42 Foods That Cause Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

25. Job's Tears Seed 

foods that cause miscarriage

Job's tears seed contains a lot of amino acids which are necessary for the body system. Eating a lot of Job's tears seeds can timely supply the body with physical energy which was consumed by the high temperatures of hot days and work to strengthen the immune system effectively. For women, drinking appropriate amounts of job’s tears will help to clear, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, and eliminate freckles and brown spots.

However, for women who are pregnant, eating this nut is not totally good. Job’s tears seed can irritate the uterine muscles gently and cause uterine contractions. If the pregnant women eat too much job’s tears seeds during the pregnancy, they will be likely at risk of miscarriage. Therefore, believe or not, eating this seed is one of the ways that cause miscarriage and harm to the pregnant women. For good, people who are pregnant should stay far away from job’s tears seeds.

26. Aloe Vera

foods that cause miscarriage

As everyone knows, aloe vera is considered a “panacea” for the beauty of women because this natural material can help to take care and strengthen all types of skin. It also has amazing effects on wrinkle reduction and prevention, and weight loss.

However, pregnant women should not eat dishes made with aloe vera or drink aloe vera juice because this can lead to pelvic hemorrhage and even cause miscarriage.

27. Barley

foods that cause miscarriage

Barley is a cereal which is often processed into a variety of nutritious foods. However, barley can stimulate the uterine smooth muscles, easy to promote uterine contractions, and therefore, it has the potential to cause miscarriage in pregnant women. That is the reason why I listed barley on the list of foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should avoid consuming.

28. Animals’ Liver 

animals’ liver

Animal liver can harm to pregnant women because it is the home of many toxins if the liver consumed is taken from infected or sick animals. In addition, the liver also contains high amounts of vitamin A and cholesterol. If pregnant women eat too much liver, combining with the use of some other drugs or nutritious foods, it can lead to the vitamin excess, adversely affect the fetus.

Also, animals’ liver contains many toxins so that even normal people should limit the consumption of this food for good!

29. Consume Foods High In Vitamin A 

consume foods high in vitamin a

It is important to avoid vitamin A during pregnancy because it can cause adverse effects, damage to the fetus. That is the reason why pregnant women should limit the consumptions of foods that contain large amounts of vitamin A (such as liver as I mentioned above…).

30. Processed Meat 

foods that cause miscarriage

Processed meats include sausages, pate, stuffed foods …are the foods that pregnant women really should not eat during pregnancy. According to researches by scientists recently, when pregnant women eat too much processed meat, it can produce harms to the fetus in the womb. In severe cases, it can even cause toxicity to the fetus or lead to miscarriage.

If the pregnant women have cravings for processed foods, they can also eat but just with small amounts for ensuring the safety. Pregnant women should pay attention in processing at high temperatures to ensure the safety the best way.

This is actually one out of the foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should stay far away from to ensure that they will experience a healthy pregnancy.

31. Drumstick Tree

drumstick tree

The first food in the list of foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy is drumstick tree.

According to scientific research, the leaves and flowers of the drumstick tree contain 7 times of vitamin C more than oranges, 4 times of calcium and 2 times of protein more than milk, 4 times of vitamin A more than carrots, lettuce, 3 times of iron and 3 times of potassium more than bananas.

This is an extremely nutritious food, but it is not for people who are pregnant. The reason is because drumstick tree contains alpha-sitosterol, which is a hormone with estrogen-like structure effective in preventing pregnancy, making uterine muscle smooth and leading to miscarriage.

32. Bitter Melon

bitter melon

The second out of the list of foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy I want to show you today is bitter melon.

Bitter melon is rich in vitamin B, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, magnesium, so this fruit plays an important role in providing nutrients to the body and enhancing the immune system.

However, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat bitter melon because it can cause uterine contractions, fetal hemorrhage and damage. Additionally, bitter melon can irritate the uterus and can lead to premature birth. Women who are breastfeeding should also not eat bitter melon because a number of unhealthy components could be transmitted to the baby through breast milk.

33. Portulaca Oleracea

portulaca oleracea

This is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy that future moms should avoid at all costs. Portulaca oleracea has very high nutrient content and can be also considered a very good medicine. Portulaca oleracea is sour. It can help to reduce body heat, detoxify blood flow, and kill worms inside our body.

Portulaca oleracea contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, and it especially comes with the rich amount of omega-3 fatty acids. However, experiments have demonstrated that portulaca oleracea juice can stimulate uterine, increasing the uterine contractions, likely to cause retention of the placenta. Therefore, this veggie must lie on the list of foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should avoid.

34. Artemisia Vulgaris

artemisia vulgaris

Artemisia vulgaris is bitter, spicy with good aroma. It is a popular healthy veggie which has positive effect in the regulation of blood circulation, nerves soothing, and muscle pain and abdominal pain reduction.

