16 body language tips and tricks for you to act now!

In fact, there is no specific advice on how to use body language. What you do may be interpreted in several ways, depending on the setting and who you are talking to. The body language used in different situations will be different, such as when talking to the boss and when talking to a girl or guy you are interested in. These are some body language tips that allow you to improve your communication skills as well as achieve success in life easily.

Body Language Tips – Improve Your Body Language Effortlessly

1. Understand Context In Body Language

When it comes to body language tips, in order to respond properly to body language during a social interaction, you should understand the circumstance of the interaction. Learning how to recognize key signals from context will help you respond better to your body language.

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body language tips review2. Understand Your Own Body Language

Understanding the body language of other people will be very helpful, but you also need to understand the message sent by your own body. It is so easy for your own body language as well as your words to send conflicting messages that is the trigger of misunderstanding. In fact, many people tend to spend much time on perfecting their words compared with their body language. However, they never realize that their own body language and their words may send very different messages.

When your words and your body are sending different messages, people tend to go with the message sent by your body. If you did not mean to send that message, trouble ensues.

3. Be Natural

Even if you were success in controlling your own body language by “the guide”, you would look fake. While there are certain factors of body language which could be improved upon to create a more efficient message, you still should act like yourself and are not robotic.

4. Do Not Cross The Arms And Legs

Maybe, you know that you should not cross the arms because it can make yourself seem guarded or defensive. This advice goes for the legs as well. It is better for you to keep the arms as well as legs open.

5. Handshakes

body language tips in hindiHandshakes are often the first impression you give the other person upon meeting him/her. Having a good grip can show off a sign of power, wisdom, confidence, whereas a “fishy”, weak grip might show fear and insecurity. Another factor of this kind of communication that people do not usually think about is the placement of the palm:

  • Palm down: try to avoid presenting your hands in this way because it expresses that you are occupying a position of authority. Your palm down shows superiority and forces other people to shake your hand with their palm up that is submissive in this circumstance.
  • Vertical palms: when you keep your palm vertically facing that of the other person that expresses your respect and also implies equal footing.
  • Palm up: this is called as submissive palm position. This is used as a non-threatening gesture, reminiscent of the pleading gesture of a street beggar. This handshake should be avoided to motivate equality.

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