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This supplement has some of the worst customer reviews we’ve ever read, and contains at least one ingredient known to cause kidney failure and heart attacks as one of its side effects. Even better, almost 150 people have accused them of ripping them off. Read our review for more:

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Vydox Overview

Vydox is a men’s sex drive enhancement supplement. It uses natural plant-based ingredients to promote the natural processes that increase the libido, as well as promoting blood flow for better erections and more pleasure during the act of sex. It’s meant to be taken as a daily supplement, with the company claiming it can take up to two months to start working.

Wait, two months before it starts working? That’s a hard one to swallow (no pun intended), and as you’ll see, it’s not the only thing that should make you think twice about trying this pill.

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Vydox Claims

This supplement claims to have the same end results as legitimate prescription drugs like Cialis and Viagra – they even refer to their product as “The Orange Pill” as an homage to Viagra (“The Blue Pill”) – but the difference, they say, is that it consists of safe and natural ingredients, and not drugs. Men who take this product are supposed to see an increase in erection size and strength. How does it do this? They say the pill reduces the levels of PDE-5, the enzyme that tells the penis to start becoming flaccid. The result? Harder erections that last longer.

Men with erectile dysfunction are supposed to see great results, and their sex lives are supposed to get a boost of excitement as they see their love-making abilities go through the roof.

But who makes it? Premium Nutraceuticals, LLC, a supplement company based out of Georgia. They don’t have a website of their own (a red flag), but we checked out their profile with the Better Business Bureau, trying to get an idea of what their customer service history is like.

There are 149 customer complaints, and counting.

That’s the most we’ve ever seen for a single company. It looks like most of the complaints have to do with Premium Nutraceuticals’ shady billing practices, with people seeing huge charges on their credit cards even after trying to cancel their “subscriptions” after they were pushed into signing up for an auto-payment plan, where they were shipping products on a monthly basis. But as with many of these autopay schemes, these people found it was actually hard to cancel, allowing the company to continue to suck money from them at will.

This is not the sort of company we’d suggest you do business with, as they clearly don’t have the customer’s well-being or happiness as their focus.

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Vydox Ingredients

The list of ingredients for Vydox contains some common herbs and plant extracts that we’ve seen in other supplements. Here’s a list:

  • L-Arginine
  • Yohimbe
  • Epimedium
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Muira Puama
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Damiana

L-Arginine is a frequent ingredient in sex supplements. It’s a natural amino acid that can improve circulation, in case that’s part of the problem when it comes to arousal. Some men have some trouble getting enough blood to their penises, and that’s where arginine does its job: it gets converted nitric oxide, which widens the blood vessels, letting more blood flow to those parts that need it.

Yohimbe is an extract made from an African tree, which is commonly put into sex enhancement supplements, as its supposed to contain chemicals that boost the libido and erections. But not only is there no proof that it works, it could actually case harmful side effects, like:

  • Irregular heartbeat, kidney damage, heart attacks

Epimedium, damiana, and muira puama are natural aphrodisiacs, used in naturopathic traditions from India, to China, to South America. Epimedium works to increase circulation, while damiana seems to have certain neurological effects, making it a popular traditional plant for dealing with sexual dysfunction.

Saw palmetto is a berry that’s generally used as a way to decrease prostate inflammation in men, but in this product, they say that it’s used for increasing testosterone. But is there any evidence that it actually does this? The answer will disappoint you.

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The Science Behind Vydox

This is where Vydox starts to look even less appealing. Let’s look at some of the problem ingredients in this product.
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First of all is the inclusion of saw palmetto. While we’ve seen it listed as a way for helping men to lower inflammation, specifically in the prostate, and to increase urination (to eliminate water retention), but does it help with the sex drive? There’s a study that was conducted a few years ago, but the conclusion of that study was that saw palmetto “may” increase testosterone (one of the main hormones involved with sex), but there’s more research that needs to be done to prove that it works (Anderson, Mark, J Int Soc Sports, 2024).

We still don’t really know why people put yohimbe in their supplements. It’s constantly touted as a powerful way to boost your libido and treat erectile dysfunction, but it’s got so many problems with it. For one, it turns out that there isn’t much science behind it, and “more evidence is needed” before we can say that it actually works (WebMD). But the worst part are the side effects, which include kidney failure, seizures, or even heart attacks. While none of those side effects are guaranteed, it’s something to keep in mind, especially when it comes to a product that claims to be “safe and natural.”

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Word on the Street about Vydox

We tracked down some customer reviews of Vydox on Amazon, and the results aren’t pretty: a full 60% of customers gave the product 1 star out of 5, which is the lowest you can go. Strangely enough the weighted average rating is listed at 3.3 stars out of 5, so we’re not sure how Amazon did their math there.

“Don’t fall for their ‘free trial,’ because they’ll charge you 90 bucks if you don’t cancel before the deadline.”

“I used this for a month and saw no effects. I’ll be avoiding this from now on.”

“Didn’t work.”

“This didn’t help with my erectile dysfunction – instead, it just gave me high blood pressure. They should discontinue this product.”

“I tried to cancel my subscription, but customer service hasn’t been helpful at all.”

