27 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips At Home Naturally Fast

13. Turmeric Powder & Milk turmeric powder & milk Turmeric is well-known as a powerful healing herb. To cure dark lips, Indian people have been using this herb for a long time. The steps are easy to carry out. Mix turmeric powder and mix it with milk cream. You can add a teaspoon of flour to make a lip paste. Apply this paste on your lips in 15 to 20 minutes until this paste is dry. Then, cleanse your lips from this mixture to achieve moisturized and lighter lips.

14. Carrot Juice 

Beside turmeric, you can use carrot because this food is easy to be found in many food stores. Peel off the carrot, cut it into small slices and make carrot juice. Drink this juice as a nutrient for a lighter skin, including lip skin. In fact, carrot is high in antioxidant and vitamin A so that it is good for skin. In another way of how to get rid of dark lips, you can apply carrot juice to your lip skin directly in 10 to 20 minutes to get the same result of a couple of healthier and rosier lips.

15. Wear Sunscreen

wear sunscreen

It is recommended that you should cover sunscreen on skin, including lip skin before 30 minutes when going out. Of course, there are different types of sunscreen lotions and creams for body skin, facial skin and lip skin, for instance. Select the right lip sunscreen with the SPF index of 15 or higher levels to protect your lip skin from harmful and harsh UV rays.

Actually, UV rays not only cause dark pigmentation, premature aging, discoloration and brown spots on your body but also on your lips. Pay attention to this problem to care for your lips rightly. Try applying a self-tan creams or lotions because they are kinder and milder to your lip skin.

After referring 27 tips on how to get rid of dark lips at home naturally & fast above, it is time to practice and follow these tips regularly, then you will see how your lips bloom like a rose.

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