Zyalix Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This company has a terrible reputation for scamming people out of their money. Worse, customers look like they hate it, saying it doesn’t work (and could have side effects!). Want to know more? Read our review below:

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Zyalix Overview

Zyalix is a pill that claims to improve men’s sex drive dramatically. After taking this pill on a  consistent basis, you’re supposed to see a boost not only in your libido, but your energy and your stamina. It’s also supposed to support enhanced erection strength. It seems to be mainly marketed at older men who have seen their sex drive go down, and are having trouble maintaining erections.

IT sounds like it could be a godsend, but does this “natural” supplement really have the answers men are looking for? Well, based on our research, the answer is a simple “no.”

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Zyalix Claims

Some men don’t have as much luck as others do when it comes to the sexual side of relationships. Due to the natural effects of aging, many men find it difficult to maintain their erections or to be as lusty as they used to. Zyalix aims to fix all of that: it claims to not only give men harder erections, but can also make them last longer during sex, with more endurance and stamina. With drugs out there like Viagra and Cialis out there that can come with side effects (and can get super expensive), natural alternatives have become a popular way for companies to earn money, because many men believe that they’ll not only get the same benefits, but will get them in a way their body will appreciate.

All of this sounds pretty familiar, and we don’t mean just because there are similar products out there that make the same promises. What we mean is that we’ve seen Zyalix’s website before, with the same images and text, but different names: Vmax, Anaconda XL, Vtrex, Phallyx, all of these different products land you at almost-identical websites. All of them are male enhancement supplements, and while some have different ingredients (although Vmax and Zyalix appear to be identical), their websites are all basically the same format with the same images. Are they all owned by the same company? If so, why is each “business” listed as a different LLC? It almost looks like there’s a scam going on.

So much for that weirdness we noticed. What do we know about Zyalix, the company?

We know that people hate it.

How do we know? A trip to the Better Business Bureau is all it takes. This business has an “F” rating, and not only that, but there are over 25 customer complaints. They mostly have to do with this company’s underhanded “free trial” policy which has snared many unsuspecting customers in the past. How does it work? You have people fill out a form with their information, where they agree to a “free trial” of a product. What many people don’t see is that they’re signing up for an auto-billing scheme where they get charged the full price of the product after the trial period (usually 14 days), even if they don’t want the product or don’t think it works.

That’s how Zyalix gets you, though. They say that you can try the product for 30 days – but the “trial period” only lasts 14 days. On the 15th day, you get charged the full price, even though you’re supposed to have two more weeks to make up your mind.

This is a scammy, underhanded way for companies to make money off of customers without having to sell them a product that works. Several customers reportedly said that the pills don’t work at all, and that’s why they were mad when they found out they were being charged for ANOTHER bottle!

This doesn’t sound like the kind of company you should deal with.

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Zyalix Ingredients

Zyalix contains some pretty common ingredients for a male enhancement product. Here they are:

  • L-Arginine
  • Muira Puama
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • BioPerine

L-Arginine is a natural acid found in lots of different types of foods, but it can be taken in supplement form as well. When the body digests it, it turns into nitric oxide, dilating the blood vessels for increased blood flow. Lots of sexual health products use this to help stimulate blood flow to the penis.

Muira puama and horny goat weed are both aphrodisiacs, used in herbal traditions. They’re thought to work because they contain chemicals that can help promote circulation to the genitalia and stimulate the brain to desire sex more.

Saw palmetto is a berry that’s usually used (in extract form) to help reduce prostate inflammation and increase urine flow (making it useful for older men with prostate issues). Some people seem to think that saw palmetto increases testosterone, however, which they think makes it a sex drive enhancer – does it, though? We did some research, but the findings don’t favor Zyalix.

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The Science Behind Zyalix

Some of the herbs in this product are associated with more blood flow and stronger sexual stimulation, but since the product’s label isn’t on the website, we can’t tell the exact dosages of each ingredient and therefore can’t say how potent or effective it is. Plus, not all of the ingredients in this supplement are here for the right reasons.

Saw palmetto is listed as a way to “increase staying power” and have more “intense orgasms” – but does it really do that? We know it has uses as a way to decrease inflammation in the prostate and eliminate water retention, but as far as its sexual benefits, the jury seems to still be out (WebMD). We came across one study claiming a connection between saw palmetto berry and increased testosterone levels, which could potentially help men sexually, but they only determined that it “may” increase testosterone and that more research needs to be done before anything definite can be said about it (Anderson, Mark, J Int Soc Sports, 2024).

In such a small formula, all products need to serve their best purposes, and it looks like they didn’t really do their research on saw palmetto. The use they claim it’s good for doesn’t hold much water, and it shows a lack of research and expertise on their part.

