Vasoplexx Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Despite claiming that its benefits are proven by “science,” this product is far weaker than it makes itself out to be. With questionable claims and terrible customer reviews, it’s a wonder that this company is still in business. If you really want to find out why we gave this supplement a “pass,” read the review below:

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Vasoplexx Overview

Vasoplexx is an herbal sex supplement for men who want an extra bit of “help” when it comes to their sex lives. By taking it regularly, men are supposed to be able to increase the levels of testosterone in their bodies, which is supposed to make your sex drive soar and your stamina go way up. Men are also supposed to see an increase in the quality of their erections, in terms of both size and hardness.

With plenty of stock photos of “doctors” and references to clinical studies, you’d think that this product would be pretty legit, right? Well, unfortunately Vasoplexx really lets us down.

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Vasoplexx Claims

These people want you to think that this is “the” pill, an inexpensive and safe way to get your sex drive back on track and help you get the strong erections you always used to. For men that are getting older or who have had changes in lifestyle (including medications) that have a negative effect on their ability to get or maintain and erection, pills like Vasoplexx might seem like a great option. The ingredients in this product are supposed to drive more blood to the penis by creating more testosterone and dilating the blood vessels, engorging it and making it seem bigger and last longer. Some men reportedly were seen to have multiple orgasms and have more sexual desire in general.

Since it’s meant to be taken as a daily supplement, the results are supposed to get better with time.

How reliable are these claims, though? We have to start with the people making them. Vasoplexx appears to be “owned” by a company of the same name, related to another group called “Domains By Proxy.” They appear to be based in Arizona, and they have no website of their own. Not only that, but we don’t know who runs it. Since the Better Business Bureau has them listed as a “sole proprietorship,” it’s very likely that this company is run by one or two people – not the big, sprawling health business you would think they were.

That’s not the worst part, though.
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The worst part is that they have an “F” rating for the repeated customer service complaints made against them, and their failure to respond to them. The overall impression you get is of a company that doesn’t care about its customers, and which doesn’t take its own professed dedication to customer satisfaction seriously.

There are just too many companies out there selling similar products to Vasoplexx, so there’s really no excuse for them to be acting this way.

Another thing which made us raise our eyebrows was the constant mentioning of how these pills can make you penis bigger: “you will be happy with your new penis,” “visibly increase size,” “huge increase in overall size.” If they’re claiming that this pill can actually anatomically increase the size of your penis, they’re treading on thin ice, since science has demonstrated repeatedly that it’s impossible to make your penis bigger through pills (Steward, Julie: “Do Penis Enlargement Products Work?” MensHealth, 2024).

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Vasoplexx Ingredients

Vasoplexx contains a list of pretty common plant and herb-derived ingredients. Here’s a partial list:

  • Beet root
  • Muira Puama
  • Grape Seed
  • Arginine
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • L-Citrulline

Beet root is what it says – the root of the beet plant – and it’s been used in natural medicine for a number of different reasons. It supposedly contains nitric oxide, a substance that causes the blood vessels to get wider, which allows for better circulation and thus more blood going to the penis – or so the theory goes. There’s very little “science” to beet root, but we’ll get to that in the next section.

Muira puama is a plant from South America used as a natural aphrodisiac for years, included in this supplement as a way to boost the sex drive.

Grape seed is supposed to be a good source of antioxidants, molecules that help the cells fight off damage from free radicals. The result? Better overall health from the cellular level, supposedly. But does it really help?

Arginine is a substance that converts into nitric oxide when digested, doing much the same thing that beet root is promised to do.

Eurycoma longifolia is another term for tongkat ali or long jack, a popular aphrodisiac from the countries of Southeast Asia. It’s supposedly useful for both men and women to help improve their sex drive and have better sex.

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The Science Behind Vasoplexx

Some of the ingredients like muira puama and arginine do have some studies which link them to improvements in erections and sexual satisfaction (typically from self-reporting test subjects), but not all of these ingredients have a solid foundation, and that’s partly what makes us question this product.

Beet root sounds harmless enough – after all, it’s a fairly common food we eat – but is there anything to the health benefits people claim it has? Not really, turns out. While there’s “some evidence” that beets can reduce deposits of fat in the liver, there’s “insufficient evidence” that it’s useful for most all of the health uses it’s used for (WebMD).

Grape seed likewise sounds like it couldn’t do much harm, but this is a supplement: it’s supposed to contain powerful, “proven” ingredients. So where’s the science for grape seed extract? “It’s too early to say” if the antioxidant effects from grape seed have any benefits for people (WebMD).

With so few ingredients, the presence of these poorly-researched ones stand out and make us feel like maybe the formula is being padded out with unnecessary and unproven ingredients, maybe to make the formula look more impressive, or maybe because this company really doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

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Word on the Street about Vasoplexx

Regardless of what ingredients are in a product, the main thing is this: do customers like it? We checked around, and the results don’t really favor Vasoplexx. While there are some testimonials on the main website, we tend to avoid those since the company will always pick the reviews that make the product look good. But we wanted an unbiased perspective on what people really think of this product, so we check a third-party source – Amazon. The reviews?

Overwhelmingly negative.

“I used this for 2 weeks and haven’t noticed any differences.”

