How to make perfume with essential oils at home simply

II. Homemade Solid Perfume With Your Favorite Essential Oil

how to make perfume-homemade solid perfume with your favorite essential oil

How to make perfume easily with essential oils at home also include solid perfume. Solid perfume also helps not only your body have the seductive aroma but make your skin softer. Or you can use it to ease the pain from bite marks. Most of solid perfumes in the market are rather expensive. So you can make your solid perfume with your favorite aroma. Here are the simple recipes to make your solid perfume you can consider:


7 teaspoons of jojoba oil

20 drops of other essential oils you like. You can use the mixture of your favorite essential oils.

6 drops of fresh ginger essential oil

½ teaspoon of beeswax

How to make:

Firstly, you need to put jojoba oil into a glass and fall in drops of the rest oil into it and mix them well. Put beeswax in a small heatproof bowl and simmer until the beeswax melts completely. When melted beeswax gets cold, you pour the essential oil mixture into it and stir well. Then, you must make it warm for more 10 minutes and continue to stir until the mixture is mixed thoroughly. And now, pour the mixture into a small box with a lid immediately. Finally, you only need to wait until the mixture gets cold and gelgation.

When making homemade solid perfume, you should notice not to use solid perfume to apply on your lip.

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III. Flowers In Oil:

how to make perfume-flowers in oil


Some flowers you like

Odorless oil

How to make:

This recipe is very simple with only two ingredients. Firstly, you need to collect some flowers that you like. And you also fill odorless oil in a jar with a tight lid. And then, you need to cut the flowers off their stems. Put them in the jar of oil quickly and close the jar. When you put them it inside, you should try to throw all at the same time. After some weeks, you need to open the jar and pour into an empty bottle. Now you can use it.

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