“I’ve used this for 3 months and it seems to be working well.”

Overall, this is one of the lowest-rated male enhancement products we’ve ever seen.

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Is Vydox Worth a Try?

Absolutely not. It’s not even just because some of the ingredients are being used for the wrong purpose (saw palmetto for sex drive?) or come with life-threatening side effects (yohimbe), and it’s not just because of the extremely-low customer reviews (which, again, are some of the worst we’ve ever seen), but because of the company that sells it. Customer satisfaction must be your number one goal as a company, because nothing gets people coming back to you like trustworthiness and acting in good faith. But not only have we seen upwards of 140 customer complaints on their BBB page, but even in the product reviews themselves do we see countless mentions of the company’s shady and underhanded billing practices, willfully cheating people out of money they don’t wish to spend on a product that they don’t feel works.

We recommend people only buy from companies that have your best interests at heart, instead of focusing on getting rich as quick as possible. Avoid Vydox and move on to other products that you can trust, made by people you can trust.

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Vydox vs Vydox Red

At first glance, it doesn’t look like there’s much different between these products. Same company, almost the same title. But Vydox Red contains more ingredients that focus on bloow flow than regular Vydox. Vydox also contains different ingredients, like yohimbe and dimethylglycine, which Vydox Red doesn’t. The products are both the same price, however: $29.99 for an 18 day supply. What doesn’t make sense to us though is why Vydox Red doesn’t contain l-arginine (like Vydox does) despite being more focused on blood flow. It also has worse reviews than Vydox in general, from what we’ve seen.
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Vydox vs Viagra

These products are very different, despite being made for the same purpose: to help men get better erections. The main difference comes with the way they’re made. Vydox is a natural herbal supplement, meaning it contains plant and herb products that are meant to support the body’s natural processes, while Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug meant to have a specific chemical effect on the body. Viagra also requires a prescription from a doctor, which Vydox doesn’t. They also differ wildly in price: Vydox costs about $89 a box, while Viagra can cost about $40 per individual pill.

Vydox vs Vigrx Plus

Both of these supplements are similar in composition,as both contain herbal aphrodisiacs as the main mode of their action. They share many of them in common too, including damiana, damiana, and epimedium, although Vigrx Plus contains more ingredients overall than Vydox. They’re both expensive, although Vydox costs slightly more at $85 per box, while Vigrx Plus costs around $77 a box. They both have pretty low ratings on Amazon, although Vigrx Plus has far more customer reviews.

Vydox vs Cialis

Many of the differences between these two products are the same as the differences between Vydox and Viagra. Cialis is, like Viagra, a prescription drug, meaning that it’s been approved by the FDA and can be purchased only with a prescription from a doctor.
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Cialis contains tadalafil, while Vydox contains plant and herb products. Cialis also claims to only help treat erectile dysfunction, while Vydox claims to help improve blood circulation and sex drive overall.

Vydox vs Extenze

These supplements are both herbal in nature, although they contain slightly different formulas, although the intended benefits are the same: more erections, harder erections, and a higher sex drive in general. Vydox costs $85 per month, while Extenze costs $59.95 per month, making it the better value overall. Extenze also has the benefit of having been around longer (over 15 years in business) while Vydox is relatively newer.

Vydox vs Virectin

These are very similar products. They both consist of herbal ingredients (they even have l-arginine in common), although Virectin appears to contain more ingredients overall. They’re both offered in discounted form too, but only if you buy more than one bottle at a time, so the expenses can pile up quickly. Vydox offers a 68 day money-back guarantee, while Virectin offers one that only lasts 60 days.

Vydox FAQ

  1. What is the dosage for Vydox?
    Each dose contains 1820 mg of all the ingredients together, but since the blend is proprietary, we can’t tell how much of each herb is in it.
  2. Where can I read Vydox reviews?
    The main place we found reviews for it was Amazon.
  3. Does Vydox offer a free sample?
    It doesn’t look like they offer a free sample, although from customer complaints it looks like they used to.
  4. Does Vydox come with side effects?
    None are listed, but it’s possible with some of the ingredients (like yohimbe) that sensitive people might see side effects.
  5. What’s the price of Vydox?
    It costs $84.99 for a one-month supply, but you can only save about $12 per month by buying more at a time.
  6. Does Vydox come with a trial?
    Not at the moment, no. Some people have complained about getting scammed with a “free trial offer” but we don’t see any mention of it now on the website.
  7. How long does it take for Vydox Plus to work?
    Vydox Plus is a different product, but it’s the same ingredients and is supposed to take the same amount of time to work: 1 month.
  8. What ingredients are in Vydox?
    L-arginine, damiana, asian red ginseng, saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba, muira puama, horny goat weed, BioPerine, yohimbe.
  9. Was there a Vydox lawsuit?
    Yes, recently a man filed a class-action lawsuit against Vydox for fraud, claiming the product doesn’t work. It was dismissed in 2024.
  10. What is Vydox?
    Vydox is a nutritional health supplement intended to support the body’s natural erectile actions through the aid of the effects of certain herbs and plant extracts.

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So What Really Works?

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