“Not good.”

“I felt like it boosted my testosterone, but saw no increase in penis size.”

“This product just flat-out doesn’t work. Do not buy.”

“This supplement gave me a rash.”

“I’ll be sending this one right back. Don’t buy. I’ll be getting a refund.”

These reviews kinda go on and on like that. There were some people who said it was good – 6 positive reviews in total. The other 30 were from some very disappointed customers.

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Is Vasoplexx Worth a Try?

This is one of the weakest products we’ve reviewed. Not only does the company that makes this product have no real presence (no website, no people named), they have an abysmally-low rating from the Better Business Bureau (an “F”). On top of that, the formula has some weak ingredients that would have been better left out, as the presence of “fillers” could weaken the overall product. But the real thing that swayed us was the terrible customer reception: a majority of people who tried this product apparently hated it, saying not only that it doesn’t work, but that it also comes with some bad side effects.

When people are looking to dive into the world of health supplements, they need to keep themselves reminded that there are a lot of hucksters out there. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate the supplement industry, there’s no oversight and no way to block someone from selling a product that just doesn’t work. You need not only good press, but good customer reviews to prove to new people that what you’re selling isn’t just snake oil.

Based on our research into Vasoplexx, we’ve determined that it’s really not worth your time or money. If you have respect for your health (and your wallet) you’d do well to avoid this supplement and not get pulled in by their marketing and false promises.

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Vasoplexx vs Extenze

These products are fairly similar, in that they’re both natural herbal pills that promise to help men get stronger erections and stronger sex drives as well. They even share some of the ingredients in common, like arginine and black pepper.
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They both promise a “larger penis,” so that puts them both solidly in the “bogus promises” department. Extenze is more expensive, though, at $59.95 for a one-month supply, while a month’s worth of Vasoplexx is only $39.99. Extenze has been around longer, and they have a more public-facing company, while Vasoplexx has only been around for a few years and seems to be fairly secretive.

Vasoplexx vs Viagra

It’s hard to compare these products, because they’re just so different. It’s true that they both promise similar things, but their differences outweigh their similarities. While Vasoplexx promises (among other things) to give men bigger and longer-lasting erections and a higher sex drive, Viagra only promises to make erections easier to get and to last longer. Vasoplexx is a natural herbal supplement, and Viagra is a prescription drug. Not only does this change who can buy each of them (for Vasoplexx it can be anyone, while you need a doctor to prescribe you Viagra), the prices can also vary. Viagra can cost $40 a pill, while Vasoplexx is only $40 for a whole bottle.

Vasoplexx FAQ

  1. Can I buy Vasoplexx at Walmart?
    No, right now it doesn’t look like this product is available at Walmart, either online or in store.
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  2. Can I see before and after pictures for Vasoplexx?
    We haven’t seen any of these before-and-after pictures, but they might be available if you check out a penis enlargement forum that allows nudity to be posted on their forums.
  3. What’s the price of Vasoplexx?
    Vasoplexx costs $39.99 for a one-month supply, $79.99 for three months, and $119.99 for five months.
  4. What’s the phone number for Vasoplexx?
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    They don’t offer a phone number on their website, all they have is an email address where they can be contacted from 8pm-6pm (can’t they technically receive emails anytime?)
  5. Can you get Vasoplexx at GNC?
    No, right now it doesn’t look like Vasoplexx is available there at the moment, either in stores or online.
  6. Where can I buy Vasoplexx?
    Right now it looks like the only place to buy this product is from the product’s main website, and from Amazon.
  7. What are the before and after results for Vasoplexx?
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    The main results this company promises are 1) fuller erections, 2) a bigger penis, and 3) more stamina. Those, however, are only the promises being made. From what we’ve seen of customer reviews, however, it’s clear to us that (contrary to what’s being said) Vasoplexx doesn’t always deliver.
  8. Is there a free trial for Vasoplexx?
    No, unlike many other supplements there is no free trial for this product. You have to buy it outright.
  9. What ingredients are in Vasoplexx?
    Beet root, muira puama, arginine, l-citrulline, tribulus terrestris, eurycoma longifolia jack, grape seed, avena sativa, maca root, piper longum.
  10. Does Vasoplexx increase size?
    The short answer is basically “no,” but it depends on what’s meant by “size.” If you’re used to weak erections, taking a product that’s supposed to drive more blood to the penis during erections can make it seem like the penis is “bigger,” when it’s just fully-inflated. That’s the closest this product gets to “making your penis bigger.”

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So What Really Works?

Honestly, there are too many supplements out there that promise increase a man’s sex drive, but Viritenz is the one that we recommend wholeheartedly. Not only is it safe for long-term use and comes free of nasty side effects that you see when taking drugs or medications, it’s also available without a prescription. With a bevy of natural ingredients were specially-picked for their properties, the supplement was formulated in the USA where it has passed the highest standards for quality and safety. That means you’re getting a product that’s backed by the promises of the Good Manufacturing Practices association.

When this supplement is used as directed, it’s been seen to make men last longer during sex, give them harder and longer-lasting erections, and provide them with the energy and confidence they need to get back on the horse and start enjoying sex again. To read more about Viritenz, its ingredients, and the results men can get, click here.

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