VigRX Plus Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The fact that most customers saw no benefit and that the clinical study meant to prove this supplement is flawed was just a small part of the problem. There are also the many serious complaints against the company practices. See all the controversy behind this male enhancement product by going through the table of contents.

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VigRX Plus Overview

If you were to look at just the ingredients you’d be fooled into thinking this is a great supplement. After looking at the majority of negative reviews it’s obvious the majority of users had nothing but bad things to say. This failed to work at all and far too many had serious complaints about side effects.

There’s also the fact many were forced to pay money every month without ever asking to enroll. The concern is that the company would not return customers money even though they should have been given their money back, as their policy claimed it would.

We saw that overall, for real male enhancement change there were no better brands than the following 10 supplements.

VigRX Plus Claims

Supposedly this has the “freshest and finest” ingredients, all of which can help make erections firm, improve pleasure, and improve overall sexual pleasure. If you look at their website it does look impressive, they had a clinical study which we help explain in the science section of this review.

They even add that this was “doctor approved” by a Doctor Steven Lamm. He claims that it surprised him, and that he is confident that it will work for male enhancement. Unfortunately he has a lot of complaints filed against him and some claimed he is only looking to sell supplements. There were issues related to what people felt to be shady business practices and instead of trying to help consumers, since he would try and peddle his products.

To help make this seem a lot better than it is they say that:

“98.5%… say they’d buy it again”

There is no way to actually prove this and its unknown if this is true. After we looked at the consumer reviews it was clear that the majority had the opposite effect, many said it wasn’t effective.

Yet another problem to add to this already long list is the fact they have 10 complaints on their Better Business Bureau listing. People said that the company would not honor what they thought was a proper return policy. Often they would send back a message that the supplement was not retuned in the allowed amount of time, which some disputed was not true.

There were also unexpected charges that were not authorized such as their auto-renewal plan which was forced upon customers. This comment best summarizes the most common issue:

“deplorable, scamming sales tactics”

There were also problems in getting a true free refund. We’ve seen this common scam tactics from questionable websites. They basically try and lure customers into thinking that they’ll be able to use a supplement by only paying the shipping and handling. Because this is done via a credit card, they already store your personal information. After the supposed free trial is sent they fail to mention that this is only for a short period, and that customers have to call and cancel otherwise it will lead to an automatic billing plan every 30 or so days.

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VigRX Plus Ingredients

  • Korean Red Ginseng Root
  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Tribulus Terrestris Vine
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
  • Damiana Leaf
  • Muira Puama 4:1 Extract
  • Catuaba 4:1 Bark Extract
  • Cuscuta 4:1 Seed Extract
  • Epimedium 4:1 Leaf Extract
  • Bioperine

A lot of support is offered many of these ingredients can help improve male enhancement. The aphrodisiacs include Tribulus Terrestris, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Epimedium and other ingredients. All of which are backed by good evidence.

They also add other ingredients like Korean Red Ginseng which can offer multiple possible benefits, including enhanced circulation to help make it easier to keep and erection.

There is the inactive ingredient FD&C Red #40 which should have never been included. This is a food coloring that is only effective at making this supplement look as if it’s bright red. There is concern over the possible dangerous symptoms it may lead to.

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The Science Behind VigRX Plus

To help prove the worth of the ingredients they actually had clinical study performed on their formula by a group called the Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD. They tested it for a full 84 days. The makers did fund the study so there’s a possibility that this is biased.

They do say that after 12 weeks of use it was better than a placebo. They also said that this was not for a:

“general ED population”

They add how the effects are only related to a small amount of the population, and that it has yet to be tested to show whether or not it would be useful for the average person. They only tested this on mend who were 25 to 50 who suffered from either a mild or moderate case of erectile dysfunction. Only 78 total men took part in these studies.

Still, the major flaw is the acknowledged payment provided which says:

“Leading Edge Herbals… funding the trial…. Conduct and publication”

They clearly had a major influence which may have a hand in making this appear to be useful. This study is too flawed to consider it an average possible benefit, especially when you factor in the majority negative reviews. The basic understanding is that this supplement is overhyped and not at all worth the possible issues customers had to deal with. It’s unknown why or how, but there were some common side effects that users complained about.

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Word on the Street about VigRX Plus

“price is far too high for something so unreliable”

“Gave me a long 3 day headache after using just a single dose, real bad I don’t like it at all”

“Had bad hives at day 2 all over my body. I stopped using it and found a better alternative”

“I’ve taken VigRX for a good 30 days and I didn’t see any results at all, for me it wasn’t good enough”

The large majority of customers not only said it didn’t work, but a sizable amount said it caused side effects. Nausea, stomach issues, headaches, and ill feelings are all repeat issues. Very few customers had anything good to say about it, but they often failed to mention in detail if it actually supported overall sexual enhancement.

The male enhancement products in this list were reviewed positively by customers and our review team alike.

Is VigRX Plus Worth a Try?

Better support is offered elsewhere, far too many said it wasn’t effective. The ingredients would make this seem like it would be a better product, but customers had the exact same repeat issue, it failed to produce reliable benefits for far too many. The consensus was clear; it had no benefit at all.

