List Of 9 Most Common Hair Problems

5 million is the total number of hair on an average person. Hair grows all over your body except on your palms, lips and the soles of your feet. Aside from keeping you warm and protecting your ears, eyes and nose from small particles in the air, it partly contributes to your beauty. Yet, some people are dissatisfied with the way their hair looks. So, in this article, I will cover some common hair problems that both women and men have to tackle.

Most Common Hair Problems Are Revealed – List Of 9 Problems

Honestly, we are all obsessed with hair. A bad hair day is one thing that no one likes. If it happens once in a blue moon, it is alright, but if it occurs all year long, it is totally a nightmare. The fact, however, is that there are few people who haven’t faced any hair problem in their lifetime. Most of us have at least one hair problem at a time in life no matter what kind of hair we have.

Though different people have different kinds of hair in terms of styles, lengths, textures and colors, their beauty is enhanced through the various hair styles. Additionally, maintaining healthy hair also plays an important role in boosting the beauty. Nevertheless, the path to healthy hair becomes harder than ever due to many reasons. We nowadays have become more susceptible to hair disorders. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you the list of 9 most common hair problems that we suffer from.

1. Gray Hair:

common hair problems-gray hair

This is the first one on the list of the most common hair problems that everyone in the world have to face throughout their life that I want to reveal in this article and want you and my other readers to learn about and find ways to resolve fast.

It is a fact of life that hair changes its texture as we get older. Dr. Anthony Oro, professor of dermatology at Stanford University, said about 50% of the population go gray at age 50. However, in the present times, premature white hair is becoming one of the most common hair problems among young men and women.

So, why do some people go gray in their 20s? Scientists don’t know exactly why but there are some factors may trigger greying early, including malnutrition, a hormonal imbalance, pernicious anemia, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, using electric dryers and concentrated hair dyes as well as radiation, chemotherapy and genetic disorders. It is believed that mental stress and lack of some copper, iron, B Vitamins, and iodine in the daily diet also contribute to graying early.

Going grey early may make you feel annoying and knock your confidence. For this reason, I would like to recommend some tips that keep the dreaded grey at bay:

  • Try to relax more and be positive
  • Keep hydrated
  • Stop smoking
  • More copper, iodine, protein and vitamin B12
  • Improve circulation

Hope you can make use of it and do not worry about this common hair problem.

2. Lack Of Volume:

common hair problems-lack of volume

Lack of volume is also among the most common hair problems for both women and men. There are plenty of reasons that lead to the lack of volume of flat hair, including thyroid problems, low iron levels, hormone related conditions and nutrition, but it is partly caused by using a wrong shampoo or a conditioner that is too heavy for the hair. Additionally, product build up is said to be a contributing factor of flat hair with no volume.

Fortunately, it is an easy problem to remedy. You can use products that gently cleanse, repair hair and add volume as well. Plus, roller is a perfect tool that helps add curls and volume.

3. Dry, Brittle Hair: 

common hair problems-dry, brittle hair

Another thing on the list of the most common hair problems for concerning that I want people to know and find ways to resolve as fast as possible is the dry, brittle hair condition. Most people think that dry, brittle hair is a hair type. Yet, the truth is that dry hair is the most common hair problem that both men and women have to cope with. Having a dry brittle hair means your hair is experiencing a major problem and needs to be treated well before it leads to numerous hair problems such as split ends, frizzy hair, thinning hair, hair breakage and hair loss at an early age.

The lack of moisture and a certain amount of oil which is necessary to keep your hair looking healthy is the main reason behind dry and brittle hair. This can happen due to exposure to the sun, wind, and dry air, perming or using heating appliances on your hair too often, washing it too often or over-processing of your hair with coloring.

In order to hydrate the strands of your hair and add moisture, it is better to use a good quality deep, leave in conditioner. Apply pure olive oil to your hair is also a good idea to make your dry brittle hair shiny, manageable and soft. One thing to remember is that do not comb your hair when it is wet because combing wet hair can result in split ends and breakage.

4. Split Ends: 

common hair problems-split ends

The reasons for split ends are many but it usually take place when the protective outermost layer of hair (the cuticle) peels back and be damaged. This is the most common hair problems of women because they often experience different kinds of chemical treatments, including straightening, excessive styling or coloring.

In order to keep the ends of your hair healthy, you should apply a suitable conditioner at least once a week. Besides, stay away from harmful chemical treatments is essential. Nevertheless, these ways can work when you remove dry, damaged hair and split ends. Therefore, your hair should be trimmed every 8 – 12 weeks to keep your hair in healthy condition.

5. Flaky Scalp:

common hair problems-flaky scalp

Many people may think that dandruff and scalp are the same. In fact, they are completely two different problems with different reasons and solutions. The only one common point between flaky scalp and dandruff is that both of them are among the most common hair problems. Apart from inhibiting natural hair growth in women, flaky scalp is also known for leading to severe hair loss.

