14 speed reading techniques – smart ways for comprehension

Reading can be fun, but it can also be time-consuming if your speed is not as fast as you’d like it to be. An average reading speed can range from 200 to 350 words per minute, but that rate can vary depending on the material and your reading experience. It is also important to understand what you are reading – even when you improve your speed. Here are a few speed reading techniques that will answer or you the question of how to improve reading speed:

14 Speed Reading Techniques – Learning To Read More Efficiently

1. Determine The Time Of Your Current Reading Speed: 

Determining time of your current reading speed not only helps you time your speed but it also gives you motivation for this training. I mean it will show you if you are improving. You can read a book and use a watch to determine how long it takes you to read. You should evaluate your time with a certain number of words on a page or find out how many words you read in a certain time. Or, you can apply an easier way to time yourself by taking part in an online reading speed test.

There are many programs you can take part. Just type phrase “reading speed test” in your search engine and many results will be shown. Some of these may have read comprehension tests; therefore, you can see how you understand about what you have read. Make sure that you read at your normal speed during the timing, and time yourself on some different pages. And the average of your times may be equal with your average reading speed. It is a good way to increase reading speed.

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2. Use A Flexible Reading Speed (Adjust Reading Speed Depend On The Material):

The most important of increasing reading speed is deciding how much time you need to comprehend. You know that each reading material has its own requirement. For example, legal contracts, mathematical equations, and poetry must be read slowly and carefully because you need to fully understand. In contrast, other reading materials can be read at much faster speeds such as newspapers, magazines, and novels because you just want to get the main idea. Adjust your reading speed according to the type of reading materials as well as your reading purpose. It maybe different!

3. Read Without Subvocalizing:

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This is one of the most critical speed reading techniques that a lot of experts recommend people should pay attention. Almost people in the first time of learning read, they read words aloud. Each word being pronounced loudly. In fact, when you begin to go to school, teachers require you to speak loudly and you graduate from speaking aloud. As a result, it slows your reading speed. However, most people still vocalize the words inside their heads for a long time and then silently repeated in their minds after that. Anyway, sub vocalizing is not always a bad method to increase reading speed. This helps you understand and follow a narrative. You shouldn’t realize it strictly. In some ways, it’s necessary for your comprehension. In fact, most people do not need to understand every single word to get the meaning of a sentence. If you are able to read without subvocalizing, you can make a great thing like adding accessories to your car. It’s useful in helping you to increase your reading speed as well as understand a message or text. Read without subvocalizing is not similar with skimming, you are still pay attention at every word. It is a method that speed readers usually use. Practice moving your pointer is one of best ways to make your speed faster. It is much faster than you can read words inside your head. This will break your habit of automatically subvocalizing.

4. Get Away From Distractions: 

Sometimes you think that you read better with some music playing or when you are in a crowd. Actually, you can probably increase reading speed if you reduce distractions as much as possible. Try to find a quiet place to read, and then turn off your TV, radio and cell phone. Away a room of people who are taking! It is also distracting. If you have no place liked this, try using earphone to block out any distractions around you.

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