Good Sex Tips for Married Couples: 25 Tricks to Have Better Sex

sex tips for married couples

Sex is awesome; nevertheless, not all sex is equally awesome. One of the fabulous things about marrying your soul mate is experiencing an unique connection and level of familiarity. Yet, when thing are too comfortable in the bedroom, it might cause problems. In fact, many couples reported that before they are married, their sex lives has little competition in their relationship. Yet, after getting married, sex has to compete with the confliction of schedules, financial concerns, in-laws and children. It seems to take a toll on their sex lives, particularly if compounded by the growth in sexual familiarity plus with the reduction in honeymoon hormones that are flowing through their veins.

Here reveals top good sex tips for married couples, helping them have better sex easily. Just take a look!

Good Sex Tips For Married Couples – 25 Tricks For Awesome Sex In Your Marriage 

1. Learn Something

learn something

The first one in this list of sex tips for married couples is learning. You should find out what your partner really wants during intercourse. This does not mean that you just focus on what your partner wants, yet remember that sex is a two-way street. Ask your spouse about their own preferences in the bedroom. On the opposite side, you also need to learn what you love. You could not coach them if you do not acknowledge what really turns the hot button inside you. And, how could you know what can turn you on if you do not know about anything about sex? Thus, it is necessary for you to research and study more about sex via Internet or sexual manuals.  Whilst technique is no replacement for the emotional connection, those couples with their actions together sexually might know how to create ambience and be uninhibitedly playful and sensual. They also understand different positions of making love, and they could build an exciting, comfortable repertoire of sexual movements.
2. Accessorize Your Action 

accessorize your action

As a woman, in order to blow his mind, you need to break out the bling-bling and wear nothing but jewelry to bed. That way, it will fulfill your partner’s Vegas-showgirl fantasy. You can graze the nape of his neck with the chandelier earrings. Then, you slip on a stack of bangles and create a clamor under the comforter. Another suggestion is to skim your own long strand of faux pearls up and down your partner’s legs.

3. Beer In Bed 

beer in bed

When it comes to good sex tips for married couples for better sex, beer in bed does work. This will make midweek nooky more naughty. Just simply pop several exotic microbrews in the sack, then drink them to welcome the fun.

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