REMME (REM) Review – REMME ICO Rating and Details.

REMME builds the distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol with a set of DApps to enable passwordless authentication.


Token type:

ICO Token Price:
1 REM = 0.0400 USD

Fundraising Goal:
20,000,000 USD

Sold on pre-sale:
1,800,000 USD

Total Tokens:

Available for Token Sale:

What is REMME?

REMME is a new security platform, that, in its own words, is designed to prevent bad guys and hackers from getting their hands on your information or information that can be used to harm people. According to REMME, protecting your personal information via passwords is becoming increasingly unsafe as time goes on. It is common for password managers and websites that aren’t encrypted to be hacked, and therefore it is easier to steal your personal data than ever before.

The primary focus of REMME is to make user authentication easier and safer than ever. It gets rid of passwords because too often they can be cracked or stolen.

The technology can be applied on a wide scale and be used to protect government agencies or corporations.

Currently, the site does not provide a road map regarding their plans for development in the coming years.

How Does REMME Work?

As the site explains, attacks on centralized databases can be disastrous because it makes all the data being stored vulnerable. But with a database that is distributed the sensitive information is far safer. The blockchain technology that is used by the system has no single point of failure, which is the benefit of a decentralized system.

Instead of using passwords, each user generates SSL certificates for every device that they use. The data relating to the certificate is managed on the blockchain, therefore making it incredibly hard for hackers to generate fake certificates.
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The platform can help update infrastructures that were installed or designed in a pre-internet age before hacking security was a priority. REMME has already established an authorization platform that is utilized by energy companies. Furthermore, the platform protects cars, which are some of the most vulnerable devices that can connect to the internet. REMME can network cars together to create a protected channel for internet connections.

Features and Benefits of REMME

Several features of the platform are identified and explained on the website. For one, they offer an easy, convenient sign-in that is extremely secure. Personal information will be stored on blockchain immediately, and you can register as many accounts as you want using the same social security number.

The technology itself is made to be simple to use even for those who have no particular computer skills or training. The template for user registration can be customized easily to fit your needs and desires. You can set it up and start enjoying better protection almost immediately.

The platform also utilizes bots for a variety of purposes, including messengering. The bots allow for several different messenger apps to be used. This allows authentication tokens to be sent using whatever messenger app the user prefers. Furthermore, it allows for transactions to be completed between both humans as well as IoT devices, with an equal amount of security.

Finally, because the SSL/TLS technology is something that almost every device currently supports, making the price of the platform affordable.

The REMME Token Sale

The token sale for REMME is set to begin on February 13th and run for a full month through to March 13th. There do not appear to be any sort of geographical restrictions for participating in the token sale. The tokens are referred to as REM and distributed as ERC20. The total amount of tokens being created are 1 billion.

The fundraising goal for the ICO is $20 million, and during the pre-sale a total of $1.8 million was sold. ETH and BTC will both be accepted during the token sale. The minimum amount to participate is 0.01 ETH. The maximum contribution for the first day will be 15 ETH, and the maximum amount going forward will be announced later on. 1 REM equates to $0.04. A 10% bonus will be included with contributions during the first three days of the sale and will decline to 5% beyond that. There was a 20% bonus offered during the pre-sale period.

The distribution of the tokens is broken down through a graphic that is offered through the website. 50% of the total tokens will be put up for sale as part of the token sale, 20% will go to the partners and advisors, another 20% will go to the team and founders, and the final 10% will go into a reserve fund. The money that is being raised by the token sale is being used to according to the following breakdown: 35% for research and development, 25% for business and development,20% for operations, 15% for marketing, and 5% for legal.

Who’s Behind REMME?

The team behind REMME is detailed through their website, starting with the founder and CEO Alex Momot. Alex is from the Ukraine, has a Master’s degree in International Finance from Kiev National Economic University, and has founded and worked for a variety of other companies. Kate Pospelova is the co-founder and CMO. She is also the founder and CEO of the Muse Agency and has a long history of working in marketing for a variety of other companies.

Other key positions are detailed such CTO – filled by Roman Kravchenko – and system architect which is manned by Taras Emelyanenko.

There is a board consisting of eight advisors for areas such as security, investments, legal, cryptography, technical, and an Ethereum guru. In total there are 18 team members and almost all of them are based out of the Ukraine.

The website provides contact emails for some of the employees, as well as links to their LinkedIn profiles.


Internet security is already a hot issue that is constantly evolving and growing, and can affect everyone, even the most powerful among us as we see with investigation into manipulating election results, something specifically mentioned on the platform’s website. According to REMME, most internet users large and small are at risk if they are using password-based protection. As has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout recent years is that anyone can be vulnerable to a cyber-attack.
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For this reason, REMME seems like a necessary step in the world of cyber-security and basing it on blockchain technology is a forward-thinking idea. By eliminating the need for human authentication, the system is also eliminating the role of human error within the process of security. Some potential contributors or users may be wary of putting all their personal information over to a platform that eliminates the human role in the security process, but history has shown that human action is at the heart of most nefarious internet attacks, so protecting your information from other humans is a necessary step.

Overall, the hype for REMME is relatively high, but that does not necessarily translate to fundraising success. With the official token sale kicking off soon, we will get a better idea of the platform’s viability.

Peter Lehmann

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