16 natural home remedies for high blood pressure

Updates: 06/17/2014

High blood pressure is actually a common and dangerous disease in nowadays life. The most common causes of high blood pressure are adrenal diseases, kidney diseases, pain relievers, birth control pills, stress, and lack of aerobic exercise, high intake of salt, excess intake of alcohol, genetic factors, and obesity. If you do not know how to relieve this disease and live with it for a long time, it will be really dangerous because high blood pressure can also lead to the death. That is the reason why today I am going to list down here 16 explosive natural home remedies to lower high blood pressure instantly that are proven to work.

Top 16 Home Remedies To Lower High Blood Pressure Instantly

remedies to lower high blood pressure

If high blood pressure is not cured on time, it will lead to other dangerous diseases, such as heart, kidney failure, stroke, and attacks. Even though medication and medical interferences are often suggested for hypertension patients to apply, people can also control the situation by applying some home remedies to lower high blood pressure with the common ingredients that you can find right in your own kitchen.

Let’s start your high blood pressure treating process with 16 natural foods and ingredients because foods are always the best method to deal with any disease. If you agree with this theory, you should keep your head on the following natural home remedies to lower high blood pressure instantly.

1. Banana


Banana is one of the best fruits that high blood pressure sufferers should eat everyday to control the disease. Banana is high in potassium – a substance that can aid people in reducing the blood pressure level

As well, banana is free of cholesterol and it has low sodium level. Therefore, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, you should try to eat 1 or 2 bananas every day. Besides eating banana, you should also eat dried winter squash apricots, cantaloupe, baked sweet potatoes raisins, zucchini, spinach, orange juice, and currants.

2. Garlic


Both cooked and raw garlic are proven to be able to help human beings reduce the cholesterol level and control the high blood pressure level as well. When your blood pressure level increase negatively, you should eat 1 to 2 garlic cloves every day after crushing it slightly with your hands. Crushed garlic cloves can set up hydrogen sulfide – a compound that can reduce the pressure on the heart, remove gas, and promote good blood flow. You can also make a natural remedy from garlic by adding 5 to 6 drops of garlic juice to 4 teaspoon of warm water and drink the liquid twice per day.

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