The company has had issues with their lack of customer service handling. Many said that they weren’t able to get a return since they were denied. Shipping was also an issue for some, since they ended up paying money but the company would say that the supplements should have arrived.

Some even said they were sent product they never requested and were suddenly placed on an auto-renewal plan, all without their consent.

Overall the ingredients aren’t unique enough and the company and product itself were badly reviewed by consumers. There’s also the problem which may affect the way this affects the body. Apparently the official website says there is an issue with counterfeit versions of this brand which are circulating. It’s unknown if this is to drive up sales on their website instead of elsewhere however.

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VigRX Plus vs Viagra

Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction and you can only get it legally through a doctor’s prescription. It costs more and you have to be careful when using it. It has the potential to cause serious side effects including difficulty breathing, chest pain, and even a painful erection.

If used the doctors’ orders have to be strictly followed, there are serious potential side effects which may result from using it exactly as directed. Much like other prescriptions you can’t safely mix it with alcohol.

VigRX Plus vs TEKMale

There is a lot to like about TEKMale; the ingredients used are generally well-tolerated and often effective. The problem comes from the stimulant yohimbe and high price. Yohimbe does have the potential to cause serious side effects, which is why it’s often considered unsafe for many. It’s not uncommon for high blood pressure, anxiety, headache, and jitters to strike suddenly.

This is especially concerning when you look at the amount of side effects experienced by users. These symptoms were often the same, meaning that it’s possible certain common symptoms may occur.

VigRX Plus vs Cialis

Already the biggest difference is that Cialis is only available through a prescription. A doctor has to certify that the user is healthy enough to use it without suffering from potential dangerous side effects. This does not mean it would be safe to use for all, just that certain users may suffer from cardiovascular failure.

Cialis can only prevent erectile dysfunction, there’s no actual support for any other kind of sexual enhancement change. This has zero effect on libido or endurance. You also shouldn’t mix it with alcohol; it may be dangerous to mix.

VigRX Plus vs Vimax

After reviewing Vimax we uncovered the fact that in 2024 the FDA certified they added a prescription ingredient. Their website is also full of gimmicky claims made about how effective it can be, and what women are looking for. The ingredients aren’t impressive either; it has all the same additives you would expect in a brand like this.

Finding reviews was difficult; there wasn’t much discussion about it online. There really isn’t any good enough reason to justify using this. They don’t even discuss what they have changed since having to recall this supplement.

VigRX Plus vs Virectin

Virectin contains a ton of aphrodisiacs and male enhancement ingredients. Many of these ingredients are also used in VigRX Plus. The main difference is that Virectin contains xanthoparmelia scabrosa bark, a controversial and potentially dangerous male enhancement additive.

Both companies have similar issues with their customer service, many said that they were untrustworthy and that the company wouldn’t provide a return. Side effects and a lack of male enhancement benefits were common concerns. It’s hard to explain how they could use so many generally well-regarded ingredients, while still considered ineffective by many.

VigRX Plus FAQ

  1. What do the VigRX Plus reviews have to say about it?
    The same basic claims are made; most didn’t see any benefits from it. There were a handful of customers who also experienced side effects.
  1. Is VigRX Plus a scam?
    A few angry customers did say that the company is “misleading” and that they don’t actually back up their claimed money back return policy. This may be considered a scam since a total of 11customers said they were untrustworthy on the Better Business Bureau. Some added how they were suddenly charged for supplements that they either did not receive or did not request.
  1. Do I have to worry about VigRX Plus side effects?
    There were a few customers who experienced nausea, headaches, and general ill symptoms. Typically the kinds of ingredients used don’t lead to side effects however; the inactive red #40 may be the root cause of symptoms.
  1. Can I get VigRX Plus at Walmart?
    It’s not available at Walmart nor does it appear it ever was.
  1. What stores sell VigRX Plus?
    It doesn’t appear they sell it in any physical locations, only online.
  1. What is the full VigRX Plus ingredients list?
    Korean red ginseng, hawthorne saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba, damiana, tribulus terrestris, Catuaba, muira puama, cuscuta, epimedium and Bioperine. Some other inactive ingredients are used such as red food coloring.
  1. Can I get VigRx Plus at GNC?
    You can’t because it’s not featured on their website.
  1. What are common VigRX Plus complaints?
    Most complained it didn’t work and there were some who said side effects like headaches and general unease. There were also general issues related to the company policies and the way they handled returns.
  1. What do real reviews of VigRX Plus have to say about it?
    The consensus from verified purchases on Amazon was often very negative. The majority 86 negative experiences complained about the lack of sexual enhancing benefit in any form.
  1. Can I get VigRX plus at CVS?
    You won’t be able to get it there, they don’t feature this supplement.

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So What Really Works?

We liked Viritenz and choose it as the very best male enhancement product. The ingredients made it easy for customers to see a change in their libido and mood. It produced more blood flow, making it easier to keep their erections.

There’s also a rich amount of natural ingredients which can prevent erectile dysfunction while aiding overall sexual vigor. The company that produces it was also highly rated by customers. We feature more details about the specifics behind Viritenz in our exclusive review.

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