How to increase blog traffic fast 2014 – top 14 tips revealed

You must be thinking that “Why my new posts are not appeared in Google?”, “Why my new post is not getting indexed in Google?” “How to get traffic fast?” or “How can I do to get my new posts indexed by Google?” So simple! Many people think that getting a new post to show up on Google takes a long time, may be a month or even longer. You may be amazing to know that you can do it for about 1 day or less.

I.     How To Increase Blog Traffic – Prepare For Your Website Or Blog

1.      Write Quality Content: The first important thing to answer for the question of how to improve search engine ranking is having quality content. That means you should not copy from any website. Make it unique! Do search for proper topics and some good keywords. Try to create awesome content by your own. Write blog posts regularly to make good stepping-tones to success.

2.      Build Quality Backlinks:  It is the best way to increase website/blog traffic and get higher rank on Google. You should build quality backlinks from high page rank sites. There are some ways to build backlinks:

how to increase blog traffic for free-         Guest posts

-         Blog comments

-         Forum

-         Interlink blog posts

-         Submit RSS feed to RSS directories

-         Write awesome content to make readers love to link back

You can refer the guide of media traffic meltdown and traffic ultimatum book to get more unique tips to boost your online business.

II.    How To Increase Blog Traffic – Use Social Networks And Search Engines

1.      Use Social Network:

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ways to get indexed by Google fast. Share your posts on it. If search engines find your blog or website link on social network, they will quickly index your blog. As a result, sharing your content on social networks helps Google’s Bot find your website quickly. If you want others to share your content, just do first!

2.      Google Bookmarks:

how to increase blog traffic 2013

Google helps users have ability to have their own customized homepage. It includes having a list of bookmarks that users want to visit a gain. You can search a lot of social bookmarking websites on the Internet. And the only thing you need is to bookmark your every new post on these websites. Some famous social bookmarking websites are: Digg, Reddit, Delicous and StumbleUpon. It not only helps your new posts but also increases the number of traffic to your website or blog.

If you want to get useful tips on how to increase your blog’s traffic, you had better read this book of fast lane commission.

3.      Google Webmaster Tools Account:

how to increase blog traffic 2011

Get an account in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (A Google Webmaster Tools is more important). It plays an important role in getting your posts indexed. So, the first thing is that you have to make sure that you have submitted your blog or website on Google Webmaster Tools. Before submitting your site in Google Webmaster Tools, you have to create a Sitemap. It is an XML document on your website’s server that lists each page on your site basically. A Sitemap lets search engine recognize when new pages have been added and how often to check again for changes on specific pages. You may want a search engine to check your homepage daily for new things, including new products, new items, or new content.

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  • Adrienne

    Hi Van,

    I wanted to stop by and check out one of your posts and this one caught my eye. I always enjoy seeing what others recommend as far as how to get more traffic to your blog.

    I almost agree with everything you’ve shared but buying links is something Google really frowns upon so I would have to say that one’s a definitely no in my book. That is a great way to get your site deranked in a heartbeat and it’s really not worth it. It takes time to build up traffic so do a good bit of what you’ve shared here and it will slowly come. Google prefers seeing it all come naturally anyway so it’s really best to do it that way.

    I checked my stats just today and I’m getting some traffic from Digg which surprised me. I haven’t used that site in ages but obviously my posts are getting bookmarked and they’re being shared so that’s a really good thing.

    Great share here and thanks for putting together this post. Hope you’re having a good week and see you again soon.


    • Tony Nguyen

      Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you very much for stopping by,
      I have seen many people had tremendous success with Digg, but I myself found out that Facebook and Twitter are the two primary traffic sources for my blog. I gotta note “Digg” down and see if I can get some good traffic from Digg for


  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Van,

    Create quality content. This one is huge.

    Content drives the blogging machine. Create value to become valuable and boost your blog traffic.

    I would add to aggressively promote others bloggers. This makes you popular as many bloggers will promote you in return, leveraging your presence.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Tony Nguyen

      Thank you for your insight Ryan.

  • Ferb

    Quality backlinks is important and things like do guest posts for other blogs, leave comments.. are very helpful.

    • Tony Nguyen

      Thanks Ferb for your thoughts :)

  • Sami

    Hello Van,
    You said-

    “Ping Your Blogs: It may be something new but it is a great way to help your blogs can get indexed quickly.”

    Ping is not a new thing. However, I appreciate your hard work. Keep it up

    • Tony Nguyen

      Thanks Sami,
      I agree that pinging your new blog posts is not a new idea, however, it would help Internet Marketing beginners when they just start out :)

  • Khan Content

    Yeah blogging is a way to increase traffic, google’s algorithm ranks more on quality contents.

    • Tony Nguyen

      Thank you for your contribution :)