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A male enhancement supplement that relies on just one ingredient to provide a bevy of results, and incorrectly claims to boost the testosterone of users. Find out if the product is able to make up for its shortcomings by reading on. Start by scrolling down just a bit and clicking on the table of contents.

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TribX90 Overview

TribX90 is a male enhancement supplement and testosterone booster that is comprised of just one active ingredient. The product is designed to help increase the level of testosterone within the user’s system and allow them to reap the benefits that comes along with it. According to the product website, by increasing testosterone the user will see increased erectile function, a higher libido, and more stamina both in the bedroom and while working out.

The product is manufactured by Allmax Nutrition, which is a Canadian athletic and nutrition supplement manufacturer. Contact information for the manufacturer is provided through the product website, including a phone number, address, and email address. It should be noted that Allmax Nutrition has been the target of a class-action lawsuit that claimed the company knowingly misrepresented the effects of some of their products, and they have also been warned by the FDA regarding their labeling and advertising practices.

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TribX90 Claims

Regarding the effects and benefits of TribX90, the claims made by the manufacturer are pretty standard. They include a higher libido and sex drive, a natural testosterone boost, and increased stamina for both sexual performance and working out. That said, it does get more specific regarding what sets it apart from other testosterone boosters. Mainly, it claims that the tribulus terrestris it utilizes is far more potent than what it found in most supplements.

Specifically, the product claims that according to scientific testing that the potency of the product includes 90% furastanolic saponis, compared to an average of 40 to 45% saponis for most other over the counter supplements. That said, it does not explain exactly what that means for the user and how those numbers were achieved. Furthermore, the product states that it is an “ultra concentrated Bulgarian species” though again does not get into specifics regarding exactly what that means for the user.

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TribX90 Ingredients

TribX90 is unique in that it only contains one active ingredients in tribulus terrestris. Tribulus terrestris is commonly used in male enhancement products, but is almost always combined with other additives to provide a well-rounded approach to male enhancement. While Tribulus terrestris is a valuable ingredient in testosterone boosters and male enhancement products, it does not cover every aspect of male enhancement, which is part of what makes us wary of this product. The website does provide a view of the supplement facts label and specific dosage information for the ingredients. Here is the active ingredient within Trib90X:

  • Tribulus Terrestris

The function of Tribulus Terrestris is to increase responsiveness within the user’s body to free testosterone that already exists within the system. It is a misconception that it actually increases the amount of testosterone within the user, as instead it simply allows the user to take better advantage of the testosterone that they have already produced. In increasing responsiveness of the user, it can allow them to maintain a healthy relationship with their sexual wellness over the long-term.
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Additionally, tribulus terrestris does not come with any side effects.

That said, why does TribX90 believe that just using tribulus terrestris is an effective way to deal with sexual wellness, as opposed to a more thorough collection of ingredients? According to their site, the tribulus terrestris they use is ultra-concentrated, making it more effective as a means of providing sexual benefits, but even if it is concentrated, it can leave some areas of sexual health unaddressed, such as increased blood flow or the creation for additional testosterone.

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The Science Behind TribX90

Unlike many male enhancement products on the market currently, TribX90 does actually make some specific scientific claims regarding its formula and effectiveness. Most of the claims that it makes revolve around its use of tribulus terrestris and why it is more effective in this product than any other. According to the product website, “Laboratory tests have confirmed high levels of Steroidal Saponins at 90% using UV Spectrophotometry Absorption testing.” Furthermore, it states that scientific research has suggested that is can stimulate the production of the luteinizing hormone that in turn creates more testosterone.

While it is refreshing to see a product attempt to back up its claims of effectiveness with actual science and research, TribX90 unfortunately does not provide links to the studies or research that it references, leaving users on their own to simply trust that the manufacturer is being honest. Additionally, it does not explain the value or relevance of high saponins levels, and why that should be a factor in deciding between male enhancement products.

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Word on the Street About TribX90

Trib90X is sold through multiple online vendors which makes finding objective consumer reviews fairly easy to locate online. Given that the product only uses tribulus terrestris as an active ingredient, we were surprised to find so many users complaining of negative side effects from the product. Typically, tribulus terrestris is safe to use and does not lead to many negative side effects, though given the potency with which the product claims it uses the ingredient, it may act in ways that are not typical.

Based on the consumer reviews that we saw, the product ran the gamut of side effects that it caused, as one consumer stated, “Don’t take these if you suffer migraines. I would get an awful migraine whenever I took just one. Eventually, I just threw the pills away.” Migraines weren’t the only side effect users suffered, as another consumer stated “These made me very anxious. I was unable to relax, and it was a very unpleasant feeling.” Besides those side effects, there were also reports of mood swings and digestive issues when taking the pills.

