45 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday Alone and with Friends

10. Indoor Game Club – Gaming Celebration:

ways to celebrate your birthday-indoor game club – gaming celebration

Why you do not think about booking an indoor gaming club to celebrate your birthday as this is actually one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday alone and even with friends, especially if you are a young gentleman. For most of people out there, it is not much suitable, but I know there will be someone who really love games and just wait for this if you have chances. Thus, the thing to do would be booking an indoor gaming club where you can celebrate your birthday, even alone or with your family and friends. Enjoy the time of fun in a gaming club, and you will find your mind and body relax will tons of fun!

I really do not know if you are mature, young, or old, but whatever age level you are at, what I know is that might be some of my readers love games, so here is what I should mention, right? Actually, everyone loves the ideas to have fun with friends and family members on their birthdays, and what would be better than playing games together and laugh a lot?

Even if you do not have anyone around, or if you just want to be alone on your birthday, you totally can go to an indoor game club and play whatever game you like!

11. Pending Wish:

pending wish

One out of the best and most meaningful ways to celebrate your birthday alone is that you should let one of your pending wishes come true! At times people have a busy life with tons of works and duties, we usually neglect most important things as well. We all have a lot of things to wish every day in our deep mind. For example, I love bad and from ages I can't afford a branded one. Thus, this happens with everyone.

I think that you also have some pending wish which you always keep in mind. Why do not you do it any way? It could be anything, thanking everyone who is always there by your side, It could be purchasing anything you want…what occasion can be better than your birthday to do this?

12. A Bus Road Trip: 

ways to celebrate your birthday-a bus road trip

This is really a special thing to do, I am sure that will never think about doing this if I do not mention it here. You may have celebrated your birthday in a hotel, an event hall, or at home, but have you ever thought about enjoying your birthday with a bus trip around the city you are living at? I am sure most of you not.

This is actually one of the fun and cool things to do in your birthday so what you are waiting for? Just go and enjoy an open bus road trip for birthday celebration, meaning that you will spend all your evening to celebrate your birthday while traveling around. This is what I can call it as one of the road trip birthday celebration ideas.

13. Nature Celebration:

ways to celebrate your birthday-nature celebration

Have you ever thought of spending your birthday in valleys, river banks, mountains, forests, etc..? I know you already thinking that this is a strange idea but seems to be interesting and some of you will want to try it! Yes it is, many people choose celebrating their own birthday at home or some event places, such as hall, hotel, etc.. but no one does this.

Thus, if you want to try doing something out of normal plans that happen every year, then you can try this! Take your camps to the places where you are just staying with the nature surroundings and so that you can enjoy the beauty of the nature alone for a peaceful mind. This is probably one of the best unique ways to celebrate your birthday alone you would have ever heard about!

14. Book A Villa:

ways to celebrate your birthday-book a villa

This is my dreamy thing to do when I need an idea for birthday celebration – in a sea side villa – just me with the beauty of the waves and sand on the beach!

Actually, you can choose Goa, a beach place in India as it is very peaceful and beautiful, perfect for people who love enjoying the natural beauty with peaceful feeling.

So If you have enough money to afford a vacation in a luxurious villa and celebrate your birthday as a real king, then this is one of the fun and cool things to do in your birthday that you should ever try in your life!

II. Best Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday With Friends – Birthday Celebration Ideas:

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start a nachobirthday campaign

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There are a lot of other great ideas to celebrate successfully your birthday presented in this writing, so keep reading to learn more!

1. Take A Picture:

ways to celebrate your birthday-take a picture

This is the first out of the best ways to celebrate your birthday with friends that I would like to reveal in this section of the article. Birthday is not just the marks and milestones of how you are growing up, but also how people around you become. You might not have the same family or friends around between all separate birthdays, so it is necessary to have records of passing crucial milestones together. You should take pictures of yourself with your family and friends and save it in an album. Years down the line when you look at it, you will feel happy when you look at the album and remember how happy you were being at home with friends and family members while you are staying away due to works or studies. This will allow you to always feel that you are still surrounded by people you love and love you.

2. Zip Lining 

ways to celebrate your birthday

If you want to have a sporty or adventurous celebration for your birthday this year, think about a zip-lining session which brings to you such an extreme experience and even help you and your friends or family get closer to each other. Experiencing this new challenge in your birthday, you could feel ready for whatever upcoming.

3. Go Horseback Riding 

ways to celebrate your birthday

This is one of the interesting ways to celebrate your birthday. Leave all your cares as well as your daily troubles behind, on this special day, you could let yourself relax on horseback. Just simply gather some best friends or family members together, go for a horseback riding center in your local. That way, you will not only be able to mix yourself with the nature around, but also experience the feeling of freedom no matter how old you will be. In brief, going for riding horse is among the best things to do and also the most interesting, fun and cool things to do on your birthday with friends and family, or even when you are alone with no one else around, you can still enjoy your birthday meaningfully and memorably on the back of a horse!

4. Paint Balling

ways to celebrate your birthday

No matter you need something to vent your anger or just simply look for something fun to enjoy in your birthday, paintballing could help you get your purpose. Gather some friends and go to the paintball arena in your local. That way, you will have such a memorable birthday with the ones you love.

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5. Test Drive Your Dream Car

ways to celebrate your birthday

Among creative and fun ways to celebrate your birthday is to test drive your dream car. Go to the motor vehicle dealer and request to be allowed to drive test your dream car. Everyone, men or women have a type of car that they wish they could own. Well, if you cannot own, certainly you could drive it instead. In fact, believe it or not, this will not make your special day more memorable.

Check out: driving tips

6. Rent A Motorbike And Travel Around The Countryside

ways to celebrate your birthday

Though not everyone could drive a bike, riding a good motorbike around the countryside is an educative and fun way to enjoy your birthday. In order to make the ride even more enjoyable, make sure that you have a good company, be it a good friend, family member or anyone else you are close to. Take along the coast, through the countryside, in the mountains or any place that you love.

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