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A sexual enhancement product for both men and women that uses a confusingly long list of ingredients and creates unpleasant side effects in users. Keep reading to find out if it’s possible that the product can provide the benefits necessary to justify its price. Continue by scrolling down just a bit and clicking on the table of contents.

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Trinity X3 Overview

Trinity X3 is a sex enhancement product that is designed for use by both men and women. It is formulated to increase the libido of the user, while also improving blood circulation throughout the body. Based on the ingredients that are used, it would seem the product would be more likely to have an effect on male users than female users. The product is promoted towards married couples only who are looking to revive their sex lives with one another.

The reason the product is geared specifically towards married couples is because it is produced by Holy Land Health, a Christian-based wellness company that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their website provides contact details such as a phone number, physical address, and a page on their site through which questions can be submitted electronically. The product is sold for $69.00 for one bottle that contains 60 capsules and is designed to last approximately one month.

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Trinity X3 Claims

The claims made by Trinity X3 are pretty standard, but they set themselves apart by claiming that their product is effective for both men and women. This is not a claim that you come across often, and for good reason – the ingredients that are effective for male enhancement are often much different than the ones that are effective for women. Looking over the list of ingredients that are used, it seems that most of the ingredients are geared towards men, in particular the number of ingredients that seem focused on increasing testosterone within the user. There are some ingredients that could potentially be effective for women as well, but they are mostly stimulants that will increase energy, but won’t address their sexual health.

Another interesting claim made the product is that it will improve the user’s marriage by improving their sexual relationship with their partner. If you’re marriage is lacking intimacy then it is possible it would be improved by a supplement that would increase sexual health within the user, but if the product is ineffective – which many consumer reviews claim that this product is – it could actually exacerbate problems within the user’s marriage.

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Trinity X3 Ingredients

The website for Trinity X3 offers a full list of ingredients that are used within the product formula, but unfortunately only provides specific dosage information for a few of the ingredients that are used, because most of the formula is a proprietary blend. There is also no description or explanation offered regarding the ingredients that are used, so it is up to the consumer themselves to inform themselves fully about what they are potentially putting into their bodies. Here is a full list of ingredients that are used in the product:

  • Niacin
  • Zinc
  • Muira Puama
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Kola Nut
  • Maca
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Avena Sativa
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Ginger Root
  • Boron Citrate
  • L-Citrulline
  • Orchic Substance
  • American Ginseng
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Barrenwort
  • Sarsaparilla

Among this daunting list of ingredients, there are a number of quality ingredients that are used. Tribulus terrestris is valuable for training the body and mind to take better advantage of the free testosterone that already exists within the system, therefore potentially improving energy and stamina. Maca is known to be one of the most effective natural aphrodisiacs available, and can also work as a stimulant and increase blood circulation levels. Muira Puama is a Brazilian herb that has a variety of uses including as an aid to erectile dysfunction and increasing the frequency of sexual thoughts within users.

Unfortunately, the supplement also contains some ingredients that are not only ineffective, but also potentially harmful to the user’s health. Specifically, Kola Nut which is a seed that is the basis for Coca-Cola, but does not have any research that suggests it is effective in a male enhancement product. It has the potential to act as a stimulant, but has the potential for side effects such as rapid heartbeat, increase in blood pressure, and issues with breathing. The product uses other ingredients with questionable value, such as the amino acid L-Citrulline which is one of the least effective amino acids for increasing blood circulation and has very little research to back up its effectiveness.

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The Science Behind Trinity X3

As you may expect, a Christian wellness company does not actually provide much hard science to support their sexual enhancement product. There is not much explanation as to how the product works within the body, but it does explain that its effectiveness is based around increasing blood flow and directing the blood to the areas necessary for increased sexual performance and energy levels.

Increased blood flow to certain areas should increase the sensitivity within that area, which means that they user could see increased amounts of pleasure when they make love. Unfortunately, the site does not offer any specific figures or studies to support their claims of effectiveness, and they do not explain the function of their ingredients, which is relevant because so many ingredients are used so it is important for the user to have a grasp as to what purpose each ingredient plays.

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Word on the Street About Trinity X3

Trinity X3 is only sold through the Holy Land Health website, which does not provide objective consumer reactions, so locating user reviews that you can be sure are trustworthy can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are some product review sites that offer a forum for consumers who have used the product to offer their reactions. Based upon the reviews that we viewed, it seems the general reaction to the product was mostly negative.

There were consistent complaints of mild but unpleasant side effects created by the product, most notable increased sweating.
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As one user put it, “I took this product before my partner arrived, but by the time they got there I was sweating like crazy and kept having to use the bathroom.” Another consumer made similar complaints, saying “I was excited to give it a try, but it was nothing like I expected. Mostly I was just sweating and became irritable.

