USP Labs PowerFULL Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The fact the FDA and IRS filed legal action against the company due to tainted supplements was already a major reason not to trust it. To make it worse, they no longer feature PowerFULL on their website which likely means this supplement is now discontinued and no longer made fresh. Read about what was discovered about this shady company by going through the table of contents.

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USP Labs PowerFULL Overview

The only source for information is 3rd party websites and the ingredients leave a lot to be desired. There isn’t much in this, only 2 ingredients and it can’t offer much support because of this. There is also a major indictment against the company filed by the IRS and FDA which makes it seem as though they cannot be trusted.

There is no way to get a money back guarantee, and it’s likely this has now been discontinued. All the information shows that this wouldn’t be worth trying. There is no guarantee of its safety either, so users may be taking a supplement which has ingredients that the FDA said may be extremely harmful.

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USP Labs PowerFULL Claims

If you read  the 3rd party websites which is  the only source for claims, you’d think this is going to deliver great changes to HGH or human growth hormone. They suggest that sleep will prove, endurance will be sustained and that testosterone can increase by:

“at least 53%”

They fail to give any actual studies so it’s unknown how they determined that this was possible. This makes it impossible to look at the science and determine for certain if they are telling the truth. Claims like this need to be fully examined to see if  the study they are talking about is actually usable, and that it’s not based or flawed in some way where it can’t be taken seriously.

A major problem was food about the company practices. 11 counts of “unlawful sale of dietary supplements” were filed against the company by federal courts. This included allegations that they committed mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy. They also were said to have:

“mislead consumers… marketing of synthetic Chinese ingredients”

They made false certification to make it appear as if it was all-natural, when it clearly wasn’t. They instead were using synthetic ingredients. This also makes it questionable whether or not PowerFULL is also at risk, since the official website no longer mentions this supplement. It could be that the 3rd party websites which sell it are providing tainted product.

These faked ingredients occurred from over a 6 year period. They even told the FDA when this was caught early on that they would stop, but they continued to do so. The company was found to add both BMPEA and DMBA, ingredients which are banned due to serious safety concerns.

This lead to the IRS and FDA joining together to jail the head owners including the CEO.
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A major reason was they continued to use a substance which could lead to liver damage. This case has not been closed but since 2024 the company’s assets were seized and they are still undergoing criminal review.

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USP Labs PowerFULL Ingredients

Proprietary Blend, 750 mg

  • Velvet Bean Extract
  • Chlorophytum Borivilianum Root

Chlorophytum Borivilianum Root was traditionally used in Indian medicine as an herb which can deliver aphrodisiac benefits. This is also thought to possibly deliver testosterone enhancing benefits. People who take this rarely used herb often do so in order to enhance sexual function and to improve bodybuilding results. It’s not often added to supplements like this since the amount of research available is very limited.

Velvet Bean Extract is a type of bean that has chemicals in it which can affect brain chemistry, making serotonin. This can be useful for affecting appetite, mood, and metabolism, and it’s a common addition to male enhancement supplements.

The rest of the ingredients are inactive but unfortunately they also decided to add Blue 1, a type of food coloring which is controversial. This only affects the appearance of the pills, making them appear bluer.

The overall blend is very simple and though they add a lot of it at a total of 750 mg, this isn’t enough for overall male enhancement and testosterone.

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The Science Behind USP Labs PowerFULL

All the information about what this brand may do is only provided on 3rd party websites. So we have to do some research to see what these 2 ingredients can really do.

Chlorophytum borivilianum root is still understudied which is why Web MD says there is no:

“reliable research in people”

They go on to add to this by saying its unknown if it would be safe to use. Examine also says that only rat studies have shown it can be beneficial, so it is lacking information.

Mucuna pruriens is the other added ingredient which also has a lot of science to support its use. This can affect sperm, stress levels, mood, and overall wellness.

The problem is that since these are the only 2 ingredients used, and the only one that is proven to have an effect is already used in many other brands it leaves much to be desired. There is also little information provided anywhere to show whether or not this is safe from the banned substances the company is known to use.

There is a major risk since a website mentions the warning labels which mention those with certain conditions should not use it. They mention a lot which is rare for a supplement like this; it may mean they are aware that it may contain dangerous substances. It’s even suggested that customers who are interested should seek support from a:

“health care provider”

This is in order to ensure that the potential user is safe to try it. You also have to take 1 capsule before bed for the first 3 days, and then take 1 to 3 capsules after this period with only 5 grams of carbohydrates about an hour before using it. These are very odd and specific dosing instructions that are never explained as to why they are needed.

A website did mention that this was scientifically formulated but it’s important to look at the disclaimer which says that:

“We are not responsible for incorrect… or outdated product descriptions”

They make it clear that any of the science if sounding claims may not be truthful. It’s good that this is admitted, but it’s also a cheap way for them to get out of any responsibility.

