List of vacation travel safety tips for perfect journeys

When you travel around the world, all of you want to have an incident-free and safe trip. However, you may become a victim of violence, crime and experience many unexpected difficulties. This blog can provide you a lot of useful information to help you get a safe travelling.

I. Travel Safety Tips For All Of You Before Go

1.     Travel Safety Tips – What You Should Take

To avoid being a criminal target, travelers should not dress in a way that can mark them as a tourist. Expensive jewelry will draw the criminal attention.

When tourists move quickly and can be likely to get a free hand. They will be less tired and less likely to set their luggage down, leaving it unattended.

Travelers shouldn’t carry valuables things, and then choose some places to hide them. The passport, credit cards, cash will be secure when put in a locked hotel safe.  When people have to carry all of these on their own, they should put them in different places in pouch or wallet. Avoid outside pockets, handbags, and fanny packs that can be easier targets for some thieves. Inside a shoulder bag or pockets with strap across chest will be safer. The pouch and money belt under the clothing is one of the safest places. travel safety tips for business travelers

People should also bring some medicines in packages.

People should avoid keeping the medicines in the labeled, original containers. Bring the list of their prescriptions or all the names of the medicines. If a medication is uncommon or contains the narcotics, people should carry a prescription from the doctor. If people have doubt about the legality of bringing a drug into other country, they need to consult country’s embassy before they travel.

Bring more passport photos, and also photocopies of the page of passport’s information to make replacement of their passport when it is stolen or lost.

Put name, telephone numbers, and address outside and inside the luggage. Travelers should use covered luggage tags to prevent casual observation of the nationality or identity in the locked luggage.

People can check out many language courses for them to learn some new languages, such as: French course, Rocket Japanese course,  or Spanish course.

travel safety tips costa rica

2.     Travel Safety Tips – What You Should Leave Behind

You cannot bring anything. Leave them at home:

  • Valuable and expensive-looking jewelries
  • Irreplaceable objects
  • Unnecessary credit cards
  • Social Security card, similar items, and library card.
  • Leave a copy of all itineraries with friends and family at home in case they need to contact in an emergency.

Make 2 photocopies of the passport identification page, driver’s license airline tickets or the credit cards and bring with you. Leave one photocopy of this information with friends and family at home; pack them in a place separate from where they bring the originals.

Leave a current copy of the numbers of travelers’ checks with a relative or friend at home. And carry this copy with you.

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