20 tips for public speaking and presentation skills

Whether it is your first time speaking in public or your 100th, a lecture at a university study day or a school project, if list of speakers included some very successful people in the field whom you admire or if it’s just you, well-prepared or not, public speaking can be daunting. Feeling some nervousness before giving a speech is natural and even beneficial, but too much nervousness can be detrimental. Here are 20 proven tips for public speaking that teach you how to control your butterflies and give better presentations:

1. Watch The Masters

tips for public speaking for kids

If you are going to present a speech or presentation in the future, get started to refer what make successful public speakers so successful and what you can learn from them. Take note their styles, habits, and small postures, movements and keep them in mind as good examples!

2. Fix Up, Look Sharp

If you have to perform a formal presentation, then need to handle on the importance of personal grooming. The better you look, the more professional and ready you will feel. There are a lot of people who are looking at you, so make sure that you will look your best.  tips for public speaking for girls

3. Hello, Room. Nice To Meet You

If possible, you can check the space of the room that you are going to present in. Whether it is a large football stadium or a big conference room? Go to the facility early to make sure you are comfortable in the surroundings. Check the microphone, lighting, audio/visual equipment, and any other factors that may affect your performance. Meet the audience members as they arrive, this is a great way to build rapport and a captive audience.

4. Know Your Material

This is considered as one of the main tips for public speaking that decides the success of your presentation. If you present about the topic that you had good preparation, then you can take control of your presentation well. While going with the flow and being flexible is smart, trusting yourself to be brilliant without any prior preparation is something even the pros do not attempt. Just research about your topic and what you are going to say about it and how you will say it. The more you prepare, the more confident you will be up there.

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