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Word on the Street about USP Labs PowerFULL

“Saw that some people liked it but it offered no support for me. Maybe better recovery but that’s about it”

“Other than making it easier to go to sleep. This didn’t do much else. I wouldn’t recommend anyone try it”

“If you work out hard and get enough sleep than you’ll get a nice boost from this”

“Had to give up after 2 weeks because I started to break out real bad all over my body and face”

A consistent benefit some customers saw was an improvement of their sleep quality. For some this was the only change they noticed.

There were others who saw a better workout in the gym, which is the main intended benefit of this product. Still, not everyone enjoyed it and a lot of people said it failed to deliver on any of the promises.

We want to help users understand what their best options are for male enhancement which is why we made this top 10 list.

USP Labs PowerFULL vs Animal Stak

The creators of Animal Stak had some issues with their formula in 2024 after it was shown that they exaggerated claims. This was for a lot of their brands which raised questions about their dedication to quality.

The FDA even sad there was “significant violations” and this included misbranding. Animal Stak itself does contain key ingredients that may affect testosterone, but far too many who tried it said it failed to deliver.
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The formula isn’t enough to make up for the issues this has and the fact they make much exaggerated sounding claims which aren’t proven.
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USP Labs PowerFULL vs HGH Up

Inside of HGH Up are ingredients like Mucuna pruriens which can prove benefits. There; also a lot of nutrients in this as well as a form of Huperzine.

Overall it seems like a decent blend, but the feedback from customers was often mixed. Some added that it only provided benefits with weightlifting, and it’s meant more for mass as many people ballooned up in weight. Issues like sleep loss and an inability to relax were also mentioned.

There are also complaints from those who felt it was overpriced and not worth the kinds of changes it offered.

Is USP Labs PowerFULL Worth a Try?

Avoid this, there isn’t a single reason why anyone should trust it. The fact it may be discontinued is just a part of the problem with this product. You also get no evidence that it is going to work, nor is it back by a return policy.

This is also made by a questionable company that is undergoing serious legal issues brought on by the FDA and IRS. They lied about the quality of their products and continued to use potentially dangerous ingredients. The FDA report mentioned that they were trying to sell the last of their product instead of getting rid of it as they should have.

They used substances which could cause irreversible organ damage and which the FDA specified should never be used in a supplement. They violated these rules and because of this it appears they may be facing serious legal action.

None of the websites which offer it provide any actual links to studies to show if this will truly work as it is claimed to work.
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The risk for possible side effects is too high and you’re likely looking at a product which is no longer made fresh, it’s impossible to know if they still make this fresh but it is highly unlikely.

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  1. Is USP Labs PowerFULL discontinued?
    It appears it is judging from the fact it’s not on the official website anymore, and there is a 3rd party website which claims it has been discontinued. We can’t say for certain but often when an official website no longer features a supplement it’s likely the case that it’s no longer in circulation.
  1. Is USP Labs PowerFULL now banned?
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    It doesn’t appear to be banned but the FDA indictment which called out the companies supplements did feature other brands. It’s unclear why they no longer feature PowerFULL.
  1. Can I find USP Labs PowerFULL on Amazon?
    It’s not on Amazon.
  1. Will USP Labs PowerFULL cause negative side effects?
    There were some who said it made them feel worse. Acne was an issue for a customer who was forced to stop taking it.
  1. Where can I get USP Labs PowerFULL for sale?
    A few 3rd party websites do offer it but without money back return. It’s unknown if the original creators had banned substances in this brand, which may be the reason why they no longer feature it on their website.
  1. What is a good USP Labs PowerFULL alternative?
    We mention in the next section “So What Really Works” what we favor as being the best option for both male enhancement and testosterone. There’s a lot more ingredients than the simple 2 added to PowerFULL.
  1. What do USP Labs PowerFULL reviews say about it?
    There were mixed experiences. Some said it improved their workouts and that sleep came easier, but there was also a negative experience from certain users who said it made them feel worse. The results varied depending on the person, rarely did anyone mention at all if it could offer support in all the areas that are claimed by some 3rd party websites.

We picked these select few products for their enhanced ability to support male testosterone, sexual drive, and libido.

So What Really Works?

The best possible male enhancement support was clearly seen in the supplement called Viritenz. This has all the kinds of ingredients which can affect both the body and mind, supplementing sexual desire, blood flow, and overall wellness. It can make it easier to perform physical tasks that require endurance, and give the extra edge needed to get things done.

The boost in testosterone and overall increased sexual desire is made possible through many kinds of natural ingredients. There ae aphrodisiacs for example which can stimulate sexual vigor, and all of the additives are blended in amounts which can offer the most effects. To further explain Viritenz we offer a full review where you can see what it has to offer.

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