22 Natural Home Remedies For Stds And Enclosed Useful Information

natural home remedies for STDs

11. Home Remedies For Stds – Cat’s Claw

Another of the home remedies for STDs is Cat’s claw that is really effective in boosting the body immune system. In fact, Cat’s claw is a medical herb that is good at treating Chlamydia due to the antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, the herb can destroy the bacteria as well.

As an advice, you should take in cat's claw by consuming 500mg of its supplement 3 times daily until the infection is completely removed. However, the herb is not recommended for pregnant women who need more instructions of doctor indeed.

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12. Home Remedies For Stds – Licorice Root

Licorice root has been known as a classic medication for various medical situations also one of the home remedies for STDs. With the presence of glycyrrhetinic acid, licorice root can improve The immune system and boost its function. By this way, your body become more protective to infectious germs that cause STDs to the human body.

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13. Home Remedies For Stds – Diet

Diet plays an important role in both the physical and mind health. And diet is also beneficial for curing some kinds of STDs like syphilis and gonorrhea, which is because proper foods can help maintain the natural balance in the body without any side effects.

Each kind of foods can give different impacts on STD condition even negative ones. For example, you should avoid some kinds of foods like sugar, refined or processed foods, lettuce, parsley, alcohol, several citrus fruits that can, in the contrary, aggravate your condition indeed. there are many healthy foods you can include in your diet and you should additionally maintain a suitable diet as well.

While cholesterol, a type of fat, plays an important role in maintaining the cell health and producing sex hormones. There are 2 types of cholesterol: HDL also known as good cholesterol that prevents fat from depositing in the arteries as well as preventing the risks of heart attacks and blocking the fat and LDL also known as bad cholesterol that creates plaques of fat in the arteries and veins causing the occurrence of heart diseases. And each kind of foods contains specific cholesterol so you should be careful when choosing foods for your diet. It is advised to consume many vegetables, fruits, and cereal containing no cholesterol and avoid meat, egg yolks, milk, milk products, and butter with a high level of cholesterol.

In addition, Triglycerides are other kinds of fat that occupy up to 90% of the energy reserves in the body and deposits in muscle tissue and adipose. Triglycerides have many health benefits such as providing energy, retaining body heat, and absorbing vitamins but increased levels of triglycerides can cause heart diseases as well. Hence, you should avoid foods rich in these fat such as vegetable oil and animal fat.

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14. Home Remedies For Stds – Tea Tree Oil

home remedies for stds - tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is also famous in beauty aspect because it can aid in curing acne, preventing lice, removing sticks, and getting rid of skin tags. Moreover, tea tree oil is also used as one of the home remedies for STDs when it can heal skin infections, cure fungus, and reduce itchiness.  This depends on the antibacterial properties presented in the oil that can help reduce pain, decrease itchiness, and relieve ailments from the problem.

All you need to do are dipping a cotton ball in the tea tree oil and apply it to the affected region. Otherwise, you can add some tea tree oil into your bath water and soak your body into it as a way to remove the conditions.

Among women with STDs, they should take a douche with tea tree oil, which in turn removes the itching and burning sensation as well as provides an effective relief from the symptoms of syphilis and Chlamydia indeed.

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15. Home Remedies For Stds – Vitamins

Taking in an adequate amount of vitamins is also one of the home remedies for STDs. There are some vitamins proved helpful for patients with STDs like vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin B. In addition, you should also pay attention to foods rich in folic acid and zinc that are effective in stimulating the healing process.

As an advice, you should include these multivitamins in your daily meals to keep the infection away as well as maintain a good health.

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16. Home Remedies For Stds – Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is famous for its health benefits because of its rich sources of vitamins and minerals. In fact, cranberry juice can help reduce the pains and irritation related to STDs, and eliminate several bacteria out of the body. Hence, you should get the cranberry extract and use it to reduce the symptoms of STDs along with additional urinary tract infection.

The easiest way for you is drinking fresh cranberry juice on a regular basis, which certainly helps deal with STD condition. Alternatively, cranberry health supplements are also available for you and you should follow the direction of your doctor.

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17. Home Remedies For Stds – Suma 

Due to powerful antibacterial property, Suma is considered one the most effective home remedies for STDs. In fact, Suma is commonly found in South America also known as a sprawling herb that not only combats STDs but also improves the immune system. The leaves, bark, root, and fruit of Suma include numerous medicinal values, which makes it already used in traditional medicine for a long time. And its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties certainly help deal with diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis indeed.

In addition, Suma contains saponins that are comprised of some phytochemicals that help kill all types of germs and microbes, boost the immunity, and revitalize the body. They also aid in the regeneration of damaged cells and tissues and the healing process throughout the body.

Similar to other herbs, you can boil the leaves, bark, or roots of Suma and drink the solution every day as a way to heal STDs. This is believed good for the diseases, especially gonorrhea and syphilis in men. Hence, you should pay attention to this useful herb to your treating sex problems effectively.

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