Test Reload Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Mike Chang wants you to think this is a scientifically-proven formula for testosterone enhancement. We looked, and it turns out not only are there no definitive clinical trials, customers have been complaining about it to. Read on for our review:

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Test Reload Overview

Test Reload is a testosterone enhancement product from Seniority Health, a company owned by social media fitness star Mike Chang. This supplement is supposed to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, helping men burn fat, increase muscle mass, and have more sexual energy.

One odd thing to keep in mind about this product is that it’s sold on two websites that have different names – Seniority Health and SixPackAbs – but otherwise they’re largely identical, and both of them are owned by Mike Chang,

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Test Reload Claims

Mike Chang has made a lot of waves on the internet with his short workout videos, and it seems that he’s made the leap to nutritional supplements as well. Test Reload is supposed to increase testosterone levels and reduce the amount of estrogen in the body, to help men get ripped and enhance the quality of their life overall. Mike Chang himself even implies that he uses this product, and when he appears in the video with his oiled-up body touting the supplement, we’re supposed to believe that he got his results from using this particular product. Is it actually true? Who knows.

Test Reload doesn’t go overboard in making crazy claims about what it can do to your body, unlike some other male supplements (some of which even claim to increase penis size). It contains mainly natural ingredients, which some people will find very attractive, but if you don’t pay attention, this product will get you.

How? Their “insanely-popular” auto-ship program, which they’ve re-branded as an “auto-save” program. This is where you get roped into getting auto-charged monthly for this product every month. Many people have complained about similar programs with other companies, since some businesses purposely try and make it hard for people to unsubscribe and so they keep getting hit for more and more money, even if they no longer want the product anymore.

We also noticed a bogus pricing scheme, where they claim that the “regular price” is 7, but you can have it for “only” !
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One, there’s no “regular price”: it’s an arbitrary mark-up to make it seem like you’re getting a deal – cheapo department stores use the same tactic. Two, $67 is not cheap by a long-shot, especially when similar products go for almost half that price,  so the idea that people are being given a great deal is just flat-out false.

So regardless of the supplement’s quality, you’ve got some pretty annoying sales tactics and made-up claims that are aimed at getting to your wallet.

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Test Reload Ingredients

Test Reload’s ingredients are mostly herbal in nature. Here’s a list:

  • D-aspartic Acid
  • Fenugreek Seed
  • Maca
  • White Mushroom
  • Boron

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that’s supposed to interact with the testicles to engineer the creation of more testosterone, making it the most direct form of hormone engagement out of any of the ingredients in this supplement. But is there any proof? We’ll get into that.

Fenugreek is a clover-like plant that’s native to the Mediterranean, used as both a food and as an herbal remedy for inflammation, and has been used as a natural sexual stimulant as well.

Maca has been used for hundreds of years in Peru as a way to balance and regulate hormone levels. They don’t specify which sort of maca root they used, however, which is importance since some varieties are more useful for women, and others are more useful for men. It would have been better if they’d given us more information.

They included white mushroom extract presumably because it contains lots of niacin (which contains B vitamins), but we wonder if they couldn’t have chosen a more potent source of it. Mushrooms do contain vitamin B, but surely they could have gone with something more powerful to go with the rest of their tough-guy manly man image.

We’ve seen boron used in lots fo these male supplements because it’s supposedly supposed to correlate with testosterone levels – but if you think that simply adding boron to your diet will make you have more testosterone, think again.

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The Science Behind Test Reload

Test Reload doesn’t provide any studies or research about the uses and claims of these ingredients. Instead, they want us to take it on faith, or expect us to go out and do our own research. We did, and here’s some stuff we learned that Mike Chang probably didn’t see coming:

Maca is a fine product to include, since it’s well-known as a way to help men (and women) to regulate the mood and balance the production of estrogen and testosterone in the body. There are different kinds of maca, though, and this product doesn’t clarify which strain of maca they’ve included, meaning it might not be as effective as they claim. We also don’t know it was even screened for quality, so we don’t know the purity.

D-aspartic acid has been used by testosterone supplements before, since its one of the few ingredients that’s been subjected to scientific trials. More science, the better, right? Unfortunately, there’s only one study that shows a dramatic increase in testosterone from using d-aspartic acid (2024, Topo, et al), while there are others that show no increase at all (2024, Melville et al), and an overview from the National Institute of Health says that based on all the available evidence, there’s no clear-cut answer to whether d-aspartic acid increases testosterone: more tests are needed (2024, Roshanzamir, Safavi). There’s so little evidence, but that hasn’t stopped products like this one from claiming that it works.

Boron was associated with an increase in testosterone in one or two studies (National Institute of Health), but there isn’t really any conclusive proof that it works. More research is required.