Outside of the negative side effects experienced by several users, the most common complaint was that the product was simply not effective in increasing libido or improving erectile functions. Based on the long list of ingredients that are used, one would think that there would be something to be gained from using the product, but because we do not know the specific dosages that are used it is possible that they simply aren’t utilized effectively.

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Is Trinity X3 Worth a Try?

Because of the potential side effects that the supplement can create along with the high price tag, there is no reason to waste your time with Trinity X3. Many consumers will likely be wary of a sexual enhancement product that is made by Christian-wellness company, and it seems that their suspicions are justified in this case. The long list of ingredients used by the product are unfortunately not effective in creating noticeable benefits for the user, but they do seem to consistently create negative side effects such as increased perspiration and irritability.

Additionally, the product promotes itself as an effective sexual enhancement product for both men and women, but formula seems almost entirely geared towards men, though it isn’t even effective for them. The product is also sold for .
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00 for a month’s supply which is a relatively high price, particularly for a product that does not seem to deliver upon its various promises of effectiveness.

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Trinity X3 vs Viagara

Viagara is perhaps the most well known erectile dysfunction aid on the market currently. Trinity X3 only makes vague claims regarding its ability to improve erectile dysfunction, but covers a much wider range of sexual health benefits. Viagara is only available by prescription and can potentially lead to several negative side effects, which is why it is supposed to only be taken under a doctor’s guidance.
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It is known to be effective for erectile dysfunction, but does not address any other areas of sexual health, while Trinity X3 is not considered to be effective in general.

Trinity X3 vs Virectin

Like Trinity X3, Virectin focuses almost entirely on providing sexual enhancement benefits, and not on physical fitness or muscle gains. They utilize some of the same ingredients as well such as tribulus terrestris, zinc, and avena sativa. That said, the consumers reactions to Virectin, while not great, have been considerably better than the reviews received by Trinity X3.

Trinity X3 vs Nugenix

Nugenix is primarily a testosterone booster that can also provide benefits for sexual health in men. Unlike Trinity X3, it is only designed to be used by men, and not both sexes, and is sold for a cheaper price through several reputable online retailers like GNC and Amazon. The products overlap in ingredients such as L-Citrulline, Triblus Terrestris, Vitamin B12, and Zinc, and have both received just mediocre to negative reviews from consumers who have tried them. Overall though, Nugenix has at least received some positive reviews that we can locate.

Trinity X3 FAQ

  1. Where can Trinity X3 be purchased?

Trinity X3 can exclusively be purchased through the Holy Land Health website at this current time.

  1. What price is Trinity X3 sold for?

One bottle of Trinity X3, which contains 60 capsules, is sold for $69.00 plus shipping and handling. There are price breaks offered for multiple bottles being purchased at once, as 3 bottles are sold for $176.00, and 6 bottles for $314.00.

  1. Is there a free trial of Trinity X3 offered to users?

The manufacturer’s site for Trinity X3 does not offer a free trial to users, but it does offer a 60-day money back guarantee if users are not satisfied with their purchase.

  1. Does Holy Land Health offer a phone number through which they can be contacted?

Yes, Holy Land Health does offer a customer service phone number for users and it is (844) 714-9209. Additionally, they provide a mailing address and a page through which questions can be submitted electronically.

  1. In what dosage is Trinity X3 supposed to be used?

The product advises users to take at least 2 capsules a day of Trinity X3, but states that up to 4 capsules can be used per day if needed. If more than 2 capsules are taken per day each bottle will last less than a month.

  1. Does Trinity X3 work the way it states?

According to the consumer reviews that we have come across, Trinity X3 does not work the way that it states on its website, and actually causes some negative side effects, including excessive sweating and increased heart rate.

  1. Is Trinity X3 for sale through retailers like Amazon?

No, Trinity X3 cannot be purchased through websites such as Amazon or any other independent retailer, as it is only available for purchase through the official website of Holy Land Health, the product manufacturer.

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So What Really Works?

For countless users, finding a male enhancement supplement that agree with their bodies and addresses the areas of sexual health that they need improved can be a difficult and frustrating task. For that reason, we are delighted to share that our research has found that the best male enhancement product that is currently available is Viritenz. It has achieved its recognition through the consistent benefits it provides to users including bigger, stronger erections, increased blood flow throughout the system, increased stamina levels, and more pleasurable intercourse.

Viritenz is produced by a company by the name of Health Research Institute and their product website is full of relevant, useful information regarding how the product works to achieve results, and the care that is taken in producing it. It also provides a list and description of the relevant ingredients that are used in the product formula, including tongkat ali, oyster extract, and maca root. Additionally, there are offers of discounts and promotions that consumers can take advantage of.

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