10 Quick Tips on How to Get Dimples Naturally Without Surgery

When we see many celebrities with their dimples, they always steal our hearts. It is undeniable that these adorable dimples bring the irresistibly cute look for the face. We always wonder how to get dimples. Mathew McConaughey, John Abraham and Preity Zinta, as well as many famous people, have dimples on their cheeks and they are always seen as attractive and beautiful. Some people want to have dimples and seek for the surgery. However, the cost of surgery is expensive and it can have some possible risks if you cannot find the hospital with the good reputation. Some people do not like taking surgery because they are afraid of pain. Dimples are small overlap or indentations in the beefy piece of the cheek. There is a minor muscle distortion which leads to the skin of the cheek to draw hard when it moves, making outer divots. Dimples are hereditary and if one parent has dimples then the odds are very high that their children also get dimples.

Although we are not born with dimples on our cheeks, we wonder how to get dimples naturally without surgery. Whilst it is not possible to gain permanent dimples naturally, you could do some exercises to encourage dimples that will stay for a temporary span of time. There are also surgeries that you could undergo to achieve permanent pimples, but if you want them without having to take any surgery, then you should try some simple tips on how to get dimples naturally without surgery below, collected by VKool.com.

How To Get Dimples Naturally Without Surgery – 10 Useful Tips

Dimples are formed by muscle deformity. The dimples mean hollows that come from a smile made the shortened muscles pulled. There are several ways on how to get dimples naturally without surgery.

1. Suck Up The Cheeks

how to get dimples - suck up the cheeks

This is actually one of the best tips on how to get dimples that we would like to introduce today to help people get lovely dimples without having to accept a painful and dangerous surgery.

This exercise can give you natural dimples if you repeat it daily. This exercise is simple; therefore, you can do it at any time. You just need to pull in the cheeks and keep it for a few seconds before relaxing. When you do this exercise, you need a mirror to look at to make sure that you are doing it right by creating hollow cheeks. You need to repeat it for 10 minutes each time and several times daily until you get the satisfactory result.

Sucking up the cheeks is actually a “must” if you want to get dimples naturally and fast, try it right away!

2. Get Dimples With Piercing

how to get dimples - get dimples with piercing

If you want the dimples on your cheeks so badly, the effective way on how to get dimples is piercing. It is possible to get dimples with piercing. However, before you try, you should keep in mind that piercing method has some risks of infection. Therefore you need to be careful. Do not get cheek piercing at home. It is better to look for a professional pierce who have a great reputation in order to get the piercing done successfully and safely.

When you go for piercing, you should use the antibacterial soap to make the external of the skin clear. The tools used for piercing must be cleaned to avoid infections. Taking care of the skin after the piercing is also important when the piercing process is done.

3. Bow Moon Shape Drawing

how to get dimples - bow moon shape drawing

Another way on how to get dimples naturally without surgery is drawing bow moon shape on your cheeks. From the highest points of your dimples, unwind the mouth. Draw a small bent line from the dot you marked. Use the eyebrow pencil and eyeliner to create the dot

4. Diet
how to get dimples - diet

If you lose your dimples and do not see it visibly, you may be overweight or underweight. Men need about 6%-12% of body fat while women need 3%-20% body fat. It is important for you to know your fat percentage levels.

If your dimples are not visible, the easy effective way on how to get dimples naturally is eating a healthy diet to gain weight or lose weight. You should limit the junk, sugars, and processed foods in your diet. A healthy diet should include lean meats, vegetables, plant proteins, and fruits. Grains and whole nuts provide your body enough energy to function well. You should drink 8 glasses of water daily to remove the toxins from your body.

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