23 home remedies for grey hair to turn black at young age

Updates: 06/3/2014

Having gray hair is a popular occurrence to almost everyone, particularly at the adulthood stage. However, the majority of young people might suffer from premature gray hair when they have not even crossed the 30s. This is quite a freakish experience. The reason may be due to heredity, stress, illness, or deficiency of nutrients that decrease the production of melanin. In this article, I am glad to introduce home remedies for grey hair to turn black at young age. By following tips given below, you will greatly enhance the probability of maintaining the natural hair color for a longer time and prevent the gray hair growth. Just take a look to discover how valuable they are:

Top 23 Home Remedies For Grey Hair To Turn Black At Young Age

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1. Use Indian Gooseberry

how to stop grey hair naturally for men

The use of Indian gooseberry is the effective method among home remedies in prevention and treatment of premature graying hair. Using this, you can enrich your hair growth as well as hair pigmentation. All you need to do with this ingredient is to massage your scalp each night with a teaspoonful of Indian gooseberry juice, or you can mix with some drops of lime juice or almond oil.

2. Amaranth

how to stop grey hair naturally for kids

Amaranth is another efficient home remedies for premature grey hair or hair disorders. If you apply the fresh juice of the leaves of this plant, you will help your hair retain its black color and prevent it from premature graying. Also, it can stimulate the growth of hair and keep your hair smooth and soft.

3. Curry Leaves

Liberal intake of curry leaves can be helpful for preventing premature graying of hair. Using these leaves will help people provide vitality and new strength for their hair roots. The new hair roots include normal pigment and grow healthier than the old ones. You can use these leaves in the form of spicy condiment or squeeze it in buttermilk. This will motivate the hair growth and bring back hair pigmentation.

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