Top 13 Health Benefits Of Tomatoes For Men Are Revealed

Tomatoes are known as common vegetables and fruits in Mediterranean area. Consuming tomatoes every day will help you improve your health, especially for men. Tomatoes can be added into ketchup, pizzas, pastas, and other recipes. They contain necessary vitamins, minerals to protect your health. Recently, has released a writing of top 13 health benefits of tomatoes for men as the following.

Learning Top 13 Health Benefits Of Tomatoes For Men

1. Prevent Cancer 

benefits of tomatoes

Considered as a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C, tomatoes will help you fight free radicals that cause cancer. Lycopene in tomatoes has function of preventing cancer. According to John Erdman, PhD in Illinois University, tomatoes can lower cancer. You can find out two elements in tomatoes including chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid that can help you reduce defects of carcinogen in smoke and help you go far away from lung cancer.

2. Manage Blood Pressure 

benefits of tomatoes - manage blood pressure

In order to lower blood pressure you have to get lower sodium amount. High sodium consumption will increase blood pressure. Instead, high potassium consumption will help you decrease risk of drying due to blood pressure about 20 %.

3. Protect Your Heart

benefits of tomatoes

Saving your heart is one of the most benefits of tomatoes. Choline, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber in tomatoes will improve your heart function. High potassium intake will reduce risk of cardiovascular disease according to Mark Houston M.D – a medicine professor in Vanderbilt School. Consuming 4069 mg of potassium each day will lower risk of death due to heart diseases.

4. Prevent Diabetes 

benefits of tomatoes - prevent diabetes

Getting more fiber in diets will decrease risks of diabetes. Tomatoes are on the top of fiber rich foods and they will manage your insulin levels, lipids, and blood sugar. You can get 2 grams of fiber in each cup of tomatoes.

5. Good For Your Skin 

benefits of tomatoes

Among various benefits of tomatoes, skin protection is probably the best advantage of the delicious fruits. Vitamin C, antioxidants in tomatoes will help your skin produce collagen and protect it from the sun, smoke, and the wrinkles.

6. Reduce Depression 

benefits of tomatoes

Do you believe that stress reduction is one of the best benefits of tomatoes? That is true. Tomatoes contain folic acid that can prevent the homocyteine production and protect your brain, as well as prevent blood. Tomatoes are high in antioxidants and can combat several cancer forms.

7. Improve Your Vision

benefits of tomatoes

Vitamin A in tomatoes contributes to improve your vision, prevent macular degeneration and blindness. Along with negative effects of free radicals, you may get many vision problems. Make sure that you add tomatoes in your meals more frequently to protect your eyes. Keep reading and find out more benefits of tomatoes you may surprise.

8. Improve Digestive System 

benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes can help you fight risk of constipation. Fiber and water in tomatoes will improve your digestive system and can combat diarrhea very well. Additionally, tomatoes can support your body to remove toxins and adjust bowel movements in your body. You can add tomatoes in salad, sandwiches, and other recipes to get the best results.

9. Prevent Thrombosis 

benefits of tomatoes

If you are wondering benefits of tomatoes, you should read this information. Drinking 8 ounces of tomato juice will lower platelet aggregation. To prevent thrombosis, you should intake low sodium tomato juice.

10. Fight Inflammation

benefits of tomatoes

If you really want to avoid inflammation, keep drinking a glass of tomato juice per day. Tomatoes not only help you prevent other harmful diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, digestion problems, but they also help you fight inflammation in your body due to different dangerous conditions.

11. Reduce Asthma 

benefits of tomatoes - reduce asthma

Vitamin A and lycopene in tomatoes can reduce the asthma symptoms.  If you are getting asthma condition, you should add tomatoes in your daily meals immediately. Tomato recipes are also very healthy and delicious.

12. Prevent Urinary Infections 

benefits of tomatoes

To lower incidence of urinary infections and bladder cancer, you should eat more tomatoes. The reason is that tomatoes include high water and it can support your body eliminate toxins from body such as fats, uric acid, salts, and excess water.

13. Strengthen Your Bones 

benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes include vitamin K, which has a main role in clotting blood and strengthening your bones. According to a report of Boston University, vitamin K deficiency will increase knee osteoarthritis and hand prevalence.

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After reading my article about 13 health benefits of tomatoes for men, I hope that you have learned the most useful information to maintain your health. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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