Havven (Havven) Review – Havven ICO Ratings and Details

Havven is a decentralised payment network and stablecoin. It allows anyone to transact using a stable cryptocurrency.


Token type:

ICO Token Price:
1 HAVVEN = 0.50 USD

Fundraising Goal:
30,000,000 USD

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Available for Token Sale:


What is Havven?

Havven is a platform that is designed to act as a decentralized payment network that makes everyday purchased with cryptocurrencies simpler and more practical. The platform uses a dual token system that is intended to control the volatility in price that can come along with cryptocurrencies.

There is a fee with each transaction that is performed, and those fees are used to act as collateral for the network. The collateral allows the blockchain to then create a new cryptocurrency that is backed by actual assets known as Nomin tokens. The transaction fees are also paid in part to those who invested in the token sale. Therefore, as the platform grows it will generate more value for investors.

The roadmap, or “path to stability” as the ICO calls it, is provided through their website. It specifies that the seed round for funding began in September 2024, and the white paper for the platform was released in November. The token sale is scheduled to take place in late February into early March, and later that March the platform is scheduled to be released, which is a very quick turnaround.

How Does Havven Work?

As mentioned, the Havven platform will utilize a dual coin approach. The first coin is called Nomin or is otherwise known as the stablecoin. The supply of Nomin can vary and its value is measured using fiat currency and should remain stable. This makes it useful for conducting transactions, particularly on an every day level, because the user does not have to worry about value volatility.

The other token is Havven and it functions to provide the collateral needed to keep the Nomin token stable. It is a decentralized and it generates value from the transaction fees associated with the Nomin token. There is no physical asset that is needed for the Havven token because it generates its own assets with the number of transaction fees that are processed. Its appeal to investors is that the more the platform grows, the more transaction fees there will be and the higher the value of the Havven token will go.

Essentially, the Havven token provides the platform with collateral and stabilizes the price of Nomin at the same time. The stabilization would, in theory, introduce a new audience to cryptocurrencies by taking away the risk of market volatility.

Features and Benefits of Havven

One of the biggest potential benefits of Havven would be that it would allow for transactions to occur more frequently on a global level once the stablecoin has an established value. On a smaller scale it could allow buyers to use cryptocurrency to make everyday transactions and establish cryptocurrency as a norm within their lives.

Using the stablecoin would also allow for trading to occur on decentralized exchanges and could also be used to fund future token sales. It could also operate as a unit of measurement for market predictions.

The site does not provide much detail as to the actual functionality of the platform, which leaves us with some questions regarding its practicality.

The Havven Token Sale

The token sale for Havven is scheduled to begin February 28th, 2024 and run through March 6th. Unfortunately, it appears that China is not allowed to take part in the sale. The tokens will be referred to as HAVVEN and will be distributed as ERC20. The ICO states that a total of 100,000,000 tokens will be created and 60% of them will be made available for the sale.

The fundraising goal is set at $30 million, and there hasn’t yet been a pre-sale conducted so no money has been raised yet that they have made public. When pre-sale does occur, a 30% discount will be factored in on all purchases. The sale will accept both ETH and BTC, and there is no minimum contribution amount. A maximum contribution will be announced later. One HAVVEN token is equal is $0.50.

A breakdown of how the total amount of tokens will be distributed is offered by the site. As mentioned, 60% will go to the token sale, 20% will go to the team and advisors, 12% will go to the foundation, 5% will go to partnership incentives, and the final 3% will be set aside for bounties and marketing incentives. Unfortunately, there is no graphic or explanation regarding the planned use of funds generated from the sale.

Who’s Behind Havven?

The founder of Havven is Kain Warwick. Prior to Havven Warwick has served as the CEO at blueshift which is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in Australia. He has also worked as a board member and project manager elsewhere. The CTO is Justin J. Moses from Brooklyn, New York who also works as the director of engineering at MongoDB.

The VP of partnerships is Jordan Momtazi, a consultant at blueshift who was educated at Macquarie University, receiving a BA in Philosophy. The team leader is Tim Bass who is the co-founder and CEO at Block8 as well as the co-founder at myStake, both based out of Sydney, Australia. There are sixteen positions in total that are detailed on the Havven website, each with a link to the employee’s LinkedIn provided.

The advisory board is made up of eleven members, including Walter De Brouwer the CEO of Doc.ai, and Anthony Nantes the CEO of Direct Money. Elsewhere on the board there are researchers, a CCO, partners, and founders. Overall it is an experienced group of businessmen and women that should provide quality direction for Havven.


Market volatility is one of the biggest stepping stones to getting a new market of consumers to embrace cryptocurrency. In the news there are commonly stories about how Bitcoin either exploded in value or came crashing down, and that sort of uncertainty can understandably scare away many potential investors. In attempting to address and take control of the volatility Havven could convince countless consumers to try cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the team behind the ICO is deep and experienced, with several experts in blockchain technology.

What concerns us about Havven is the lack of detail provided, particularly given that the platform is scheduled to launch in March. We could not find a breakdown of the intended use of the money being fundraised, and there is no discussion of marketing possibilities or plans to introduce the platform to a larger audience. Additionally, there are no details about how the platform will actually work in practicality and what it will feature.

The road map is fairly scarce with information and the entire ICO is moving along very quickly despite concerns that the idea has not been fully developed yet. Still there, is some appeal to the idea and we will be monitoring the upcoming token sale closely.

Peter Lehmann

Peter is a blockchain investor and cryptocurrency writer at Vkool.com. Since 2014 Peter has advised blockchain startups and ICOs on content marketing, strategy and business development.

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