As mentioned, tribulus terrestris is generally a reliable ingredient, so the adverse reactions that many users experienced were likely the result of how the product was utilized and the extreme potency claimed by the manufacturer. Because of the negative side effects caused by the product, we would advise caution to consumer planning to give it a try.

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Is TribX90 Worth a Try?

Because of the extremely limited formula and the consistent reports of negative side effects, we would advise users to look elsewhere for a male enhancement product. The product is sold for an affordable price and each bottle lasts for up to three months, but there are too many questions about what you’re really paying for. Tribulus terrestris is one of our favorite ingredients when it is used in a well-rounded blend of other effective additives, but on its own it will struggle to provide users with the consistent solution to their sexual performance issues.

Additionally, what concerns us is the alleged potency of the tribulus terrestris. Generally, increased potency is a good thing, but here it is not clear how that potency is achieved, and it given the atypical side effects that it has produced, we are not comfortable recommending that users try it. Another thing that concerns us are the claims that the product will boost testosterone in users, when it has been established that tribulus terrestris does not actually boost testosterone, but rather allows the body take better advantage of the testosterone that already exists in the system. Given that the product itself doesn’t seem to fully grasp how its only ingredient works, we’re not sure how much stock to put into the rest of their claims.

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TribX90 vs Viril X

These two ingredients could not be more different when it comes to their approach to sexual health. While TribX90 uses just one active ingredient, Viril X makes use of over 20. Unfortunately, Viril X lacks significant information, particularly dosage information, about its ingredients and doesn’t feature as many consumer reviews online. Viril X is also considerably more expensive than TribX90, though that should be expected given the long list of ingredients. Though they have many similarities, Viril X does not make much of a claim to helping users with weight loss of muscle building, unlike TrbX90.

TribX90 vs Testosyn

Testosyn is a testosterone booster that also utilizes tribulus terrestris, but includes over 10 other ingredients to make a more well-rounded supplement. The price of Testosyn is significantly higher TribX90, but that is to be expected given the lengthier ingredient list. Unfortunately, both products have received complaints of side effects from users. TribX90 makes a clearer claim to benefit male enhancement, but Testosyn includes ingredients like maca root and horny goat weed that can have a beneficial effect on sexual health.

TribX90 vs Prime

Prime is a testosterone booster that uses several more ingredients than TribX90, including tongkat ali, horny goat weed, and boron. There are literally thousands of consumer reviews for Prime available online currently and they are decidedly more positive than the reviews for TribX90. Prime does not make much of a claim to improving sexual wellness, but it does make similar claims regarding stamina and muscle building.

TribX90 FAQ

  1. What is the recommended dosage when taking TribX90?

Users are advised to take 1 to 2 capsules of TribX90 every day, though the directions do not indicate if there is a specific time at which it is supposed to be taken. Apparently, users are supposed to start with 1 capsule and work their way up to 2 if needed.

  1. Can TribX90 be used for bodybuilding?

TribX90 mostly discusses its benefits for sexual health, but by increasing testosterone within the body, users can also experience increased stamina and focus which they could utilize to work out more and potentially add muscle.

  1. Is TribX90 a steroid?

No, TribX90 is not classified as a steroid, though it can potentially be used as an alternative to steroids.
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  1. What benefits will I receive from using TribX90?

The benefits claimed by the manufacturer of TribX90 include increased metabolism, sex drive, libido, stamina, and mental focus. Additionally, the product states that it can help users add lean body mass.

  1. Where can I find customer reviews of TribX90?

TribX90 is sold through multiple retailers online, and some of those retailers offer consumer reviews of the product. One retailer in particular, The Vitamin Shoppe, offers a handful of consumer reviews, most of which are mixed in their evaluation.

  1. Is high blood pressure one of the side effects that can occur when taking TribX90?

Tribulus Terrestris is a generally safe ingredient, and the side effects that come with its use are either minimal or nonexistent. Based on the reactions that we have seen, there are no reports of high blood pressure occurring with use.

  1. What ingredients are included in TribX90?

There is only one active ingredient that is included in Trib90X, which is tribulus terrestris. Beyond that there are some inactive ingredients such as gelatin, silicon dioxide, and food coloring.

  1. Can TribX90 be purchased through GNC and Amazon?

Though TribX90 can be purchased through a variety of retailers, it is not currently sold through either GNC or Amazon, which are two of the more reliable vendors online now.

  1. Is there are forum where I can find people discussing TribX90?
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Based on our research, we found that TribX90 was discussed on some bodybuilding forums, which, expectedly, discussed its value as a workout supplement for adding muscle. We did not find any forums that discussed its value as a male enhancement product.

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So What Really Works?

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