12 Natural home remedies for dry skin on face and body

Updates: 06/15/2014

In most cases, the dry skin issues respond well to lifestyle and home measures, such as avoiding long, hot baths and showers, and using moisturizers. If you have very scaly and dry skin, maybe your doctor will recommend you an over-the-counter (nonprescription) cream that includes lactic acid or urea. However, you will want to treat your problem at home rather than seeing the doctor or going to a hospital. Thus, today I would like to show 12 naturalhome remedies for dry skin on face and body that everyone should not neglect.

Top 12 Super Natural Home Remedies For Dry Skin On Face And Body

If you are suffering from a more severe skin condition, such as vitiligo, psoriasis, ichthyosis or atopic dermatitis, you may be recommended prescription ointments and creams, or other medical interferences in addition to home care.

Normally, dry skin can link to dermatitis, which leaves your skin red and itchy. In these cases, medical treatment may need to contain hydrocortisone-containing lotions. That is a fast method that helps to handle the problem effectively. However, what I want you to try is making use of 12 naturalhome remedies for dry skin on face and body that are proven to work. Here are 12 things you can do right away to protect your skin.

1. Know Yourself:

home remedies for dry skin on dogsMaybe knowing and trusting yourself is the first and the most important skin moisturizing tip I want to give you. Everyone’s skin is different, and there is no gathering of tips can be applicable or comprehensive for all of us. If your dry skin is improved noticeably when you are using natural skin care products, you should say goodbye to the chemicals and keep coming to base on nature. If your xerosis feels better when you bath less, you should not bath every day. In general, while it is recommended to stick to a moisturizing regimen daily, your skin will not “pucker” if you just use a moisturizer whenever you feel like you need it, or whenever your skin is dry. Failing to use a moisturizer will even not cause creases. You are the one who need to feel comfortable with your skin so that you should figure out what supplements or remedies for dry skin will actually work for you and ignore everything else.

2. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is a special process that you can make use to cure a lot of illnesses with the scents of natural plants. You should, for instance, take a whiff of chamomile to fight depression, and inhale the bottled fragrance of a cypress tree to reduce the blood pressure levels. Aromatherapy has been used widely for thousands of years. In fact, there are numerous of fragrant concoctions you can breathe in.

home remedies for dry skin on cats

Towards some diseases, such as xerosis, it will be better to rub the fragrant oils into your skin. You can make use of some anti-aging essences, like geranium, rosemary and rose as they work wonderfully when you use them to massage into your dry skin. Peppermint also increases the output of sebum, and both helichrysum and carrot seed can ease the inflammation and irritation that usually come along with xerosis. You can also apply lavender and chamomile to your epidermis for not only easing your symptoms, but also preventing your skin from being shed in embarrassing flakes.

Besides, you can also eat foods that are good for your skin and overall health. Therefore, you should learn beauty products and healthy meal plans to consume more essential nutrients and get healthy skin as well.

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