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Learn How To Sing – Author’s Claims

Singorama is an ultimate vocal training course, and singing lession that is developed by a Singorama team and Emily Mander for share people the way to learn how to sing, and how to become a singer. The author claims that this program is a full guide that can teach learners all about singing as a professional, like how to deepen your voice. With this program, they will discover precisely ways to sing with a full vocal rand, as well as hitting notes with professional perfection. Singorama is suitable for those who are struggling to sing with the rhythm, vocal range, together with timing. Singorama is the program they need as well as they want to make dramatic improvements. In addition, the author claims that learners do not have to get prior experience, prior theoretical singing knowledge, or a personal singing coach, and hours of daily time.

Learn How To Sing – About The Author: Emily Mander

Singorama is an ultimate vocal training program that is created to training people how want to know  learn how to sing. If people have any question about Singorama, people can contact Emily Mander here.

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Learn How To Sing – How Singorama Works

The Singorama product provides users with a set of 28 audio lessons and a software, and some useful bonuses, such as:

  • Audio lesson 1 – this part covers introduction, and guides that help users how to understand their own voice.
  • Audio lesson 2 – this section contains warm ups as well as strengthening the voice.

Audio lesson 3 – Breathing and Posture: this section aims to help learners:

  • Discover how to breathe from their entire body
  • Discover the effects of applying proper breathing techniques
  • Discover how to “ground” themselves to create a fuller sound
  • Audio lesson 4 – Tone: this section teaches learners everything they need to know about pitch, tone, and their chest together with head voices.
  • Audio lesson 5 – Pitch, Staying in Tune: this section helps learners be aware of the difference between tone and pitch, as well as how to avoid singing flat or sharp.
  • Audio lesson 6 – Chest voice and head voice: this section teaches learners all about two different voices
  • Audio Lesson 7 – Bad habits to avoid that can prevent you from the best secret to  learn how to sing.
  • This section reveals learners the most common bad habits, which many singers have, and how to avoid them.
  • Audio Lesson 8 – Extending learners’ vocal range.
  • Audio Lesson 9 – Time signatures, key signatures together with rhythm.
  • Audio Lesson 10 – minor and major keys, and Solfege
  • Audio Lesson 11 – Intervals and Solfege
  • Audio Lesson 12 – Different styles of singing for you to  learn how to sing in the unique and special way.
  • Audio Lesson 13 – ways to become sensational at singing harmony
  • Audio Lesson 15 – this audio teaches learners ways to sing different genres of music.
  • Audio Lesson 15, 16 – these sections help learners understand about the meaning of a song
  • Audio Lesson 17 – this section helps users how to create their own songs.
  • Audio Lesson 18, 19 – Learning a full song
  • Audio Lesson 20 – it reveals solutions to common problems
  • Audio Lesson 21 – learners’ future as a singer
  • Audio Lesson 28 – Final Overview
  • Mini Recording Studio software
  • world-class ear training software
  • Vocal Warmups Audio that is good audio
  • Vocal Training Exercises that can discover the best exercises to  learn how to sing.
  • Range Extension Exercises
  • Interval Training For Singers

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Vocal Training – Pros And Cons Of Singorama


  • Singorama helps learners improve dramatically most areas of their voice if they take the time to practice provided techniques.
  • The program guides learners how to understand their own voice, where they are at, and what they are capable of
  • It provides learners with video tutorials so, they can follow with ease.
  • It comes with a policy of back money in 8 weeks if the program does not work for users
  • It gives a 24/7 technical supportive


Singorama covers many strong points; however, it also has some drawbacks. People have to spend time and effort for following all lessons, and this program only a supportive tool for them.

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Vocal Training – Conclusion

This full singorama review is made by me truthfully to see how Singorama works for your problem or not. In my opinion, you should try this vocal training.

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