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While this product has its heart in the right place and doesn’t try and pull any fast ones on us, it’s a little pricey for what it gives you, and there are almost no customer reviews to read, making us wonder if anyone’s ever even tried it. For our in-depth review, read below:

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Triverex Overview

Triverex is a dietary pill for male sexual enhancement. It’s made from natural plant extracts and herbs, promising to not only help give men stronger erections, but a higher sex drive and more stamina for a “longer, mutually-satisfying sexual experience.” It was supposedly developed by experts in the field of urology, which is implied to make it safer and more trustworthy than the competition.

This company really goes all out on the medical stuff – from the images to the branding and color schemes – trying to make us think that it’s somehow as legit as pharmaceuticals, but is it really? We did our own investigation, and unfortunately there’s far less to this supplement than the company would have you think.

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Triverex Claims

This is one of the more reserved-looking products we’ve come across. While most other male enhancement products try and grab your attention with big graphics, images of scantily clad or near-nude models in the throes of passion, and over-the-top claims about how it can make your penis bigger, etc, Triverex goes the more “medical”-sounding route: they say that its formula was based on evidence and clinical trials, and that it only supports sexual health and “maintenance.” Men with problems with erections are supposed to see them become firmer and harder in general, due to the effects some of the formula’s ingredients have on blood circulation. Other ingredients are supposed to affect the libido, while still others are promised to help the body deal with higher levels of stress for longer periods of time – increasing stamina during sex.

So far, so good, right? Combine those humble claims with the fact that its ingredients are “natural” and have “clinical evidence” that they work, and it sounds like a pretty okay product overall.

Who’s making these claims, and can we trust them? The company is called Farr Laboratories, a nutritional supplement company based in California. From their name to the way they present themselves, they try to come off as legit in every way: references to labs, testing, doctors, experts, all of these key words are meant to make you feel that they’re legitimate and trustworthy, as opposed to other companies that can look like they’re operated out of the back alley of a massage parlor somewhere.

They have an okay customer service history, but there is a lot to be desired. We checked out their profile at the Better Business Bureau, and they only have a “B+” when it comes to customer service, and they’re not accredited. While accreditation with the BBB doesn’t in itself suggest anything wrong, it would have been nice for them to go the extra mile and apply to be accredited, since it would definitely show they they’d put forth the effort to be as open and transparent with customers.

And that’s about all there is to them. No mentions on industry sites, no mentions from doctors, none of that.

One thing we noticed also was their heavy insistence that people sign up for an auto-billing option, which is the only way to get the “good” price for Triverex. Usually it’s about $60, but you only get the quality reduction in price by signing up for the “auto-fill” option, meaning if you want to get the price down to something resembling similar products (and with similar ingredients), you have to lock yourself in to receiving it for months on end, without knowing for sure if it’ll work for you.

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Triverex Ingredients

Triverex has a pretty standard list of ingredients, all of which we’ve seen before. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Korean red ginseng
  • L-Citrulline
  • Maca
  • Epimedium
  • Eurycoma longifolia
  • Velvet bean

Korean ginseng is a common natural extract, a plant used for years in traditional Asian (mostly Chinese) medicine as a way to improve athletic performance and support the sex drive in people who have a low libido.

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that the body converts to l-arginine, another acid that further converts to nitric oxide. When nitric oxide is in the blood, it dilates the blood vessels and permits more blood to flow through them, especially to the extremities, making it a popular ingredient for natural sexual health products.

Maca is a plant used in traditional Peruvian medicine for a variety of hormone-based symptoms, from menstrual cramps to low energy. It’s included in some male supplements because of the belief that it can help regulate testosterone levels, one of the hormones responsible for the sex drive (among others).

Epimedium is another word for horny goat weed, which does basically what its name implies. Traditional Chinese medicine counts this as one of the best extracts for treating erectile dysfunction in men, as it’s supposed to contain chemicals that help prevent blood from escaping too quickly from the penis once aroused.

Eurycoma longifolia is another word for tongkat ali, a popular aphrodisiac from Southeast Asia that’s supposed to have an effect on testosterone levels as well.

Velvet bean is also called mucuna pruriens, an African ingredient that’s used in folk medicine to treat low sex drive and erectile dysfunction in men.

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The Science Behind Triverex

There are some studies which support some of the claims behind a few of the ingredients in this product. For example, Korean ginseng was found to have a benefit to the sex drive in menopausal women (Oh, KJ, et al: “Effects of Korean red ginseng …” J Sex Med, 2024), and eurycoma longifolia was found to have an effects on erectile function (Kotirum, S, et al: “Efficacy of Tongkat Ali …” Complement Ther Med, 2024).

Part of the difficulty with analyzing Triverex is that the blend is proprietary, so we don’t know the exact amounts of each extract included in the formula. While this is not an uncommon practice, it makes it hard to really gauge the effectiveness. If an extract was found to have benefits at 2g or 3g over the course of weeks, and Triverex only had 500mg, that would cause a problem, since it would have only a fraction of the effectiveness. Until this company is more forthcoming, we won’t be able to tell if this product will even work.

