15 ways to prevent diabetes type 2 and obesity naturally

Updates: 05/25/2014

As you know, the number of people with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, is increasing quickly world wide. So, the question now is how to prevent this disease from interfering our life. Making a few lifestyle changes can dramatically lower the chances of developing diabetes. The same changes could also lower the chances of developing heart disease and some cancers.

Take a deep breath. Then, read on the whole article below to discover simple natural ways to prevent diabetes type 2 and obesity.

Top 15 Best Natural Ways To Prevent Diabetes Type 2 And Obesity 

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1. Control Your Weight

Excess weight is the single most critical cause of type 2 diabetes. In reality, overweight will increase the chances of developing diabetes. Even, being obese will make you 20-40 times more likely to develop the condition of diabetes than people with normal weight.

Thus, losing your weight and controlling it is necessary for preventing diabetes. It is extremely important if your weight is above the healthy-weight range. It is proven that losing about 7 to 10 percent of current weight will cut the opportunity of developing diabetes in half.

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2. Monitor The Blood-Glucose Levels Every Day

Some people usually resist checking the blood sugar level. However, daily monitoring actually is the single way to know whether or not you are controlling your blood sugar properly. Foods, medications, activity level, stress, and illness can impact your blood glucose. Once you do not check it, you may not know whether those levels are holding steady or just getting out of control. All you need to do is to ask your doctor how you should check and what needed to do if they are abnormal.

If you or someone you love is suffering from diabetes or at the risk of suffering this disease, then do not overlook this guide, you had better refer the complete plan for taking control diabetes right away.

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