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A male enhancement supplement that provides very little ingredient information and has led to only dissatisfied consumers it seems. If there is anything redemptive about the supplement, we will let you know in our full breakdown. To continue reading, simply scroll down just a bit and click on the table of contents.

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Testo Vital Overview

Testo Vital is a male enhancement product that is designed to improve sexual function and performance within the user. It is only offered as a free trial, and cannot be purchased outright, but at the end of the free trial the consumer will automatically be charged for the full price of a month’s supply of the product.

The product claims that it works be increasing the level of testosterone within the user, but it does not provide a full formula or explanation as to how the higher levels of testosterone are achieved.

The product is manufactured by a company by the name of Staminon, based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. They do provide multiple methods of contact on the label for the product.

The manufacturer or unofficial website for the product does not even indicate how many pills or capsules ore included in each bottle, or how or when the supplement is supposed to be taken. Overall, rarely have we seen this small amount of information provided for a male enhancement supplement.

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Testo Vital Claims

The Testo Vital site begins by stating that the supplement can turn any man into the king of the bedroom. Obviously, this is a big claim, but unfortunately, the site does not go on to set itself apart in any significant way, just making the standard male enhancement claims, such as how it will increase stamina, your endurance in the bedroom will improve, and your confidence will increase along with it.

In bullet points, the supplement also states that it can provide the user with bigger, and longer lasting erections, but does not really go into detail regarding how that it achieved. Also stated is that the supplement is formulated with all-natural ingredients, though no look at a full list of those ingredients is provided, and certainly no specific dosages. It seems that Testo Vital is interested in making broad proclamations regarding its effectiveness, but when pushed even a little bit, it doesn’t have any details to back its claims up.

As you may guess from the name, the supplement also states that it can provide a significant boost to the user’s testosterone, which we presume will be the basis for the increase in things like endurance and stamina, though it is not made exactly clear by the site.

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Testo Vital Ingredients

Unfortunately, Testo Vital does not provide a full list of the ingredients that they use in their formula. This means that there is also no view of the supplement facts label, and no dosage information for the ingredients that they do use. This conveys either a complete lack of confidence in their formula or disregard for the consumer, or both. Throughout the description of the product, they do reveal a few ingredients that they use, and here are all the ingredients that we could gather are included:

  • Wild Yam Extract
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Polyethylene Glycol

Three out of the four ingredients listed do have some value in a male enhancement supplement. Tongkat Ali is a natural ingredient that can be beneficial for boosting the user’s testosterone, which can lead to better sexual functionality and improved mental health, which is why it is commonly used by many brands. Sarsaparilla is a root that can treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, and also treat rheumatoid arthritis and kidney disease. Some claim that it can create additional testosterone, but the clinical research in that area is currently inconclusive.

It has no clear benefit for sexual health.

What concerns us the most is the use of Polyethylene Glycol which is a medication that is almost exclusively used as a laxative. Why it would be included in a male enhancement product, or what purpose it would serve are completely unclear. As you would expect it can lead to side effects such as diarrhea, as well as possible insomnia and hives.

Once again, the dosages of any of these ingredients is not known, so despite what we know how the ingredients themselves, how they will perform once they are in the body is not clear.

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The Science Behind Testo Vital

It should come as no surprise, given the sparse amount of information provided by Testo Vital so far, that they do not give much in the way of clinical science or studies that the consumer can view. The website has a section titles “How Does Testo Vital Enhancement Work?”, but within it only offers a basic description about what testosterone is and why it is important, but doesn’t actually discuss the functions of the formula or ingredients or how it benefits the user in any significant way.

It is understandable that male enhancement supplements do not want to bog down the user in an avalanche of scientific information, but some level of verifiable science should be offered so that the consumers are not just pinning their hopes to nothing. As mentioned, there isn’t even a full formula that is offered, which not only leaves user uninformed as to what they are putting into their bodies, but could potentially put them in danger if they happen to ingest something that they are allergic to or has a bad reaction with another medication they are taking.

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Word on the Street About Testo Vital

As you may expect, consumer reviews for Testo Vital took a lot of digging to find. It is not sold through any major online retailer, so there isn’t really a forum for customer reactions to the product, but by searching through product review sites we did come across some testimonials of those who has used the product. Overwhelmingly, the reviews that we saw for Testo Vital were completely negative.