Another problem is that despite Triverex implying that it was tested in scientific trials (“evidence-based nutraceutical”), they also flat out admit they did no testing of Triverex: the ingredients themselves have individually been subject to tests, but Triverex and its unique blend and dosage has not. This is a little different from what customers may believe at first, and so it should absolutely be pointed out so that no one is confused into thinking that Triverex itself has seen any kind of tests.

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Word on the Street about Triverex

You can look at the ingredients, you can look at the claims, but what it really comes down to are customer reviews. Without them, it’s impossible to tell whether a product really works. Other products have dozens, or even hundreds of customer reviews, and whether they’re good or bad, they at least give you an idea of what to expect if you want to buy the thing. If Triverex wants to stand out from the horde of other male sex supplements, they need to go out of their way to make sure that there are reviews for people to read.

And that’s where Triverex is most disappointing. There’s only one customer review, and it’s on the product’s main webpage:


“Wait, that can’t be it,” we said to ourselves, so we checked around at other websites where the product might be sold. Amazon? Nothing. Ebay? Nothing. It turns out there is just one customer review.

Think about that for a second: if a product is supposed to be so good, you’d think multiple people would have bought it by now. Even if only twenty or thirty people bought it, you would think that if the product worked (or even if it didn’t) a handful of people would have thought to write in. Instead, all we get is one one-word review from a single reviewer, and we don’t even know if it’s a real customer – it could be anybody writing in, since there’s no requirement to actually buy Triverex before “reviewing” it.

This could mean any number of things, but our money is this: that despite offering the product for months (or years, at this point), very few people have bought the product, and of those few people, only one thought it worked well enough to make it work writing about.

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Is Triverex Worth a Try?

This is a hard question to answer, but right now we’re inclined to go with “no.” Despite the fact that this company is supposed to be an industry-leading business with thousands of satisfied customers, they only have a B+ rating from the BBB, and they’re not accredited. Another thing to consider is the fact that we don’t know the actual amounts of each ingredient in this formula, meaning we can’t tell whether the dose is going to be effective enough to merit a recommendation. It’s also quite expensive for what it is, costing about $55 for a one-month supply, and the ingredients in the formula are found in much cheaper products.

But the most jarring thing to keep in mind is the fact that there is only one findable customer review, and since anyone can write these reviews on the Triverex website, it might not even be legit. This is a huge problem, since there’s no way for potential consumers to get an idea of whether the product works, since you can’t form an impression based on one weak unverifiable review.

As it stands right now, Triverex looks like it could end up being a gamble. Since we would never suggest that anyone take a risk when it comes to their health (or their money for that matter) we advise consumers to avoid Triverex for now. That is, at least, until they come up with some better reasons for us to trust them and their product.

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Triverex vs Viagra

These are two very different products, although at first glance it may seem like they’re intended for the same purpose. Triverex is a nutritional supplement, meaning it’s not regulated or approved by the FDA, and it can be bought without a prescription. Viagra on the other hand is a prescription drug that you need a doctor to recommend you for before you buy it. Triverex promises to help you with your erection strength plus your sex drive, while Viagra is intended only to help men maintain an erection longer. They also differ in price. Viagra can cost over $40 per pill, while Triverex costs $55 per bottle. Viagra is meant to be taken just before sex, while Triverex is meant to be taken long-term on a daily basis as a dietry supplement.

Triverex FAQ

  1. Are there any complaints about Triverex?
    We haven’t seen any official complaints about Triverex, either from the FDA or from customers.
  2. Is Triverex on sale?
    It doesn’t look like it’s on sale, although at the main website the 2-month supply appears to be sold at a reduced cost. It’s not clear whether that’s just a marketing ploy, however.
  3. How long does it take for Triverex to start working?
    Since this is a dietary supplement, it’s supposed to take a little time before the real effects can be seen. Triverex doesn’t promise results in any specific time frame, but our conservative estimate would be that you’d have to wait for up to two weeks.
  4. Can I get Triverex from Amazon?
    Yes, it’s available on Amazon through the company’s official storefront, and at the same price as on the main website.
  5. What is Triverex MD?
    That’s just the full name of Triverex. It’s the same product.
  6. Are there any side effects for Triverex?
    The main website claims there aren’t any side effects, and since there’s only one real customer review, we don’t know if customers have seen any side effects.
  7. What about the Triverex 60 capsules option?
    This company offers Triverex in bottles of 60 pills, which is supposed to last you for a full month. There are other options for multiple bottles, but each bottle still contains 60 pills.
  8. Why is it called Triverex Triple Action Complex?
    It’s because it’s meant to attack three different areas of men’s sexuality: blood flow, libido, and stamina.
  9. Do you know where to buy Triverex pills?
    Right now there’s only two places to buy this product: the Triverex website, and Amazon.
  10. What is the price of Triverex?
    It costs $54.95 for a one-month supply.

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So What Really Works?

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