36 Natural Home Remedies For Vitiligo Disease Treatment Quickly

11. Lime Juice And Basil Leaves

lime juice and basil leaves

Basil leaves include anti-aging, anti-viral properties that are very useful for your skin disorders like vitiligo. It provides more effects if you mix basil leaves with lime juice because the mixture will stimulate the production of melanin, which is very necessary to treat vitiligo. The method is:

  • Get basil leaves and extract its juice.
  • Mix lime juice and basil juice.
  • Apply the mixture on the white patches three times per day within 6 months to receive the best wishes.

12. Radish Seeds And Vinegar

home remedies for vitiligo-radish seeds and vinegar

The radish belongs to Brassicaceae family and it is a kind of root vegetable in Europe. Radish at the present is developed and cultivated in many regions in the world and it has a lot of varieties, color, flavor, size, and length of time. You will surprise when hearing that radish seeds are helpful ingredients to heal vitiligo. The way to use this element for vitiligo at your home is:

  • Get radish seeds, soak them overnight with vinegar.
  • Then apply the paste on affected region and pat it dry naturally for 2 hours.

13. Walnuts – Natural Home Remedies For Vitiligo

home remedies for vitiligo-walnuts

Walnuts are excellent snacks you cannot ignore it every day, right? Eating walnuts daily will be a good method to get the benefits for health as well as prevent or cure some problems like vitiligo. Now you need:

  • Grind walnuts into a good powder.
  • Get some teaspoons of walnut powder and add some water to make a good paste.
  • Apply the mixture on vitiligo 3-4 times each day.
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with water.
  • You can repeat this method for 2 months or more to reduce white patches on the skin.

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14. Khellin

home remedies for vitiligo-khellin

Khellin is used for the medicinal industry to treat many problems such as psoriasis, vitiligo, asthma, coronary disease, kidney stones, renal colic, etc. Khellin is the  good efficacy and bad in toxicity. To use khellin for treating vitiligo, you should extract its juice then apply the juice on affected areas or you can drink khellin extract every day to get the better effect.

15. Ginkgo Biloba – Natural Home Remedies For Vitiligo

home remedies for vitiligo-ginkgo biloba

Herbs are natural and effectual home remedies for vitiligo and ginkgo biloba is such an ingredient. Its leaves are used for making medicine and it is usually used for memory conditions like Alzheimer’s. This ingredient is also good for headache, memory loss, poor blood flow, and vitiligo. To treat vitiligo condition, you should apply the extract of ginkgo biloba thrice each day, or get its dose before consulting a doctor.

16. Pomegranate – Natural Home Remedies For Vitiligo


Pomegranate fruit is so delicious and it is worth eating for health. Do you know that pomegranate leaves are beneficial ingredients for vitiligo? Simply:

  • You have a handful of pomegranate leaves; grind them to a fine powder.
  • Mix some pomegranate powder with a cup of water.
  • Drink it twice per day to have the best result.

17. Indian Lilac Leaves

home remedies for vitiligo-indian lilac leaves

Lilac or syringe Vulgaris is a kind of flowering plant from Balkan Peninsula and it is known as a common ornamental plant in parks and garden. Its flowers are sweet-smelling and very attractive and here is the way to use Indian lilac leaves for vitiligo:

  • Take Indian lilac leaves, extract its juice.
  • Drink it twice per day to have a better result.

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18. Psoralea Corylifolia

Psoralea Corylifolia, or what we call “Babchi”,  is a herb or plant that has been used widely to treat vitiligo because this natural ingredient includes an important chemical – Psoralen. This substance has been also applied in medical treatments for vitiligo that use ultraviolet lights. Nevertheless, this plant alone is also effective because it also includes such important substance.

With Babchi, you should submerge its seeds in ginger juice for about 2 – 3 days and dry the mixture for about 1 – 2 days. Then, you should grind it and turn it into powder. You should drink the powder made from Babchi as a special juice combining with fresh milk for better flavor and effect. In addition, you can mix Babchi powder with coconut oil and cumin to apply them topically. You should remember to focus on your affected body parts by lesions.

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19. Honey – Natural Home Remedies For Vitiligo

Natural home remedies for vitiligo - honey

Honey is one of the most accessible and simple effective and natural home remedies for vitiligo that everyone, who is suffering from vitiligo, should make use to get a healthy and smooth skin. You can purchase organic honey on organic farms and local health food shops easily and instantly. There are 2 methods to use honey as a natural remedy for vitiligo, but experts recommend that you should apply both of them at the same time for good.

The first way is that you should take 1 or more tablespoons of honey every day. You need to remember that you should use organic honey rather than processed honey because it contains a larger amount of minerals and vitamins. The second one is that you can use honey as a topical medication. You can apply honey simple on the affected parts on your body and leave it within about 30 minutes – 1 hour. Someone leaves honey on their body until the skin totally absorb it but medical experts encourage people to rinse it out of the body only with warm water because if you use soap, it will remove the necessary nutrients from the skin and leave your skin irritated and dry.

20. Lemna Minor

Lemna Minor

Lemna Minor is also called “Wild Duckweed”. This ingredient is a freshwater plant that you can find it floating on streams and ponds. This natural treatment acts on the melanocytes primarily. The chemicals that this plant contains will help the treatment process with vicenin, orientin, isoorientin, and vitexin.

You can dry and drink Lemna Minor as soup or tea – an effective solution for vitiligo. In addition, you can add the ground leaves with a teaspoon of honey to apply to remove the signs of vitiligo fast. Finally, you can also grind or blend the lemna minor leaves to release its juices.

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21. Foods High In Zinc

foods high in zinc

Experts recommend people boosting the consumption of foods that are rich in zinc whenever they have to suffer from vitiligo. A recent study found out that zinc supplementation will be really effective for this condition healing process. An excellent source of zinc is oysters. Besides, you can also consume zinc by eating chicken, lobster, pork, crab, and beef. You can also increase the zinc intake with dairy foods, nuts, and beans.

When you are suffering from Vitiligo, it is really important for you to get a well-balanced healthy diet for maintaining and improving your entire immune system. Therefore, your capacity of recovering skin discoloration and repairing the destroyed pigment will be improved as the old skin cells will be built up and replaced by new, stronger ones.

22. Foods High In Vitamin C

foods high in vitamin c

Experts recommend that people who are suffering from vitiligo should consume more foods which contain vitamin C every day. Citrus fruits, such as lemons, grapefruits, and oranges are great sources of vitamin C. You can also find other fruits that are rich in vitamin C, such as cantaloupe, strawberries, and kiwi; or vegetables, such as red and green peppers, potatoes, broccoli, and tomatoes.

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