liking”

“Had an erection that worked like a charm but I also suffered from some serious anxiety which was uncomfortable to say the least”

“After about an hour it finally worked but keeps in mind, it was much too strong. I didn’t like how I felt I started getting anxious and wasn’t able to perform”

“Used it for about a 2 week period this far and I do feel a difference but at the expensive of some mood issues”

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Is Stree Overlord Worth a Try?

You should absolutely avoid it, there’s no telling what can happen. Any supplement manufacturer which puts their customer’s lives at risk by using a prescription ingredient in an unknown amount should never be trusted. They never actually explained if this was done on purpose but either way, there should be better controls on their production process to ensure that such an issue would never happen.

You can suffer from serious irreversible damage from using a product like this. This may be the reason why there were some serious side effects experienced by customers.

The FDA also put out a disclaimer to avoid using this because it can cause serious irreversible damage including death. There are shady looking websites which still promote this, but they offer no guarantee on whether or not they are selling clean batches. Without this being verified it is likely that the version sold is still the same kind that was tainted with the prescription.

Their marketing also uses a lot of questionable imagery to help promote it. There’s really no need to go looking into this product, it’s far too risky to sample. There is good reason why the FDA recommends throwing it away, the possible damage that can come from this is just not worth the possible male enhancement benefit.

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Stree Overlord vs Black Ant

The novelty ingredients in Black Ant are lacking studies to support their use. Using actual ant extract does have some rich amino acids, but so does any other protein source.

The same creators produce both of these products and sure enough, both have been tainted by prescription drugs. There is no good reason why anyone should use this when the rate of possible side effects is high. These 2 products are also suggested to offer a lot of sexual enhancement benefits, yet there is no evidence to support these claims.

Stree Overlord vs Viagra

The ironic thing about comparing these two brands is that Stree Overlord was tested and the FDA concluded it had Viagra in it. Viagra is a prescription drug which can help make erections last.

This can stimulate blood flow to the genitals and though it does not affect arousal, it can treat erectile dysfunction.

Stree Overlord of course added the key active ingredient Sildenafil in unknown amounts. It’s unknown if they added a lot or a little, but in either case, it is never wise to take a prescription blindly. You should know exactly what you’re putting into your body especially when serious side effects can happen.

Stree Overlord FAQ

  1. Can I find Stree Overlord at Amazon?
    It’s never explained but there is a thread where customers talked about this brand, but you cannot find it on Amazon anymore. They do not have a page dedicated to it which says it is currently unavailable, with no way to know when it may come back.
  1. Is there any place I can get Stree Overlord at wholesale?
    One website did say they sell packets of this but the also reveal that it is not being sold at this time.
  1. What is the total price for Stree Overlord?
    Not a single website which mentions this supplement actually provides a quoted price.
  1. What are the Stree Overlord suppliers?
    None at the moment, only one website used to sell it, but other than some marketing you wouldn’t even know it existed.
  1. Can I find Stree Overlord on EBay?
    Some sellers sold it in the past but looking at their website at the time of this review, there is no mention of it there. Buying it on this website would mean you have no way to get your money back in the case of any issues.
  1. Where to buy Stree Overlord in the USA?
    At this time there is no reliable source for Stree Overlord. There is no way to know for certain when or if it will come back.
  1. Just how strong are the Stree Overlord tablets?
    Looking at the reviews only there were some uncomfortable side effects. There was an improvement in reaction strength but remember, they had a recall due to prescription ingredients so it’s to be expected for there to be a strong effect.
  1. Can Stree Overlord exceed the benefits of Viagra and Cialis?
    The funny thing about this question is that the reason why this supplement was recalled is because it had the same sole active ingredient in Viagra. The major difference being there is no way to know how much they added.

      Supplements just don’t work the same as prescriptions, the effects can be much more dangerous.
  1. Can I find Stree Overlord at a gas station?
    Since you cannot find their official website it is impossible to know if they sell it at gas stations. Likely not since it is not in stock on any 3rd party website.
  1. Where can I find Stree Overlord for sale?
    There are a few websites which talk about its value but they never actually sell it. Some say they never will sell it, and others simply add it is not in stock, so it’s undetermined when it may come back.

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