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Word on the Street about Zyalix

Nutritional supplements on the market need good customer reviews, because with the growing number of e-shops, products, and advertisements, the only way to get people to get onboard with your product is to show that hordes of people are in love with it. They may have flashy advertising and a slick website (minus some typos – oops!) but if they want us to believe that Zyalix works, the proof has to be in what people have experienced.

The customer reaction has been, at best, disappointing. Fully half of people who reviewed this supplement on Amazon gave it 1 star – the lowest grade possible.

Here is a sample of some of the reviews we found:

“This didn’t work for me at all. A total waste.”

“Honestly, a sugar pill probably would have worked better than Zyalix. I also got some side effects: muscle cramps in the legs.”

“I stopped taking these pills after a couple weeks after I saw no real results. Beware the small print, too. I ended up getting charged $90 and still haven’t gotten my money back.”

“Works for me! I’ll continue buying this, thanks.”

“This arrived on time. Good product!”

So while it seems there were indeed people who felt the product worked for them, the majority found it to be a worthless waste of money.

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Is Zyalix Worth a Try?

Zyalix is a great example of what can go wrong with a nutritional supplement, and an example of what to avoid. The company is out for your money (not your well-being), which is why they only offer the product as a “free trial,” knowing that that’s the best way to catch people off-guard with $89+ charges on their credit cards without them being aware. If they just sold it outright, they might actually have to deliver – something which clearly isn’t happening, if you read the few reviews customers have left out there. It’s a pretty good scheme: trick people into paying full price for something you know they won’t end up liking, and then stall on giving them a refund til they give up. But you shouldn’t have to deal with companies like that. Men who are serious about their health should only be dealing with businesses that respect the customer and have their well-being in mind first and foremost.

And keep in mind what we said about all those other products that have the same exact website (Vmax, Vtrex, Phallyx, etc.), which is something we haven’t seen before and which definitely points to something weird and shady that could be going on.

Given what we know about this company, the lackluster formula, and the bad customer responses, we advise people avoid Zyalix at all costs.

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Zyalix vs Viagra

Zyalix and Viagra are two very different products, even though on the face of it they may look similar. After all, both claim to help men increase their erection size and duration, and help older men have a more active sex life. Zyalix is an herbal supplement, however, and can be had without a prescription. It also claims to boost the sex drive. Viagra only claims to help men have more erections (and longer-lasting ones), and is a drug, meaning you need a prescription to get it. Zyalix is expensive, but it’s less pricey than Viagra: compare $89 a bottle (Zyalix) to $40+ per individual pill (Viagra). That adds up.

Zyalix FAQ

  1. What are the side effects of Zyalix?
    The product claims to have no side effects, but that’s not the whole story: we read some customer reviews, and at least one person said it gave them muscle spasms.
  2. Do you know where to buy Zyalix?
    Right now it looks like the only two places to buy Zyalix are its main website (where you have to sign up for an auto-ship program), and Amazon, where you can get it for less than a third of the price.
  3. What’s the phone number for Zyalix?
    The number mentioned on their website is: (855) 779-2101.
  4. What are the ingredients in Zyalix?
    L-Arginine, Muira Puama, Asian Red Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto, Horny Goat Weed, and BioPerine.
  5. Is Zyalix available on Amazon?
    Yes, it’s available on Amazon, and it appears that it’s sold by the same people. One thing we noticed, though, is that on Amazon they sell it for $25 a bottle, compared to a monthly charge of $89 through the website.
  6. Is Zyalix available at Walmart?
    No, this product doesn’t appear to be available in any retail stores, including Walmart.
  7. Does Zyalix offer a free trial?
    Not technically: they offer a 14-day trial for $4.99, which seems like a good deal until you are told that you’ll be charged $89 unless you cancel before the trial period is over.
  8. What’s the price of Zyalix?
    Through the main website they sell it for an introductory charge of $4.99, and then charge $89 a month after that for automatic shipping. On Amazon, though, it’s sold for only $25 a bottle.
  9. Where can I read reviews of Zyalix?
    If you mean customer reviews, the only place we’ve seen that offers third-party customer reviews is Amazon, where it only has a 3.3 out of 5 stars (with over 50% of responders giving it only 1 star).
  10. What do you know about Zyalix LLC?
    It’s the company associated with this product, and there isn’t much information out there about who owns it, who runs it, and what their history or expertise is. They also have an abysmal rating from the Better Business Bureau: an “F.”

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So What Really Works?

So now you’ve seen how not to sell a product. But how do you know what to buy, when there’s so much crap out there? We always recommend Viritenz. Why? After reviewing it and comparing it to other products, we can say that it is the best men’s sex product on the market, everything considered. We like it because it contains a formula of all-natural ingredients that can help give men better erections, and help them last longer in bed. It’s made in a high-quality facility in the USA, and there are no auto-ship schemes – you pay for it once, they send it to you once.

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