How to win a tennis match against a better player?

I.  How To Win A Tennis Match – 5 Tennis Playing Tips

If you are new to sport and interested in learning how to play tennis, or even you are a person with fundamental backgrounds of tennis techniques, you still should not omit the new revolutionary information in this report. It will help to show you several important keys to focus on right from the start point of the day to the end of the tennis match. In the article, I will reveal to you tennis coaching tips that play an important role in your winning in each match.

1. Calm Your Emotions

A young woman hitting a tennis shot, wide angle.

Actually, thousands of thoughts and plenty of emotions have a huge effect upon tennis players’ match results on court. The best tennis playing tips for winning a match is something inside players’ emotional control. It is simply early preparation. It is recommended that you should prepare your mental, physical, and emotional health earlier on at least the day before your tennis match. As usual, in the day of competing, you may have a variety of different emotions and thoughts in your mind; thus, it is important to learn how to calm your emotions and felling to take over during the tennis match. If you can manage to keep your thoughts free from doubt, it means that you are giving yourself the best possible chance to win the match.

Next, it’s very important to build yourself up mentally. Reinforce the positives about yourself – going over all of your own positive attributes. Literally ask yourself “what’s great about me?”

2. Decrease The “Fight Or Flight” Syndrome

The tennis playing tips are critical for all of tennis players who compete at the tournament level. Before each match, tennis players usually feel nervous and anxious. It is quietly natural. However, no matter how many scores you hit, you should play the match with full comfort and let your appearance be relaxed. This is a positive characteristic that tennis players at all level should learn to develop.

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3. Develop A Ritual

young woman play tennis outdoor

Improving a ritual prior during the tennis match is an important tennis playing tip. Rituals could be something from a verbal cue, mental state, thoughts, and feelings. This can make tennis players enhance their focus and concentration. Once playing tennis, you need to mobilize all of your mental and physical concentration at the high level because any distraction can cause that player to lose their games, sets, and matches.

In other words, the best way to perform strongly in all your matches is to use your practice as a mental training rehearsal for your tournament matches. You should treat practice as if it was a match. Doing this will keep your mind trained up for performing at the highest level, so that when you play a match, your mind will treat it not differently and ensure you bring out your best tennis. This one tip, alone, can help to pull ahead of most of your competition. This is also a determining factor that decides the winner and the loser.

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