Although Artemisia vulgaris is widely used in a number of remedies for women who have miscarriages in a row, but many people mistakenly artemisia vulgaris is a safe medicine for pregnancy. In fact, this is not entirely true.

The rational use of artemisia vulgaris will bring about many benefits to the pregnant woman, but if they abuse this veggie within the first 3 months of their pregnancy, they might have to face heavy bleeding, increased uterine contractions and miscarriage. Therefore, this is also one of the foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should be aware of.

35. Sauropus Androgynus

sauropus androgynus

Sauropus androgynus is “cold” inside and sweet which can be effectively used to reduce body heat, detoxify toxins, nourish blood flow, and it also has laxative property. Sauropus androgynus contains vitamin K, a vitamin which is rare in the plant kingdom. Sauropus androgynus also contains a rich amount of vegetable protein, iron, manganese, and vitamin A. However, it is actually on the list of foods that cause miscarriage pregnant women should avoid. Sauropus androgynus contains Papaverin – a substance found in the opium poppy, leaving effects on expanding the smooth muscle of vascular to reduce pain and lower blood pressure. If you are a pregnant woman and you use more than 30mg of this veggie, you may have to face uterine contractions and even miscarriage.

36. Fragrant Knotweed

fragrant knotweed

Fragrant knotweed is easy to grow and often used to add into many Vietnamese dishes. Fragrant knotweed is spicy with pungent aroma. Eating raw fragrant knotweed will warm up the stomach, helping to increase the body heat.

However, if you are a pregnant woman and you eat too much of fragrant knotweed in the first 3 months of pregnancy, it might lead you prone to blood loss. Especially, fragrant knotweed also has substance which can increase the uterine contractions, resulting in miscarriage. Therefore, future moms should avoid overeating this veggie during pregnancy for good.

37. Longan


Longan is a delicious aromatic, sweet taste fruit. However, this is also one of the fruits which future moms should not eat during the pregnancy. The reason is because pregnant women are often asymptomatic and are usually have the constipation phenomenon. Eating a lot of longan will increase the heat inside their body, affect the blood flow and fetal hemodynamics, cause abdominal pain, bleeding, bloating, gas or even pose threats to the fetus, leading to miscarriage.

38. Seafood


This is also one of the worst foods that cause miscarriage future moms should not consume too much. Although seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for children's development, but pregnant women should avoid these foods because they contain mercury. The seafood which often contains mercury such as salmon, crab or shark meat … could be harmful to the baby's brain.

39. Raw Foods

raw foods

Avoid consuming raw food during the pregnancy is extremely important for pregnant women. These foods contain bacteria and viruses that can threaten the safety of the fetus and even the mother.

Experts recommend that pregnant women should eat cooked food and should be careful when choosing foods to eat. For good, they should avoid eating foods that contain bacteria or viruses which can lead to infection.

40. Unpasteurized Beverages

unpasteurized beverages

Pregnant women should avoid dairy products, cheese, and yogurt without labels, without origin, which have not experienced the sterilization process. Pregnant women can eat cheese or drink non-fat milk but should avoid unpasteurized cheeses like feta or brie.

41. Coffee, Tea, Alcohol

coffee, tea, alcohol

Avoid using coffee, tea, and alcohol during pregnancy will help pregnant women prevent complications during childbirth and avoid deformities in infants. In addition, pregnant women who drink too much of these 3 stimulants will increase the risk of miscarriage. Especially, tea contains high content of Floride, preventing the iron absorption, leading to anemia. Besides, we could not forget the caffeine component which helps to increase the heart rate and diuretic effect, creating pressure on the cardiovascular system and urinary system. Mothers who are breastfeeding should not drink strong tea because tannic acid in the tea will inhibit breast blood circulation, hindering the milk production.

42. Crabs


This is the last food on the list of foods that cause miscarriage that I want to show you and other pregnant women today in this entire article. There is a fact that crab contains high levels of nutrients. Especially, the calcium source contained in crab is indisputable. However, according to the Oriental medicine, crab has the effect on tumor and backlog mass deportation, so crab leads to a high risk of miscarriage or premature birth. In particular, pregnant women who are recovering after a sickness has weak digestive system. If they eat too much crab, they will get diarrhea, flu, or allergy to cold easily. Pregnant women should limit their crab consumption also because crabs contain a high level of cholesterol.

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This is the list of list of foods that cause miscarriage that are proven by science and a lot of health experts in the world, helping my readers who are visiting VKool.com have a safe pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies.

If you think that my list of 42 foods that cause miscarriage are good for you and other pregnant women you know, you should share this list with them and leave your comments below to show me your own opinions!

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