Lack of moisture from the skin can be blamed for dry and flaky scalp. It also can be sparked by cold weather, the application of soap, product build up, strong detergents, diet and hard water. You can defeat this disorder by using natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar rinses. This way helps restore the pH on your scalp. Minimizing use of hair styling products containing harsh chemicals, consuming vitamins and essential minerals are also great ways to treat flaky scalp. Additionally, you can do a light scalp message using such natural oils as jojoba oil or extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, natural hair masks like yogurt honey masks also work well to bring moisture and hydrate your scalp as well as combat flaky scalp.

6. Dull Hair: 

common hair problems-dull hair

Another most common hair problem is dull hair. A shiny and glossy hair presents your youth, vitality and health. On the other hand, lifeless-looking and limp hair makes you look older than your age. Anything that roughens and raises the hair's cuticle such as chemical damage, improper styling techniques, heat styling damage and even environmental soils and stresses all are factors lead to dull-looking hair.

Those who want your hair shiny think that using serums is the best and fast way to add shine. The fact, however, is that using serums may attract dirt and dust, which causes dull-looking hair. Consequently, it is better to use a conditioner. By this way, the cuticle will be flattened, so it reflects light better. In addition, to rid buildup, you should use a clarifying shampoo once per week. This will repair your hair and bring back life into your color.

7. Frizzy Hair: 

common hair problems-frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is totally the most common hair problems for those who want silky, shiny and bouncy hair.

The main reason behind a frizzy hair is dehydration. In other words, when the moisture level in their locks drops below normal, women will have frizzy hair. According to L'Oreal Research, 12% to 15% of the composition of your hair is made up by water. When the moisture is balanced and the cuticles of your hair are sealed with sebum or natural oils, you will have shiny and smooth hair. In contrast, if the moisture balance decreases, your hair becomes dry and damaged, resulting in frizzy hair.

According to Ladies Home Journal, silicone-based products with the moisturizer dimethicone can help ward off frizz and smooth down the cuticle. Plus, frizz fighting products that help with hydration and strength tend to contain certain types of proteins such as soy or wheat protein.

8. Chlorine Damage: 

common hair problems-chlorine damage

Aside from sun damage, chlorine damage is also one of the most common hair problems in the summer time. In order to reduce the growth of microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria, chlorine is added to water, making hot tubs and swimming pools safe for the public. Yet, it not just kill germs, it also damage your hair.

A chemical reaction happens when chlorine makes contact with organic matter. Since hair is organic matter, the minute your head are submerged in a pool, the process of hair damage begins.

The cuticle functions as a shield that protects the cortex or inner layer of hair. On the other hand, the cuticle is protected by sebum, is a natural lubricant. When you hit the pool, the chlorine will suck the sebum out of your hair, which may crack the cuticle. This damage makes your hair look rough and dull. It also weakens the hair structure. For this reason, hair will be unable to withstand stress without breaking.

Though chlorine is horrible for your hair, it does not mean that you cannot go to the pool anymore. There remains a few simple ways to prevent chlorine from damaging your beautiful locks. The easiest way is wearing a swim cap. In addition, rinse your hair under tap water to saturate your hair before entering the pool. Another good pre – pool option is a leave – in conditioner. By this way, it is harder for chlorine to get to the hair. It is important to have a weekly hair mask, which can help seal the cuticle and repair the damage.  Actually, this is also among the most common hair problems and issues that many people in the world have to face day by day and want to get rid at all costs.

9. Sun Burn: 

common hair problems-sun burn

This is actually the last but very important one of the common hair problems and issues that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn about and find ways to deal with and beat off as soon as possible.

Believe it or not, sun – damaged hair is one of the most common hair problems that women have to face with, particularly in the summer. Hence, while you protect your skin from the sun, do not forget about your hair and scalp. As your skin, the sun can harm your hair too. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause dry, brittle and weak hair. It can also make your hair more prone to split ends. Even though your hair is healthy and non-chemically altered, it can still be damaged by the sun. Under the effect of sunlight, your hair can develop a reddish hue. Otherwise, chemically treated hair can be yellow, dull and faded if left unprotected in the sun.

The simplest way to save your hair from the sun is wearing a hat. Besides, to protect hair from discoloration, it is recommended to use a leave-in conditioner that contains zinc oxide. Using leave-in conditioners and hairsprays with a UV protector is also a good way against the damaging rays of the sun, including UVA and UVB. Especially, you should not go out between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m because it is the time when the rays are strongest.

Apart from these common hair problems I mentioned above, thin hair is also a hair problem that many people have to cope with. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you this article – the Best Natural Ways To Thicken Hair. In this article, the author will give you hair care methods that are completely natural to help you have shiny, smooth hair within the fastest time. These ways are proven by science and for people at all ages so that all of you should read and apply these tips to thicken your hair without worrying about anything.

This article has shown you the list of 9 most common hair problems that you should read and remember to keep your hair from these problems. I hope it is helpful for you – the readers of Vkool. If you find this article useful and informative and you do not want to make use of this amazing article alone, feel free to share for everyone.

If you care about the article, we are open to welcome any discussion about the topic. Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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