As there always are with “free trials” such as these, many customer complaints were regarded being misled by the trial and getting charged unexpectedly as soon as the trial ended in large amounts. Beyond that though, many of the reviews also complained that the product simply was not effective. On user stated, “I had hope that this could help with my ED, but it seems like it may have made things even worse.” Even those who had tempered their expectations before trying the product were let down, with one customer saying, “I knew this pill wasn’t going to be magic, but I expected something, and was completely let down.

The reviews for Testo Vital are scarce, but there is no mistaking their tone or judgements when they are located.

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Is Testo Vital Worth a Try?

Because of the embarrassingly little amount of information the product provides, and the lack of any positive consumer reviews, Testo Vital should be avoided. The closest thing we could find to an official website for Testo Vital did not provide a full list of ingredients, and in fact only highlighted a few ingredients that is uses, without dosage information. Furthermore, the more customer reviews we found, the more we became convinced that nobody had a positive experience to share about using Testo Vital.

Of course, the product is also only available through the free trial method, that ends up not being free at all. In fact, once the free trial is over, consumers are charged an exorbitant price for another month’s supply of the product. Based on testimonials, getting the money refunded is extremely difficult as, the customer service for Testo Vital is severely underwhelming.

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Testo Vital vs TestoBoost

TestoBoost, as the name implies, is a testosterone booster that seems more concerned with helping potential users to build lean muscle, than with improving their sexual performance. That said, unlike Testo Vital, it is sold outright for a much cheaper price and does at least provide a full list of ingredients and some specific dosage information, so users can be more informed as to what they are putting into their bodies. It is also available for purchase through more reputable vendors such as Amazon.

Testo Vital vs No2 Vital

No2 Vital is a nitric oxide booster that is also only available through unofficial websites and uses the misleading free trial method to try and lure in unsuspecting consumers. It differs from Testo Vital in that it doesn’t claim to increase testosterone, but in increasing nitric oxide it can widen the veins within the body allowing more blood and nutrients to flow throughout the system and get delivered where they are needed. The consumer reviews for No2 Vital are just as negative as Testo Vital, as many consumers felt scammed.

Testo Vital vs Ultimate Testo Explosion

Ultimate Testo Explosion is another testosterone booster that is cheaper than Testo Vital, but still quite expensive on its own at over $75 for a month’s supply. It is sold through reputable means, but currently on Amazon there are nearly 30 consumer reviews and a large majority of them are for either 1 or 2 stars, as most consumers state that it does not justify its price. It utilizes some quality ingredients, but they are used in two separate proprietary blends.

Testo Vital vs Staminol

Staminol is a product sold through GNC that is intended to increase endurance or stamina within the user. It states that it can also benefit sexual function, as well as prostate function, using a relatively long list of ingredients, though it fairly weak dosages. It is sold for just $9.99, so clearly a better option than Testo Vital, but most consumers would likely only see a small change using Staminol.

Testo Vital FAQ

  1. Is there a phone number or any contact information for the manufacturer of Testo Vital?

The product is manufactured by a company called Staminon, and they provide a phone number, physical address, and email address for consumers to contact them with concerns.

  1. Is Testo Vital sold through any reputable or well-known retailers such as GNC or Amazon?

Testo Vital is currently only available through unofficial website that offer a free trial of the product, but don’t actually allow you to purchase it outright.

  1. What sort of customer reviews has Testo Vital received?

The customer reviews of Testo Vital have been sparse, but the ones that have been located are 100% negative, both regarding the performance of the product itself and its business practices.

  1. Does Testo Vital have an official website consumers can visit?

There is a testvital.org that would appear to be the closest thing to an official website for the product.

  1. What price is Testo Vital sold for?

After the free trial ends, users are automatically charged the full price of a month’s supply of the product which is reportedly over $120, which is, of course, an outrageous price to pay for any male enhancement product.

  1. How long is the free trial that is offered by Testo Vital?

The free trial for Testo Vital is reportedly about one month, or however long one bottle will last the user.

  1. What side effects are possible from using Testo Vital?

Possible side effects from using Testo Vital can be diarrhea, thirst, insomnia, or even heart arrhythmia in serious cases.

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So What Really Works?

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Viritenz is manufactured and sold by Health Research Institute based out of Los Angeles, and they provide clear contact through the product’s official website. Also provided are details regarding all the ingredients that are used and their intended functions, along with the working process of the supplement, and also promotions and discounts for first-time users.

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