See? This is why people need to be careful when reading about “scientific claims” made by companies: they could be misleading you.

Sorry, Mike, but we don’t buy it.

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Word on the Street about Test Reload

Test Reload is also available on Amazon, where it has an adjusted customer rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. But when we looked at a lot of these high-star reviews, we noticed some weird stuff going on: people rating it four or more stars and mentioning that it’s “too early” to know if it works, with others complaining about the shipping process. Do these people know how star ratings are supposed to work?

“The smell of these pills is terrible, and after taking them I got diarrhea.”

“These work great, and I feel stronger now with my workouts combined with the pills.”

“This product is basically a placebo – whatever “gains” you make are probably due to the work you’re putting in, and not these pills. It’s worthless.”

“This is really expensive, and it didn’t work.”

“This is awesome. I really feel the difference in my workouts!”

“I’ve used lots of products before, but these are the only ones that have worked.”

While 58% of the reviews are 5/5, but keep in mind what’s in some of these reviews – complaints about quality, results, and shipping – and don’t ignore the bad ones, either.

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Is Test Reload Worth a Try?

This product can’t guarantee any results, and that’s down to the ingredients involved. There aren’t many, and some of the main ones have little to no proof that they work. The price is also a little high for what you’re getting – $67 for one month – and there are many customers writing in about how it didn’t work and actually made them feel sick. But we prefer to focus on the ingredients: after all, ingredients make up these products, and they are ultimately are what will prove to make them work or not, and right now, this formula is a disappointment.

Always keep in mind that science (or the illusion of science) can be used as an effective marketing tool, so when businesses make claims about scientific or clinical proof, remember that they might be tricking you.

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Test Reload vs Nugenix

Test Reload and Nugenix are both fitness-focused testosterone supplements, and both are particularly intended for men over 50 years old. They both contain fenugreek, but that’s where the similarities end. Test Reload looks to contain more herbal ingredients, while Nugenix is more vitamin and mineral-based. Nugenix is also slightly more expensive at $69.99 a month, plus $4.99 shipping and handling. That said, Nugenix also offers a free trial (Test Reload does not), although it too comes with an auto-ship program that could snag you if you’re not careful.

Test Reload vs Testofuel

Both of these products claim to be “natural” boosters of testosterone, and both contain d-aspartic acid as one of the main ingredients. They both have money-back guarantees, but while Test Reload’s lasts 60 days, Testofuel’s lasts 90 days, edging it slightly ahead in that regard. Interestingly, both have their “celebrity” spokesmen: Test Reload has Mike Chang, internet guru, and Testofuel has Robby Robinson, 5-time Mr. Olympia. The prices of both are pretty comparable, with Testofuel costing $65 for a month’s supply compared to Test Reload’s $67, so price-wise it’s a little bit of a toss-up.

Test Reload vs Test Freak

Very similar names, very similar products. They both contain herbal and plant-based ingredients (including fenugreek), but Test Freak has more vitamin and mineral supplements included. They both claim to have no side effects. The major difference we saw is that Test Reload is available through the product’s website, while Test Freak must be bought from a retailer or stockist, and you can find out exactly where it’s sold by clicking on a drop-down list of countries and continents. We can’t tell exactly what the cost of Test Freak is, since its price could change depending on where you’re buying it from.

Test Reload FAQ

  1. Is Test Reload available on Ebay?
    We haven’t seen it put up for sale there, but there’s a chance you could find it.
  2. Can you buy Test Reload at Walmart?
    No, this product seems to only be available from the company’s main website or through Amazon, at the moment, and not in retail stores.
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  3. Does Test Reload come with a free trial?
    Nope, you’ve got to buy it to try it, although it does come with a money-back guarantee.
  4. Where can I read testimonials for Test Reload?
    Right now it looks like the only place you can read customer testimonials is on the product’s Amazon vendor page.
  5. Can you buy Test Reload at GNC?
    As of now, no, you can’t buy this product from GNC (although there are similarly-named products there, so pay attention to the label).
  6. Can I get a discount for Test Reload?
    It looks like the only way to get a discount on this product is by ordering it through Mike Chang’s auto-ship system.
  7. Can I buy Test Reload through Amazon?
    Yes! Amazon is one of the few places that you can buy this supplement.
  8. Can I trust the review pages I see for Test Reload?
    Check the sources, first. Some reviews are closely linked to Test Reload’s company, which may affect the bias of the review.
  9. What’s the dosage for Test Reload?
    The dosage is 4 pills, to be taken every day.
  10. How does Test Reload fare vs Nugenix?
    Check out the section above for our brief overview of the similarities and differences between them.

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So What Really Works?

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